Don’t Dream it, Liveblog It: Watch Rocky Horror on Fox With Mey and KaeLyn

I love Rocky Horror. I own the DVD, I’ve been to midnight screenings, I’ve seen the play, I’ve come out as a trans woman. I also love Laverne Cox, Christina Milian, Victoria Justice and, did I mention, Laverne Cox? This is Mey talking, by the way. I’ve never done a liveblog before, but when I saw that Fox was going to be doing a version of Rocky Horror, I knew that my time had come.

I saw Rocky Horror for the first time on VH1 when I was in 8th grade. It turned something on in me. I became obsessed. If you want the whole awkward story, I waxed poetic about it on the A+ podcast last year. Tim Curry was my weird celebrity crush for all of high school. (I was really cool and popular.) I have an embarrassing amount of fan memorabilia, multiple versions of the film including an original run movie reel (like the actual film strip). The only thing I haven’t done is perform in a shadow cast. I’m here to provide an obnoxious dose of RHPS historical knowledge and gasp over Laverne Cox’s Frank-n-Furter outfits. This is KaeLyn, by the way.

Look at Laverne as Dr. Frank N. Furter!

Look at Victoria Justice as Janet!

Let’s do the Liveblog Again!

8:00: Hopefully this works!

8:05: This is Mey: My livestream just started working right now!

8:06: K: OMG I love that they had the usherette do “Science Fiction Double Feature” like in the stage show. :heart: :heart: :heart: Patricia Quinn was supposedly pissed that they dubbed Richard O’ Brien over her lips for the movie.

K: Fuckin’ Betty Monroe

M: Christina Milian is already slaying

K: They changed what the car says. I wonder if they’re going to generally make it less rape-y.

M: I sure hope so!!!!


Who else yelled “asshole” at the TV when Brad started talking?

M: Mary Shelly Gravestone sighting at 8:08

K: Also that is totally Laverne in the black veil, right

M: i think so yes


M: I love tim curry so muuuuuuch

K: I had such a crush on Tim Curry in the 90’s. Mostly because of this movie. But then I just started watching everything he’s in including the sitcom he had for like 2 seconds, Over the Top.

8:17: M: I’m not 100% sold on this new riff raff?

K: well how can you beat richard o’ brien

M: exactly

K: i mean, this is his damn show. i like what they’re doing stylistically overall. there are lots of details in the sets that fans will recognize as tie-ins to the original, but it’s not a copy-cat. there’s a lot that’s different in the costumes and choreography so far

M: yes. also i do like the theater shots so it’s got some of the live experience

K: yes, that’s interesting. i don’t hate it as long as it doesn’t get distracting. i saw the broadway revival in 2001 and they did the same thing but in reverse–added some of the elements of the midnight showing like call backs and props to the live show.

M: oh fancy fancy

K: people kept yelling “that guy has no fucking neck” at dick cavett, who was the narrator. he finally told them to shut the fuck up and it was great

M: jajajaja

8:22: K: mmmmmmm i dunno about this take on the time warp. i’m not 100% sold on this riff raff. as you said

M: hmm yeah, this riff raff isn’t winning me over

K: i dunno…i kind of feel like this rock band version of the time warp is…………too much

M: i do love this terrible accent christina milian is doing tho

K: Tim Curry can do no wrong though

8: 24: K: i feel mad that they totally changed the time warp choreography

M: SAME. how are you supposed to dance along??? this Brad sure is doing a great job at being an asshole though


K: I’m not worthy

M: This i worth it just for Laverne’s Frank N. Furter

K: She is Fucking Slaying.



This is Honestly ICONIC

Yesssssss Snapssssss


K: Is this somehow queerer than the original?

M: I’m definitely queerer than the original

UGGGGHHHHH Laverne’s super queer slurring of words is HEAVEN

K: i’m into this handprint rorschach dress

M: i like riffraff a lot when he’s just creeping around, he’s good at creeping

“This is totally a victory for women in STEM” – my friend Hazel

8:39: K: see like i love the way they changed this choreography, good A+. don’t fuck with the time warp tho

M: My friends and I don’t like the censorship of Rocky’s shorts. the shorts are too damn long

K: he’s wearing way too much. like is he going longboarding or something. I think Rocky wore less in the Glee version.


K: I mean nobody can top Tim Curry. I’m glad she reinvented the character as her own because it is EPIC. Like I’m loyal to Tim, but I love her Frank-n-Furter just as much for different reasons.

M: yeah, i don’t think she’s trying to top him, i think she’s making her own thing, which is GREAT

K: She is totally making it hers and it’s like the best Frank-n-Furter I’ve ever seen

Adam Lambert is no Meatloaf


M: nope

8:53: K: omg bunny hops :heart_eyes:

M: omgggggg yesss


M: You know, just Laverne casually retweeting the joke my friend made at the watchparty I’m at

8:58: now it’s time for the gross rapey part that we can all agree is gross and rapey


K: same, I love this song

M: I adore Victoria, but this Touch-a Touch-a Touch me is not as good

K: haha I was just thinking the same

This is like, the PG version


K: and yes, like, where was “creature of the night” montage

rocky and janet’s awkward pillow fight. NO

9:16: K: Mickey Mouse Roll Call!

M: Yesss

K: Haha “I hope it’s not Meatloaf again” It’s not, it’s Adam Lambert

9:28: M: Laverne’s look is murdering me.

K: Annaleigh Ashford can’t get a break! Her lesbian lover dies on Masters of Sex. Her gay boyfriend dies on RHPS. At least her hair looks good…

M: laverne nailed the smiling makes my face ache line


M: laverne nailed the smiling makes my face ache line

M: i looooove tim curry so muchhhhhh

K: there’s the fucking gold shorts

M: these outfits are

K: i get it. like they’re all wearing gold now like rocky because they tranduced or whatever

M: brad and janet look good

K: but, like………..columbia no

M: yeah, very much no

M: laverne deserves everything tho after this

she deserves the world

she’s doing so amazing



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Don't dream it. Be It. #RockyHorror

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M: she looks so FUCKING AMAZING

i’m in love all over again

no lady kisses tho?

only kisses on the neck for ladies

K: yeah wtf

lady kisses!

it is the Glee version

M: jajaja

M: that song tho is so beautiful and classic and everything in the universe

K: it’s my favorite moment in the whole show

M: same

9:42: K: omg this outfit is my new favorite. every outfit is so good

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We're wild & untamed! 👄 #RockyHorror

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M: ommmmggggggg yessss

she’s serving some tina turner realness here

yessss riffraff and magenta look PERFECT rn

9:47: M: also gold is a great color on victoria. as it is on all latinas

oh jeez those fish scale gloves

laverne fucking deserves that standing o

K: they really wanted to get a good second use out of that crane, i guess

9:57: K: oh, i was really looking forward to watching staz nair carry laverne up the radio tower king kong style…

M: jaja yea

K: glad they committed to the original cheesy special effects, tho

M: oh for sure

K: OMG THEY’RE DOING SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ghost

Brad’s cat eye. Meow!

M: and that lipstick!

10:00: K: Final thoughts?

M: obviously this isn’t the original cast, this isn’t susan surandon and little nell and meatloaf and tim curry

but i think in a lot of ways they were able to avoid trying to be too much like the original and they made a new thing that was mostly fun and cool.

and laverne was the absolute best and was better in this than 90% of people who have ever won awards for their acting

K: Laverne did Frank-n-Furter justice 100%. I was gagging on her wardrobe and her singing and her trans atlantic accent and her high camp comedic timing and every time she curled her lip just so. Ugh. She was perfect. Not Tim Curry, but she didn’t need to be.

Some of the casting wasn’t my favorite, but I thought everyone gave it their fucking all. It was joyous.

I still kind of wish that it was less rape-y, like, it’s really not OK. But regardless, RHPS will always occupy a soft spot in my glitter queer heart and it was glorious. I was just smiling and singing along the whole fucking time.

Mey Rude is a fat, trans, Latina lesbian living in LA. She's a writer, journalist, and a trans consultant and sensitivity reader. You can follow her on twitter, or go to her website if you want to hire her.

Mey has written 574 articles for us.


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