Depressing Cats Are Depressing (And Funny)

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Straight from the magical land of tumblr, we bring you Hard Truths from Soft Cats, also known as “this is how I know I have a morbid sense of humor when I’m on my period.” This brand of humor is very much cry-until-you-laugh, but hey. THERE ARE CATS. And we queermos love our cats.

Exactly the kind of thing that makes me laugh as I’m filling out my graduate school applications. No, I’m serious.




This is, like, my worst fear. Still found it funny!

I’m not sure what it is – perhaps it’s the sullen turned back of the brown cat as he informs me of my body’s deterioration. Perhaps it’s the earnest smile of the grey kitten as he tells me what elementary school never did: that hard work does not guarantee dreams (which is really also a comment on privilege and class). But somehow these are incredibly funny even in their dark sentiments. Really, I just felt you should know these existed and to have a good teeth-gritting, sad-but-true laugh. Happy Monday.

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    I like that the one saying “Everyone will disappoint you eventually” looks like he really just wants a belly rub but got turned down.

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    These cats speak some harsh truths! My body will turn to shit long before I die tho. I’m way to vain to be okay with this truth.

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    I didn’t cry until I laughed…I just did that
    “haha…umm…actually the cat is right. I’m very sad about my life.” kind of nervous laughter and now I’m really sad I don’t like cats anymore at ALL and I’ve been drinking but am sure that these feelings are valid and not alcohol induced at all. I am sad because of cartoon cats now. Not because of of hosue vodka or anything else. Cats bad.

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    The words make me sad, and then I see a cute kitty-cat and I smile and say awwwww. Yep, just like a monday.

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    can i just hear your laugh one more time? or can i record it and keep it with me? abby shouldn’t be the only one with access to it, dude.

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