Emily Graslie Wants More STEM Ladies on YouTube; Here Are 32 To Start

Science (misc.)

11. Maddie Moate, Earth Unplugged

Maddie is the awesome woman in the Earth Unplugged videos, which explore the beauty of (you guessed it) Earth. There’s basically a million videos, so make some free time before you open that page.

12. Elise Andrew, I F*cking Love Science 

Yep, your favorite Facebook page is on YouTube now. You’re welcome.

13. Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson talks about all sorts of things, including Carl Sagan, which is obviously delightful.

14. Alex Dainis, Bite Sci-zed

Alex covers it all, from why we talk with our hands to cannibalism to how your body digests a hamburger.

15. Amy Shira Teitel

Amy teaches us about space!

16. Joanne Manaster

Ever wondered what it was like to freeze a gummi bear in liquid nitrogen? Of course you did. Then this channel is for you. Approachable and fun.

17. Jessica King, FieldNotes

Jessica is awesome and likes to talk about Anthropology and Geology!

18. Meg Rosenburg, True Anomalies: Tales from the History of Science

True Anomalies is the Science Video version of PhD Comics, a website that will suck your life away if you’re in academia. The channel has a similar effect.

19. Ella, Sci-Files

Science videos from one of the most intelligent young women I’ve ever seen ever.

20. Dr. Kiki, This Week in Science

Fun and entertaining weekly science updates with three scientists, two of whom are ladies!

21. Boonsri, Elemental

Elemental is a channel for “DIY Science”. Boonsri creates a lot of awesome videos with clever experiments from a variety of people, such as “Using Video Games, This Scientist Keeps Memories Alive.”

22. Nicole Sharp, Eff Yeah Fluid Dynamics

I feel that this one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you’re wondering, this channel is all about “celebrating the physics of all that flows”. The videos are really, really mesmerising.

23. Allison Jack, Agricultural Science

Allison Jack focuses on sustainable agriculture, which is legitimately super interesting. She posts a lot of lectures and conference talks.

24. Katie McGill, The Physics Factor

Katie is a Physics PhD student at Cornell University and teaches us about physics, but at a level everyone (not only PhD students) can understand.


25. Amanda Aizuss, iTalkApple

iTalkApple is a YouTube channel about all things Apple and Technology. Amanda posts Mac/iOS tutorials, app demos, unboxings, and reviews.

26. Emily Eifler, BlinkPopShift

Emily Eifler is hilarious and talks on technological issues all across the realm, so even the not-so-technologically savvy of us can understand (but I bet even people on Ali’s level would enjoy!). I like this video where she talks about gif artists!


27. Jeri Ellsworth

I’m not going to pretend like I know most any of what Jeri is talking about, but she documents her science and engineering experiments and I like it!

28. Limor “Ladyada” Fried

Hundreds of open-source projects you can make at home. HUNDREDS. Also, lots of good demos of products and answers to your technological and engineering questions.


29. ViHart

ViHart is freaking hilarious. And genius.

30. Saramoira Shields, Mathematigal

Saramoira only has a few videos, but her “I’m A Math Major” video is worth watching, definitely.

31. LookingGlassUniverse

To be honest, I kind of gasped when I saw that LookingGlassUniverse’s first video set was titled “Understanding Quantum Mechanics.” Then I watched almost an hour of her videos and understood quantum mechanics, knowledge which I fully intend to bust out at parties. So. If you’re the kind of person who thinks quantum mechanics would be totally understandable if we just included cute illustrated pictures of cats, this is for you.

Can anyone think of any we missed? Share your favorites!

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  1. A few girls at school and I have discussed the possibility of stating a youtube channel for our club before, which centers around the ideas of environmental science and environmental activism. This might be the kick we needed to make it happen! =)

  2. omg omg I’m really really excited to see Emily on Autostraddle! The Brain Scoop has legit been my favorite channel on YouTube since the first episode early this year. And Emily is super amazing and awesome and everybody should totally be following her on twitter and watching the Brain Scoop because she’s so freaking great. And I mean, this is coming from somebody who’s a hardcore liberal arts person and remembered exactly enough science to pass tests in school and then promptly forgot everything.

  3. Well I guess it would be pretty much all the female features writers for The Verge: Adi Robertson, Katie Drummond, Laura June, Adrianne Jeffries, I am sure there is more, but I forget at the moment. They are all write tech, science, book, gaming, music, and/or culture article. The site even did a lovely article on the music of Bikini Kill and the like. It’s the only site, beside Autostraddle that check at least twice daily.

    Side note: my gaydar went off for two of them, but Im still too new at using it.

  4. I just saw Emily’s video on tumblr the other day and was just about to take on the daunting task of finding other women in STEM youtubers (aside from Emily and ViHart), so y’all are awesome for this. And speaking as a bio major, I’m glad you guys included other subjects too because I know it’s pretty easy to find science channels that stick to mostly biology.

  5. This is so perfect. I’m in the process of setting up my own sciencey themed channel at the moment (hopefully as a gateway to science communication as a dream career) but the whole thing seems so daunting and stressful. But this list makes it seem far less so, so thank you so much!

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