Drawn to Comics: 7 Comics I Can’t Wait to Add to My Pull List in 2K16

I love going to my local comic shop and picking up the books on my pull list, it makes me feel like it’s my home away from home, like I have a place there. A pull list is sort of like a weekly hold list at a library; you tell the comic shop worker what books you want to be reading every issue, and “pull” each issue for you as it comes out and hold it for you until you pick it up. That way you don’t have to worry about your favorite comics selling out before you pick them up or your local comic shop not ordering a comic that you want to read. There are some new comics coming out soon, and so I’m adding a few to my (already large) pull list. I know that my pull list is already getting way too big, but there are just too many awesome feminist and queer-lady-centric comics out there today! I’m reading 13 comics from Marvel alone, and the only one of the that focuses on a male character stars a duck from an alternate universe. Are there any new or upcoming comics that you’re excited to add to your pull list?

Another Castle

Art by Paulina Ganucheau.

Art by Paulina Ganucheau.

Paulina Ganacheau started becoming one of my favorite artists in comics with her work on the gorgeous, adorable and action-packed Zodiac Starforce, so I’m super excited for this new series from Oni Press. Another Castle, which is written by Andrew Wheeler, is about a princess who’s also able to use her femininity as a strength. This book reminds me a little of Princeless, but maybe for slightly older readers and with Ganacheau’s wonderful art.

Over the Surface

Art by Natalie Nouragot.

Art by Natalie Nourigot.

This is the second of two upcoming titles from Oni Press that I’m super excited for. Written and with art by Natalie Nourigat, Over the Surface is about an aspiring fighter pilot named Ava Lefevre who lives in a fictitious country that refuses to allow women into the military. Nourigat compared Ava to Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart, and the art looks super cute, so I’m all in for this series.


Art by Nicola Scott.

Art by Nicola Scott.

I’ve honestly never really been interested in this character before, but there is absolutely no way I can resist a B-movie inspired horror series written by Kate Leth, that’s just so many of my favorite things wrapped up into one wonderful comic. And I’m a big fan of her redesign, done by Nicola Scott, who also did the super great redesign of the title character on Marguerite Bennett’s Red Sonja, which just had it’s first issue come out and was terrific. I’m really excited to become a fan of this horror comic icon! That’s the smart thing about the relaunches like this that Dynamite and other companies are doing. By taking classic characters and putting a new spin on them, they create a whole new fan base that would’ve never read the comic before.

Legend of Korra

Some of Williams' terrific Korra art via Comic Book Resources.

Some of Williams’ terrific Korra art via Comic Book Resources.

I mean seriously, I can not wait for this series to come out. It shot to the top of my “must read” list as soon as I heard that it was going to focus on Korra and Asami’s relationship and then it blew the roof off that list once I saw that Brittney Williams is doing the art. With series co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and Williams working together on this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if I love it even more than the classic cartoon.

Goldie Vance

Look at how cute all these characters are! That's Goldie on the far left. Art by Brittney Williams.

Look at how cute all these characters are! That’s Goldie on the far left. Art by Brittney Williams.

Another comic with art by Brittney Williams! Seriously, every time I see her character designs I just fall in love. And as if her art isn’t enough to get me interested in this series, it’s being written by Hope Larson, the creator of great books like Gray Horses, Chiggers and Mercury! So, this book has an all-star creative team, but does it have a premise to match? You bet! Goldie Vance is about a 16-year-old Florida girl who becomes the resident teen detective of the resort where her father works as a manager. I’m a sucker for teen detective stories, and when you add Larson and Williams to the mix, this book is absolutely irresistible to me.

Captain Marvel

Art by Kris Anka.

Art by Kris Anka.

This relaunch of one of my favorite superhero comics comes out this week. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous that the new team won’t be able to match the magic of Kelly Sue DeConnick writing Carol Danvers. I do feel a little bit better knowing that the book will now be written by some of the writers behind Agent Carter, a show that I love (and also a show that I really think needs to add some women of color to its cast). Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas are set to pick up this series, with Kris Anka on art. Anka also tweeked Captain Marvel’s design, giving her a tighter haircut and a slightly different costume. I’m very cautiously optimistic about this one.

Poe Dameron

Art by Phil Noto.

Art by Phil Noto.

I’ve been trying to resist adding any of the Star Wars comics to my pull list because, knowing the nerd that I am, I would end up buying all of them and emptying out my bank account. So, I’ve been trying to save them for trades, which are normally more affordable. However, I don’t think I can avoid this series. I’d like to say that I’m going to buy this because I love Poe (I do) or Oscar Isaac (I do) or writer Charles Soule (again, I do, his She-Hulk series is one of my favorites) or artist Phil Noto (you guessed it, I do), and I’d like to tell you it’s because I’m hoping against hope that this comic might establish Poe Dameron as the first canonically queer character from one of the Star Wars movies, but it’s really because I’m trash for Jess Pava, the female X-Wing pilot played by Jessica Henwick in The Force Awakens who I’m hoping will show up in this comic since she flies alongside Poe in the movie.

Art by MJ Barros.

Art by MJ Barros.

There’s also an Indiegogo for a comic that some of you might be interested in that I’m going to advertise here. Brendan Hykes and artist MJ Barros are working together on Campaigners, a digital comic series about a young girl who takes a stand against the violent, corrupt and reality-tv-inspired election process that exists in the future world she lives in. This girl, named Kydra, and her best friend, a trans girl named Bee, have to deal with becoming viral stars, standing up for their principles and knowing who they really are. Now, full disclosure, I have a personal attachment to this project because I’m consulting on it, so you can be sure that Hykes cares about getting the trans character in his comic right. I think this series has a chance to be pretty cool, so if you’re interested, please head over to the Indiegogo page.

New Releases (January 20)

Betty and Veronica Comics Annual Digest #240 (Archie)

Lumberjanes #22 (Boom!)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #23 (Dark Horse)

Batgirl #47 (DC)

Batgirl Vol. 1: Silent Knight TPB (DC)

Clean Room #4 (DC)

Harley Quinn #24 (DC)

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1 (DC)

Wonder Woman #48 (DC)

Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #6 (Image)

Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel)

Ms. Marvel #3 (Marvel)

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2 (Marvel)

Star Wars #15 (Marvel)

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  1. There is also Cry Havok which looks very interesting. It’s by the same writer who wrote The Spire which was my top comic of 2015.

    This week is one of the better weeks for comics (next week is also good) and I’m getting;

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer #23
    Batgirl #47
    Clean Room #4
    Wayward #13
    Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #3

  2. Hi, Mey! Just real quick I think you mean Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #1 is out on the 20th…unless somehow I have slipped into a coma and missed the first 5…which would make me sad.

  3. But Mey.

    My wallet.

    It’s crying.

    P.S. If Poe Dameron ends up anything like the old Rogue Squadron books/comics and Jess Pava is a member of Poe’s squad of hotshot fighter jockeys… it’ll be my favorite comic ever. So glad it’s an ongoing and not just a mini.

    • Yes! That’s what i’m hoping for! I was obsessed with the rogue squadron as a kid and i’m hoping that this book can do the same thing for me!

  4. I’d be really excited for the new Captain Marvel if I hadn’t lost a good bit of faith in the Agent Carter show runners over the past few months. Ditching Angie for no other reason than that her ship with Peggy was scaring them with how big it had become, failing to add more PoC to the show and then top it all off with love triangle nonsense. Barf.

  5. Korra comics are coming Korra comics are coming this is NOT A DRILL. Bisexual women of colour in an all-ages SFF comic. That is everything I ever wanted. Do we have a release date yet?

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