Drawn to Comics: Help The Artists Coming Together To Help Our Country

Donald Trump and MIke Pence were just elected President and Vice President of the United States of America. Both have said monstrous, horrifying things about women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, poor people and many, many other marginalized groups in America. Both have talked about how they hope to overturn the advances in rights that those groups have made under President Obama. Trump has already began naming people to his team that are as bad or worse than he and Pence. This is honestly a really terrifying time for a lot of people. In response to this attack on so many marginalized people, a lot of comic creators are stepping up and offering their art and services in order to make donations to organizations like the Trans Law Center and Planned Parenthood.

The comics industry is complicated, but it’s also filled with a lot of wonderful, generous and kind-hearted creators. This is just one example of that truth.

This list is by no means complete, and there surely will be more people doing more things in the upcoming weeks and months, but this is a start. You can also check out the hashtag #DrawDrive and my original tweet about this, as well as a list that the wonderful Taneka Stotts is is putting together (watch her Twitter) to see more people.

Kate Leth's #IAmHoldingYourHand button

Kate Leth’s #IAmHoldingYourHand button

+ Molly Ostertag, the artist of the webcomic Strong Female Protagonist, and former Witch Hunt contributor, plans on selling $100 commissions in order to raise money for a different charity or organization once a month.

+ Emily Randazzo might have a few slots open in their commissions where they’re donating the proceeds to the Trans Lifeline.

+ Veronica Agarwal (Vron) is doing charity commissions where you can donate to a charity on a list and she’ll draw a “cute girl” for you.

+ She’s also doing a charity stream through her blog with Cathi Chavers and Alex Graudins that hasn’t had a date announced yet.

+ Natasha Alterici, the creator of the comic Heathen is going to start selling art this week.

+ Jenn St-Onge is going to take on some new commissions this week, donating the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

+ Bree Jordan and Jess Taylor will be putting together a charity zine supporting Planned Parenthood, check out their twitters for more information.

+ CK Russell will be selling art on eBay to benefit the ACLU.

+ The non-binary artist glip is doing some artwork for Planned Parenthood.

+ Travis McElroy started a store called IAmHoldingYourHand where artists like Kate Leth have drawn a pair of hands holding each other, and you can buy pins, keychains and water bottles to show that you support your neighbors and give money to the ACLU.

+ Kate Leth has also been selling her original copies of the comics she’s written on etsy and donating all proceeds to the Trevor Project.

+ KaiJu, the a team of comic creators, will be donating proceeds from issue 1 and preorders of issue 2 of their comic Novae to CAIR and Lambda Legal until December 23.

+ Stephanie Zuppo made some lastercut Not My President buttons and is selling them online.

+ Molly Brooks is doing ink commissions for charity for the foreseeable future.

+ DoctorKara on twitter is selling $20 grab bags of prints that send the proceeds to Panned Parenthood and RAINN.

+ Jessica Trevino is donating proceeds from an art print to Planned Parenthood.

Like I said, this is only a tiny part of the number of people who are doing this kind of thing. You should check out your favorite indie and online comic creators and see if they’re doing anything or retweeting other creators who are. The world is a dark place right now, but these creators are shining some light into it.

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  1. Thank you for this, Mey! One of my (sure to be many) New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is going to be to learn how to draw. Art plays such an important role in community and resistance against oppression.

    And damn, I love those laser cut buttons.

  2. The artist Dave Wachter was taking commissions for charity. He asked people to request inspiring progressive individuals or endangered North American animals. You can see the pieces he has done so far on his blog davedrawscomics dot com. He is also on twitter. He just accepted my suggestion to draw Marsha P. Johnson earlier today, so he may still be taking commissions. He has been donating his work for charitible causes for years now and turns out some great stuff.

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