Daily Fix: Pose Like a Lesbian, Smile With Your Thighs

Today on Austostraddle:  … A Double Trouble Beat on the Street — Stef interviews Sick of Sarah & Crystal interviews Emma Dean! … Top Ten Acts of Lesbian Storyline Endurance: The lengths we go to for two minutes of sweeps bisexual action! Also check out our new girl-on-gallery — DISCO RODEO, which is part of a theme for our big announcement on Monday. Sidenote; Stef loves horses.

+ Bollywood’s Neethu Chandra defends allegations resulting from “posing like a lesbian” for a photoshoot: “If there is even an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind, let me make it clear once and for all that I am not a lesbo.”

+ Rolling Stone’s 2009 Hot List: The Models, Actors, and Movies Standing Between Us and Total Despair. Lady Gaga is the “Hot Diva,” clearly.

+ Don’t let Obama off the hook: “Want civil rights? You’re a punchline. Want your sons and daughters home from the Middle East? You’re a punchline. Want your tax dollars to stop funding wars? You’re a punchline.” (@queerty)

+ Fairfax High’s prom queen is a boy! (@ LA Times)

+ Texas Rep. John Culberson’s WTF Take on Same Sex Marriage: “The “leader” rapidly descended into incoherence, no doubt forcing the “students” to wonder if he’s read the U.S. Constitution and if he could spell the word amendment correctly.” (@pimpmywry)

+ In addition to interviewing a number of stars on the red carpet at Logo’s 2009 NewNowNext Awards, Riese herself was the subject of a probing interview with Alexi of Afterellen.com. Suspiciously enough, just like we were placed at the end of the red carpet, I am last in the video. I think Vanessa Williams can tell you why that is. Around 9:55. The rest is swell too though!

+ Last night the Lambda Literary Awards took place in New York — recognizing excellence in the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender literature in more than 20 categories, with Magdalena Zurawski winning for best debut lesbian fiction for “The Bruise”!

+ Sugarbutch aims for a little more genderqueer with its Hot List — nominate the Top Hot Butches of 2009. (@sugarbutch)

+ The best $400 you ever spent – Rosie O’Donnell’s Adam Lambert doll. (@ohnotheydidnt)

+ Woman dragged off plane for wanting to give Obama a letter about the importance of Opposite Marriage. Fantastic. If she’s on Fox News tomorrow I’m going to scream. I’ve already lived though Miss California and Susan Boyle this year — only shortly after enduring Joe the Plumber and  I cannot handle another 15 minutes of ANYONE! (@queerty)

+ Sonia Sotomayor Hates Bloggers: Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor helped crush the dreams of a teenage girl last year by joining in a ruling that let a school punish a student for calling its superintendent a “douche bag” on her blog._ (@ Gawker)

+ “I’m Pregnant,” And Other “Lies” Twitterers Say Women Tell: “Need a healthy dose of gender stereotyping, with an added dash of creepy? Check out the newly-popular Twitter tag #liesgirlstel.” (@ Jezebel)

Katherine McPhee’s Paparazzi Protection:


“The Defenders” : holding straight marriage up to biblical standards

+ Gay and lesbian supervisor candidates arrested at Prop 8 protest (@ Bay area Reporter)

+ White House Not Moving on DADT (@ Advocate)

+ Celebrities Champion Same-Sex Marriage Bill: Maya Angelou and Cynthia Nixon are making phone calls! (@nytimes)

+ Blergh! Adam Lambert: A Role Model? : “If he is gay, Lambert’s reluctance to come out is just reinforcing the idea that homosexuality ought to be hidden from the world. And if he’s not, his coy comments are an insult to people everywhere who don’t think sexual orientation should be reduced to a publicity stunt.” (@popwatch)

+ DioGuardi: Lambert Was Always Out! (@advocate)dotted-divider2

Your Auto-straddler of the day is related to a very special piece of news we will be announcing on Monday!

Auto-Straddler of the Day: Disco Rodeo


daphne-iconIntern Daphne:
One from the archive. Last year Tegan and Sara came to Belgium. Prior to their show in Brussels (where I totally went to obv) they gave an interview and a mini live session at national Belgian radio. Watch them play ‘Back in your Head‘ live here.

nata-iconfrom Natalie:
Check this out from my friend Bailey: “What am awesome and impactful way to celebrate and value young women for just being themselves and doing what they love. This URL links to Ruby the feminist, but there are lots of other episodes that we can all learn from and enjoy.” Yay!

stef-iconfrom Stef:
The great country of Sweden is responsible for some of the world’s greatest inventions, including the zipper and the blowtorch (true story!). I heart everything Swedish forever, especially Maja from the Sounds and her amazing cheekbones/legs/voice/energy/everything. The new Sounds album “Crossing the Rubicon” is streaming in full here [via FTW!]. I’m ready to listen to nothing but the Sounds for a few months straight, just as I’ve done for every other album they’ve put out. Bless ‘em.

carly-icon2from Carly:
My friend Richie has become a one-man Wonkette! His new blogging venture, Reading the Right, is home to his analysis and commentary on what the right is up to these days as they collapse faster than a flan in a cupboard (tm izzard). If you want to argue with conservatices, it’s the place to go to find out what they’re going to say before they say it.

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      “Uh, cake for me, too, please.”
      “Very well! Give him cake, too! We’re gonna run out of cake at this rate. You! Cake or death?”
      “Uh, death, please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, sorry. Sorry…”
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      “No, I meant cake!”
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  1. how amazing is that mcphee vid?

    also, daphne — i realize this is in a different place but the show has to be a show that’s on the air! not ab fab! :)

    • but but but but but…. ab fab is awesome and i could totally picture you in it.

      You know who’s also awesome? Eddie Izzard :) so thank you Carlyton^^

      but ok Miss Haviland, what about Glee? Glee is on the air (ish)right! And I bet it’s your number one.

  2. Stef: i did not know about the sounds; i am listening to them right now. me likey! thank you!

    Also carly, thanks for flagging your friend’s blog. it looks gooooood. and useful!

    • yes. we have reclaimed it as our own like how we use bisexual as a noun because Tila Tequila did. We will add it to the glossary. When we make the glossary.

  3. Something about the american idol person’s video makes me feel sort of uneasy. exploitative much?

    • I know, at first I was confused why this video had been brought to my attention for consideration, and then I started to watch it, and then I was like, omg, I can’t believe this is happening, totally exploitative. and then she said she was gonna pop her boot in that bee’s ass, and then after I got up off the floor I was LMAO’ing on I decided she was totally in on the joke. Or at least I hope so, ’cause it got funny!

  4. er, a catholic priestess? i’m pretty sure that’s just as not allowed as gay marriage.

    • i bet that bitch is sitting at red lobster now having an all-you-can-eat seafood fiesta when she should probably be in a hut with her tampons and her bible.

  5. um riese, your interview made me cry. we watched it twice. wow.

    glad to see so many eddie izzard fans on here! yay!

    • I really like watching the Eddie Izzard lego vids on youtube. Cuz I’m cool like that.

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