Confused Cats Against Feminism Saves Me From Defenestrating Myself

I am a big fan of cats and Tumblrs and Tumblrs featuring cats saving my sanity when it comes to matters of misogyny and/or stupidity. So it is no surprise that I am ALL THE FUCK OVER the latest feline Tumblr craze. Let me explain.

Some lost souls who don’t seem to have a clear definition of feminism started a Tumblr/hastag/misguided internet movement. It includes women from various nations holding up signs about why they don’t need feminism. It features gems such as feminism means women preaching equality, but asking for special treatment (equal pay is special treatment?) and “I don’t need feminism because my boyfriend treats me right” (great value judgement on anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship, also did you know that IBM doesn’t hire young women?). If you would like to satisfy your morbid curiosity, you can check the Tumblr out without giving them any clicks.

I must warn you, though — your eyes might feel like they’re disintegrating with each progressive uninformed claim. If you’d prefer not to leave your eyeballs in a gooey puddle next to your computer, here is a summary of said misguided internet movement:



This whole “women against feminism” thing makes me want to shoot myself into the sun. But along came a blog that is making it a little better.

Confused Cats Against Feminism purports to have nothing to do with this responding to this other horrifying movement, but lol, it totally is. I could analyze it or say some words about it or some bullshit, but honestly I think the images speak for themselves:




Show this Tumblr some love and/or submit your confused cat against feminism. Personally, my cats are only interested in the domination of the entire human race, regardless of gender.

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A.E. Osworth

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  1. Fact: Feminists hate all boxes. Every time a box is jumped into with joy, a feminist burns a bra.

    • I’m a feminist and I love boxes. I don’t jump in them though, I ease in real gentle like.

  2. The use of kitties to make fun of the thinking of the witless minions of patriarchy who don’t understand that feminism is really an equal rights movement out from under the “rule of the caveman turned rich, old, white guy” thumb…….gives us a chance to snicker a bit…… those “relics” of what will soon be …..the past. :)

  3. Cats always make me feel less like a giant squid of anger about people not understanding feminism.

    • It’s been so long since I’ve thought about giant squids of anger!
      PS the eyeless cat belongs to my friend! Hi Stevie!!

  4. Synchronicity! I’d found the Tumblr & posted the link on my FB page about 15 minutes before coming here. Too funny all around.

  5. feminists hate all boxes. cats otoh

    love boxes.

    Especially those too narrow for them, which they manage to get in anyway.

    Serena was once called Kitten, bacause of her soft nature. Time passes. And all kittens become cats.

    • The fact there are three Miffies on this box = this gif is even better than it already was

  6. i love how one of the cats got so confused by feminism, it totally forgot that it might not even be a cat at all.

  7. Every goddang time I’m linked to that blog — which is often, lately, because my friends are dirty rotten sadist — I end up clutching my face and weakly moaning, “No one is saying thaaaaaaat,” to my computer screen. PEOPLE. :|

    • they ‘identify with’ the thing. and they identify as villains. Face it, in 41 years nothing has changed in the community (even if it has in the world at large. and as for people inc high profile actresses being awesome, you had that in 70s too, Jane Fonda being a case in point) and the same people still have the media. So cats, being scientifically minded, would not commit a ‘wait a while’ fallacy and would apply their modelling to the present and to established facts – and the consistent one seems to be they’re evil. But one has to live – so there, world, Cthulhu mit Uns and Ulthar uber alles.

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