Daily [Nightly] Link Fix 3-24-2008: Graveyard Shifting, French Film Frenching & Psychic Reading

Today on Autostraddle: the scoop on Kate & J-Beals’ new pilots, Lezberado, my feelings on the Interrogation tapes, and more AND Stef’s final installment of the SXSW diaries, in which Perez Hilton throws a party, Stef drinks a lot of alcohol and hearts PJ Harvey. As the editor-in-chief I’ve learned a lot about music this week, most notably that slight blonde girls with big eyes and colorful outfits apparently make the best music.

Also, introducing our new resident Aussie – CRYSTAL! Meet her and find out what she’s into besides boomerangs, shrimp on the barbie, jumpers, fairy bread, Vegemite, Lesbian VJs and Portia De Rossi.

1. Obama appoints lesbian attorney as Chief Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims. (@lezgetreal)

2. Heteronormativity Fail. (@feministing)

3. Byron Williams on encouraging the African-American Community to support gay rights. (@huffpo)

4. New Hampshire to vote on same-sex marriage this week [along with transgender rights] (@edge boston)

5. Are we supposed to like Meghan McCain? It’s really hard to tell. One week she’s actin’ a fool on our girlfriend Rachel’s teevee show (@gawker) and now Meghan McCain is on Larry King Live stating she believes in same-sex marriage! (thanks to reader Suzanna for the tip) (@towleroad)

6. Thanks to reader Erin for drawing our attention to the french film Je Te Mangerais, the story of a piano student who moves to a conservatory in Lyon and consequently moves in with a friend she hasn’t seen in years. Hot lesbian sex and requisite psycho lesbian obsessive plot ensues. (@youtube)

7. U.S Anti-Gay Grop Exporting Hatred to The U.K. (“I wonder if it’s girl-on-girl porn?” – Hav) (@jezebel)

8. Miss Cleo – from psychic readings to gay activism. (@queerty)


stef-iconfrom Stef
Since I first started preaching about her in June ’07, almost all of the Autostraddle team have become at least partially obsessed with Lady Gaga (I sound like Cindy Adams.  Hoo boy).  She recently did a Q&A and a private set for AOL Music, and I’m fascinated by the stripped-down piano version of “Poker Face.”  I challenge any other great female pop star to perform their music so fearlessly, and with such amazing Stevie Wonder piano moves.  Only in New York, kids.  Only in New York.

carly-icon2From Carly:
Shameless self-promotion time! When I was younger, the two things I never wanted to do when I grew up were acting and being a doctor. Now, finally, I get to live out one of these non-dreams with a recurring role on Logo’s B-Movie series Graveyard Shift. The premise is that the late night interns like to play b-movies and cult favorites Thursday nights at midnight. The interns also get into all sorts of misadventures, all of which are themed to that week’s film. Check out a rundown of all of it here. I play Trampire, a trans vampire. Srsly.

alex-iconfrom Alex
Making a good case for Boredom (@The Frontal Cortex)
“We can leave behind the world as it is and start imagining the world as it might be – if only we hadn’t lost our temper, or had superpowers, or had used a different pick-up line. It is this ability to tune out the present moment and contemplate the make-believe that separates the human mind from every other.”

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  1. Carly – wicked random question. I ask since you work at Logo.

    Why is it that the L word reruns make the characters sound very squeaky on Logo. Especially Dana and Jenny in my own opinion. I thought either I was going crazy or it was just my own tv, but it did the same thing back on my tv in Massachusetts, im confuzzled if anyone else has noticed that. Really though, I could just be crazy haha

    ps – Maddow is on Jimmy Fallon tonight for anyone interested

    • I have never noticed the characters’ voices being weird or squeaky before, that’s odd. I don’t normally watch it on air though, but when I cut the promo I didn’t pick up on anything. That’s v. weird.

      • I think based on Carly’s answer this means we can only logically deduce that Nicole is crazy haha?

        (best possible way, obvi)

        • haha why thank you Riese

          I’ve only seen it maybe 3 times on Logo here, and once at home, so I could just be imagining it. Either that or the fact that I have mostly seen the L word online the last year, and maybe they really just sound funny online and what I am hearing is their actual voices…

          or once again, just crazy — which is the most logical answer due to the fact that Marks squirrely voice bothered me haha

  2. Oh Meghan McCain. Her and Tila Tequila were def. @replying eachother on Twitter…thats all I know.

    Have you guys seen Gaga take her high heel to the piano?! bc it’s amazing.

    • I think I want to deploy a mission to ascertain the disposition and intent of one meghan mccain. and by that i mean when i am done not drinking, see if there is any way to make her gay, take photos, and put them on autostraddle therefore gaining instant fortune. BAM!

  3. that article about boredom was freaking super amazing. i kind of thought it would suck. but i was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. i actually learned something from it.

  4. Stef I’ve been waiting for you to share the acoustic ‘Pokerface’ since the day we started the Daily Fix. so awesome.

  5. remember when you gave me Miss Cleo Tarot Cards?

    I actually am completely fascinated by Meghan McCain, and I want to do a “crossfire” type thing with her — how fun would that be?

  6. Graveyard Shift = awesome!

    Did they make you do that voice or did you come up with that all on your own?

    Or is that just how you normally talk? If so, I’m an ass.

    • yeah i talk like that. THANKS.

      jk jk. i came up with that on my own. well it was sort of a compromise between my friend who writes and directs the pieces and my own crazy ideas.

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