The Impulse Quarantine Purchases We’d 100% Buy Again

While there are certainly other (and arguably healthier) coping mechanisms besides stress shopping, I don’t think we should totally rule out any options just yet. And sometimes impulse buys work out really well! We’re here to tell you which emotionally compromised quarantine purchases we heartily stand by and would enthusiastically recommend.

The Happiest Seasoning

While there’s broad societal acceptance of which season is the happiest season, what about the happiest seasoning? Considering the internet can’t really agree on what a seasoning even is, I realised I had my work cut out answering this pressing question. So, after minimal research and a commitment to “following the science” to the level of the average Western government, I present a shortlist of seasonings.

You Need Help: My Friend Is Late to Everything

“He has been, without fail, late to everything we’ve ever planned. His tardiness ranges from one to three hours. Sometimes, I wait an hour and politely ask “what’s your ETA?” and he replies with “Sorry, I’m just going to do my hair and 15 other things and I’ll be on my way!””

The Angsty Buddhist: “Avatar” & Telling Our Own Stories

I don’t think it matters much whether Avatar: The Last Airbender is “respectful” of Asian culture. I think the show is racist, and also I like it. I’m interested in what we do with the sense of agency it gives us, how it allows us to critique the structures that exist and envision our own worlds.

Come Vibe With Me: Attention Please

This week I’m taking you on an emotional rollercoaster with my playlist, continuing to stan for P-Valley’s Uncle Clifford, learning what it takes to mend broken friendships, and droping a link to help a Black skate collective in Chicago feed families for the holidays.