Carmen’s Team Pick: Never Lose Your Phone Ever Again, Really

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, because it’s always true:

Where are my keys, I lost my phone.

This happens to me pretty much daily, if not hourly. Definitely weekly, and I’m not exaggerating with that one. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’m known to resort to frantic backpack searching, turning my pockets inside out, crying, using other phones to call my phone, and even retracing my steps while chain-smoking in the dark to find my phone.

But who do i turn to when nobody else is home or my friend’s cellphone is dead or someone else lost their phone or I lost someone else’s phone or oh my god, where are my keys I lost my phone AGAIN.





This is how great your life is when you don't lose your phone.





The answer is, the only website that will be your friend in all of these times as long as you have access to mobile wi-fi or your Macbook. Just enter your phone number, and it calls your phone for you. Right there, right then. It won’t even judge you for being so drunk you left your phone in your purse that someone then stole. AND WHERESMYCELLPHONE.COM IS FREE BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH THEY LOVE YOU.

I know, this is overwhelming for you. Me too. Just bookmark it, and maybe post it online, and if you post it to Tumblr I bet you’ll find it in your archive next time you lose your phone and look for some of your posts of sad indie music to make you feel better.


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  1. is it bad that i just want to make other people’s phones ring all the time now. but! i shall refrain.

    • That is a hilarious idea.

      Oh my goodness. I just called it. The woman’s voice is kinda like how I imagine the girls on those “singles hotlines” sound.

  2. for some reason I’ve only lost my phone in my own room, approx. 30 minutes after I was supposed to leave the house

  3. this would be helpful if i didn’t always let my phone die and then lose it (not always in that order). i fail, no?

  4. I’ve actually considered team picking this before but you’ve said it so much better than I ever could have.

  5. I’ve used this before. I lose my cell phone all the time, but I’ll never lose my laptop!

    • This is why I miss the 80’s back then cell phones were as big as laptops and therefore really freaking hard to loose if you lost an 80’s cell phone it was because you drank yourself into a coma

  6. This would be fabulously helpful if I didn’t lose my phone only when it’s off. Bookmarking regardless. I’m sure I’ll lose my phone one day when it’s on.

    My friend needs this too. I’ve left a voicemail on her phone when she thought it was stolen at school for whoever had stolen it. It pretty much went, “Who are you and why do you have [friend’s name]’s phone!!!??? Give it back!! I will find you!!!!!” And then her mom found her phone at home that afternoon. xD

  7. Somehow I feel bad for posting this because it’s like I’m cheating or something… but I also love just cuz it’s so pretty.

  8. I’m a big fan of the app “Lookout” (I have an android). Not only can you call your cell phone from their site (even if your phone is on “silent” it will make a loud screeching sound), but it automatically backs up your contacts and photos daily, you can TRACK it via GPS if it gets stolen, you can lock it or wipe it, all remotely from their website. Best of all, it was free.

      I have Where’s My Droid? which turns your phone ringer on if you text it a certain message – and in the middle is a giant button that says “FOUND PHONE!!!!!!!”

  9. *I like watermelon Jolly Ranchers the best…if that makes me weird, so be it! :)*

    My phone is usually on silent so when I would lose my cell phone…it’s all over! UNTIL I discovered I could have it on silent but have great vibration. So, if I do lose it, it will at least vibrate wherever it is for me to find which is good!!

    So I will be checking out this app for sure!!!

    • You need to!!!! I’m tired of having to call your ass when you lose your phone. :)o

      Love ya Suga

  10. First off the blue Jolly Ranchers are fucking awesome :)

    I have washed my cell phone, spilled water on it, and have thrown it and dropped it several times. The only time I lose my phone is when it is in my wife’s purse!!! Her purse is like a bottomless pit.

  11. Soooo…. I think I need to bookmark this… Not all so very long ago I became juuust a lil intoxicated and was of the belief that I had left my phone in a taxi at some ungodly hour of the morning… Managed to somehow get to work on Saturday morning, spent half the day ringing my phone/cab companies and freaking out.. went out on Saturday night did it all again, this time without the worry of losing my phone… AAAAAND when I woke up on Sunday my phone was in my bed…. End story.

  12. OK, so i just had to use this service for the first time, and my phone was in my bag (of course), but also in my bag was one of those “glee” magic 8 balls (don’t ask) that blurts sound bites from the show when you shake it (or bump it accidentally, or, apparently, have a ring tone with sound waves strong enough), so not only was i hearing the sound of my Verizon Froggy Night ringtone, but i was also hearing Sue Sylvester saying, repeatedly, “Now you have everything you could ever want.”

    So true, Sue, so true.

    Thank you, Carmen. My life is complete.

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