Download Holly Miranda’s ‘Pelican Rapids’ (Poolhouse Mix)


Over the weekend Holly Miranda released “Pelican Rapids” (poolhouse mix), which was produced by Luther Russell and recorded in an LA poolhouse. It’s relevant to my interests, probably yours too.

On the few occasions I’ve seen “Pelican Rapids” performed live, Holly’s introduced it as being about love and equality, about how it’d be neat if we could marry who we wanted to marry. Check it below, I think you’ll pick up what she’s putting down.

Holly Miranda – Pelican Rapids(poolhouse mix) by holly miranda

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          The video with Marques is so amazing, I usually tear up a little listening to it.

          I hope her next album is less produced than the last one because her live performances are what make her amazing.!

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        I agree completely. I saw her live before i had even heard her stuff and she blew me away. Then I listened to her recorded tracks and was far less impressed with them. She’s amazing with a live band.

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    Diff’rent strokes… In case Holly is listening ^^, I need to say that while I love to hear her sing live, I absolutely ADORE the album. It’s been my most-listened-to album for the past 6 months.

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