First Person

When Real Life’s Getting More Like Fiction Each Day

When I say I was obsessed with RENT, I mean obsessed. I grew straight out of American Girl Magazine into the world of wildly risqué musical theatre. My mother tended to encourage the things I was interested in, but this one… well, it baffled her a bit. How could a good church girl from the suburbs of Connecticut relate to this musical?

Music Theater

Give My Regards to Broadway: The Mixtape

“There is nothing I love more than sharing a deafeningly silent, poignant moment with 300 other audience members; grinning wide through a rousing musical number that makes me want to stand and cheer; or tearing up at a matinee with the gray-haired woman seated beside me.”


Playlist: Filling Out the Form

So you are filling out job applications, medical forms, changing your address on every account you possess, applying to the Peace Corps or any number of things that require you to write the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Here is your playlist.