Daily Fix: We Demand KissCams, Gay Aliens and Old Fashioned Dyke Drama

The incredibly true story of actual rollerderby girls like in the upcoming movie Whip It! Crystal went to see the girls at the Sydney Roller Derby and she liked it.– read now read! And a MASSIVE(ly HILARIOUS) Tuesday Televsionary: Drop Dead Diva (Margaret Cho’s new show!), True Blood, Weeds, Intervention, 10 Things I Hate About You, Better off Ted, Nurse Jackie, My Life on the D-List and two Hot Girls of the Week.


MOSTLY G: 42% of HBO Shows Include LGBT Characters: “Virtually all non-sports original HBO series included LGBT content, with shows such as “True Blood” and “The No. 1 Lades Detective Agency” lauded for featuring “complex and authentic LGBT characters from diverse backgrounds.” ” (emphasis on the “G”) (@the hollywood reporter)

THE DESERVED DEATH OF PRINT: These are storylines dreamed up in an editorial meeting. They are invented. They are fiction: The Real Reason Ladymags Suck (@jezebel)

FOUR BOMBS EXPLODE BUT THE SHOW GOES ON: Bomb Explodes at the Outgames: “Locals tell us that Denmark, which is known world wide for its openness and diversity, has been plagued recently by increased hate crimes and violence aimed at gays and lesbians. Of course, we are also determined that this will not stop or spoil the Outgames.” (@out&about)

MATCHING T-SHIRTS, TOO: Jenny and Marina Grow Up, Cause Dyke Drama: “A 62-year-old woman faces a felony charge after allegedly hurling wine bottles at her girlfriend of 35 years after an argument, according to an affidavit released Monday.” (@tcpalm)

ANTIGAYS:Photos from Both Sides of the Ordinance 64 Protest in Alaska (@the mudflats)

VAGOYNA: Yiddish Slang for Vagina: “One of Yiddish’s great legacies in American culture is, of course, the plethora of crackerjack terms it has provided for male genitalia. But female genitalia achieved no such preeminence. In fact, female body parts hardly retained a presence at all” (@tablet)

MICHEAL F*CKING JACKSON: Book: Michael Jackson Was Gay, A Bottom, And Had Progressive Views On Porn: Tracie goes on vacation, uncovers all of MJ’s secrets. (@jezebel)

THE POETRY OF PALIN: William Shatner Reads Sarah Palin’s Resignation Speech as Poetry:

THE CASE FOR More to Love: “Outside of the fetish spectacle of the whole thing, my second thought when seeing an ad for it on TV was relief. I am fat and I appreciated seeing other fat women on TV, not on a show about weight loss, but on a show about accepting themselves as is and finding love as is.” (@feministing)

THIS MAN NEVER LEARNS: American Apparel is the new Abercrombie! Dear Dov Charney recently freaked out due to a dip in sales and as such made every store send in a group photograph of the staff. The ones labeled unattractive by the head honcho were encouraged to be fired. (@gothamist)

THE SPORT: Why Don’t They Have KissCams at Women’s Basketball Games?: “Understood is that women’s professional basketball has two major fan bases: dads and daughters, and lesbians. The KissCam issue, frivolous on its surface, puts the effort to cater to both audiences squarely at odds.” (@deadspin) [via intern x!]

BOOKS: Whitewashed Book Covers: “So basically bookstores are acting like restaurants in the Jim Crow South, segregating “black covers” in a special section, or refusing to allow them at all.” (@sociological images)

GAY LADIES IN SPACE: Did you doubt the power of GLAAD? DID YOU? Did you doubt the power of glaad to seal and keep your leftovers fresh for up to eight hours OR their fondness for the gays? In light of their “F” from GLAAD, the Sci-Fi network has reminded everyone about the gay lady coming into Stargate Universe this fall, as well as a few other gay characters. (@seattle pi)

RACHEL MADDOW: Lou Dobbs you need to stop talking shit about my girl!

THE LIFE OF PRINT: American and International Time and Newsweek Covers: “Americans are notorious for their ignorance of global issues and international news. This may be because Americans aren’t interested or it may be that our news outlets feed us fluff and focus us only on the U.S. Probably it’s a vicious cycle.” (@sociological images)

If you haven’t heard of Eileen Myles you should fix that ASAP. The quickest place to start is Eileen MylesSorry, Tree. She writes poems, stories, plays, operas, novels, news-stories and also starts danger and also gave her first reading at CBGB in 1974.  Other lez-tastic books of her’s worth checking out are the anthology The New Fuck You, which she edited,  as well as Cool For You and Chelsea Girls.

The New York Times calls Myles: “a cult figure to a generation of post-punk females forming their own literary avant garde.”

Her poems say things like: “I love you too / don’t fuck up my hair / I can’t believe / you almost / fisted me / today” and “we’re a bunch / of turtles / when it comes / to feelings.”


Auto-Straddler of the Day

hot-laura-icon2Intern Hot Laura:
since i’m moving this week, i’ve been dealing with how many @things@ i have. this is really cool and really reassuring in the i-have-too-much-stuff department. i wonder if his mum lived in an empty house while the exhibit was showing.

alex-iconfrom Alex:
Rubiks cube art + The Beatles + The Clash = awesome.
tink-icon1 from Tinkerbell:
Paris Not France is the story of a beautiful dog also named Tinkerbell. It is lovely with lights and pretty people. As there are more tinkerbells in the world, there will be civil rights for all.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
Garbage’s Shirley Manson is going to feature as a playable character on the new Guitar Hero game. You can watch a video demo and behind the scenes footage here.

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  1. I remember ranting in NYC about how Sci-Fi– excuse me, SYFY– edited out the word “lesbo” (said by a lesbian, in a non-derogatory context) from their syndicated airing of Dark Angel. So yeah, keep trying harder on bringing up that ‘F’.

  2. I’ve gone to a few women’s bball games w/ my dad, and the reporter was right. It’s basically all lesbians and middle-aged dads with their daughters. I hadn’t even though about the lack of a kiss cam, but I’m sort of glad they don’t have them because kiss cams are so cheesy and annoying (not quite as annoying as jumbotron marriage proposals, though).

    But… we should still fight for the right to cheesy kisscam moments!!!

    • I think kisscams are really annoying and should be eliminated altogether! But yeah, not having them at women’s bball games is stupid. ‘Cause we want, you know, equality and all that stuff.

      • As the article in the Washington Post pointed out in more detail, kisscams aren’t viable for WNBA games because it would potentially alienate up to half of their clientele. Unfortunately, society isn’t ready for that and in some situations you have to take baby steps, especially as a private business that’s already struggling. Keep in mind, the young girls and their fathers that are there are being exposed to the couples around them at the games. So there is some positive exposure which is a start.

        • brooke you gotta be startin’ somethinggg

          though actually i agree with you. honestly i don’t wanna see anyone kiss on the kiss-cam, regardless of gender and sexuality. my solution is please i don’t ever wanna see that shit happen again ever at anyone’s game

          • i think i’d rather see more out female athletes than worry about who is on the stupid kiss cam. especially when so many women who love women are supporting women’s sports. aaand that’s a lot of women in one sentence.

          • I just want to mention that we’re talking about sports. Therefore I’m happy.

            Also every basketball player I know is a gay lady, just saying.

  3. so regarding that alaska protest.. I’m always creeped out when people bring their kids and give them signs to hold.

    I guess ‘more to love’ is to bigger girls what ‘a shot at love’ was to bisexuals?

    • I agree with the kids thing!
      Seriously it made me cry reading that article and seeing the kids with those signs. It is so damn frustrating.

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