Cece Sleeps Over and Nothing Gay Happens on “New Girl”

New Girl has already started coupling characters off when “Cece Crashes.” In Cece’s first major involvement on the show, we learn she has poor taste in men as she dumps her European deep-V-wearing-DJ-with-a-face-tattoo boyfriend. We’re led to believe that by indulging kimono-wearing Schmidt, this is somehow a step up.

Cece is “really loose with her body” and vulnerable while drunk. Jess apologizes in advance in case she gets grabby. She doesn’t, but Winston and Schmidt, like the great guys they are, see this is as an opportunity for them to make their pathetic “moves.” A sad drunk girl just plopped into their living room on a Friday night. What could be better? Probably if she was singing Rebecca Black. That would be better.

Winston: Are you sheep dogging her right now?

Schmidt starts doing parkour to celebrate Cece sleeping in his bed…without him. I guess the lingering smell of sexy is something to look forward to. The next day, Winston and Schmidt will do anything Cece tells them. Not preoccupied with these menial tasks, Nick has shit to do. Cece tries to convince Jess that Nick has a crush on her as Jess has a history of not realizing guys like her.

This is the third thing this fall that Happy Endings did first

Jess: You just think everyone wants to sleep with everyone all the time.
Cece: They do. That’s why I think that.

Jess and Nick go to the store and with that idea freshly planted in her mind, she freaks out. She likes her living situation the way it is and she likes her friendships the way they are. But you know, the power of suggestion. It’s a doozy. You probably use it to your advantage all the time.

Jess: Did I do this? Am I dressing too provocatively? Do I need to get thicker pajamas? Maybe it’s my posture. I have really sexy posture.

After facing his arch-nemesis, a cat, (no deeper meaning here?) and getting sunburned while following the model’s orders, the last thing Schmidt wants is to sleep on the couch. He asks if he can share the bed now that he’s realized he doesn’t have a chance in hell. She agrees and once Schmidt sadly declares he doesn’t like to sleep alone, she holds his hand as she drifts off to sleep.

Is Cece really catching feelings or was it a pity grab? Yay or nay on Jess and Nick?

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  2. I kind of like Schmidt. When he’s not being an ass, he’s kind of cute (no hetero). Would you say he was just as sad and pitiful if he was a girl acting this way?…well yeah. But still, I would much rather watch this show and its lack of a real plot (and Zoey Deschanel) than study for my Arabic test, so its got that going for it?

  3. They missed a moment perfect(ly gay) opportunity when Cece and Jess were battling it off just before Jess went with Nick to the drug store. Cece and Jess should have ended up together on that floor. Hehehe.

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