Introducing Camp Autostraddle

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In July 2010, I woke up at 3am and wrote “CAMP – THIS WILL BE OUR THING” on a notepad I keep by my bed for nocturnal moments of genius. I can’t remember precisely what thoughts I was thinking before I thought the thought about camp, but I remember all the thoughts we’ve had since as the project has expanded and become a team effort.


What Would Autostraddle Look Like in 3-D?

Here’s the idea: a few hundred of you, 20 of us, and a beautiful group retreat site in the mountains. We’ve cherry picked the things we like about other queer women’s events and vacations — hilarious comedy, diverse panels, the occasional dance party and the chance to revel in one another’s awesomeness — added heaps of our own original ideas, and found a way to serve it to you for a fraction of what those other events cost.

It’s an opportunity for you to discover new things about yourself, enhance your relationships within the international queer community, make new friends forever, support Autostraddle, and, you know — get away from your laptop for three days!


A-Camp: A Place Where You Can Be Yourself

We feel like there’s a void out there for awesome queer women who desperately wanna meet each other and experience the magic of communing with like minds, but aren’t into beer-soaked pool parties and can’t swing cruises to the Bahamas. Our original idea was to hold Camp a few times a year, for 4-7 days each time, in different locations, but that seemed like a huge thing to dive into, thus . . .

The First Ever A-Camp Weekend was born!! It’s a pilot run that gives all of us a chance to determine the website’s future!



When: Thursday April 26th – Sunday April 29th, 2012

Where: Alpine Meadows Retreat Center in Angelus Oaks, California. It’s 1.5 hours from Palm Springs, 2 hours from Los Angeles, 2.5 hours from San Diego, 4 hours from Las Vegas, 5 hours from Phoenix and 8 hours from San Francisco. We’ll be running shuttles from LAX to the campsite all day on April 26th and shuttles back to LAX on April 29th.

Lodging: You’ll be having the bestest biggest surprise slumber party of your life in fully insulated, carpeted & heated cabins with private bathroom/showers/baths and generously-sized bunk beds.

Just $50 down reserves your spot!

Cost: $300

Your Cost Includes:

* 3 nights lodging
* 3 meals a day and snacks (with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher options)
* Full access to a variety of daytime programming situations, including typical camp stuff like crafts and sports as well as workshops and panels with AS Teamasters
* World-Class Night-time Entertainment: The entire event will be MC’ed by world’s funniest duo, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard
* Gift bag with exclusive Camp-Only Autostraddle T-shirt you can sell on ebay in ~4 years


* Memories that will last a lifetime, probably longer
* Staff dedicated to all of your feelings or lack thereof
Be an active part of the group that determines the future of A-Camp

Who: You guys! You guys are really gonna like each other! All ages welcome/encouraged! ALSO:

Also — Camp TeaMasters will be Robin & Marni/bcw, and your “counselors” and workshop leaders presently include, confirmed: comediennes/actresses/writers Julie Goldman & Brandy Howard, actress/singer Haviland Stillwell, actress/producer Sarah Croce, actress/writer Ashley Reed, Internet Superstar Chef Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, Stylist Sara Medd, DJ/filmmaker Carlytron, Fashion Icon Fitforafemme and world famous photographer Robin Roemer as well as Riese, Laneia, Crystal, Annika, Taylor, Katrina, Emily, Whitney, Intern Hot Laura, Alex, Lizz, Brittani, Bren, Gabby, Jess S., Intern Grace, Carmen, Kelsey and Stef.

In addition to having life-changing conversations around a campfire with some of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet, you’ll have tons of activities, workshops, groups and panel discussions to choose from every day.

We’re here, you’re queer, it’s family.

We’ll roll out information and take requests regarding programming over the next several weeks, but rest assured there will be so many fun things to do if you wanna do stuff, like:

 Lesbian Feminist Jeopardy

Writing workshops with Rachel & Riese

Basketball! Hiking! Arts & Crafts! Cooking! Yoga! Speed-Dating!

Photography with Robin

High Ropes Course, Climbing Tower and Zip Line

Unicorn Plan-It Hollywood Show

Queer Women of Color Panel

 Formspring LIVE! with Riese, Laneia, Rachel, Crystal, Taylor, Lizz and Alex

The diversity in our programming will reflect the diversity of our content — shit that makes you laugh, shit that makes you think, and shit that makes you wanna change the world.


1. Put down a $50 deposit and/or put down the entire $300 to secure your spot ASAP. There’s limited space, and we expect this’ll fill up quickly. Deposits are non-refundable, but they are transferrable. (This also makes a great last minute Valentine’s Day present!)

2. You’ll provide us with some basic information while making your deposit or payment this week. In two weeks, you’ll be asked for a lot more information about things like your t-shirt size, flight times and bunking needs/concerns/requests (cabins sleep between 6 and 20 people). Then all kinds of updates will keep happening until you arrive!

3. Start making travel arrangements!

If you’re flying, we recommend flying into LAX, because we will be running shuttles from there, but arrangements could also be made from the Palm Springs or Ontario airport, depending on demand. We will request flight information from you before camp begins.

If you are flying and will need transportation, please  fly in on Thursday April 26th before 6pm and book your return flight for Sunday, April 29th (we recommend flying out after noon, but can make other arrangements if necessary)

If you’re driving, then sweet! If you’re looking to carpool or caravan, you can coordinate with other campers via the ASS Camp group or Facebook Page (both will go up this week.)

4. You’ll also have access to the event website after making your payment, and can enjoy updates there.


Q: But I’m really socially awkward! What if I go there alone and don’t make any friends?!
A: Oh girl, we ALL feel you, which’s why we’re committed to 100% social comfort. I can tell you who doesn’t make that claim and her name is Dinah Shore. Firstly, Autostraddlers are the most amazing, kind, inclusive people in the world and Secondly, we’ll be prepared for Shystraddlers and the team will be prepped on how to ensure nobody will feel weird or awkward at camp. This is our top priority. You have my promise and honestly I rarely promise things. We got this shit on eight kinds of lock.

Q: I’m really super poor but I want to go so bad!
A: Firstly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime Utopia-esque situation, I recommend getting your emergency funds out. But we get that hard times are here for some of you, and that’s why we’ve set up a “pay it later” system. Let us know when you put down your deposit that you’ll need to pay via installment plan. No fees, no gimmicks, no credit checks. We’ll work with you to get you there. That’s just how much we want you to come.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi?
A: NOPE! I know it’s scary!

Q: Will there be any free time?
A: Yup! I mean you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Go read by the river or go videotape your friend hiding in a tree like a monkey or just lie on the grass or in your bed. You can do whatever you wanna do, you’re a grown-up!

Q: Are there extra charges for any activities?
A: Yes, there is a $15 fee for those requiring transportation to/from LAX, $20 fee for the Ropes Course or Climbing Tower, $25 for a private voice lesson with Haviland and $10 for a private writing tutorial with Riese.

Q: Do you need any more speakers/activity leaders?
A: If you’re either famous, internet-famous or have a strong background in queer activism/social justice issues and experience talking to groups about that, we could use some more of both of those kinds of people. Hit us up – robin [at] autostraddle [dot] com & autostraddle.merch [at] gmail [dot] com.

Q: Me and all my friends want to go together, can we stay in the same cabin?
A: Yes.

Q: I got so inspired by your State of the Union yesterday that I donated my last 50 bucks!
A: Shoot us an email and we’ll work out a transfer.


You guys, this is the closest thing you’ll ever get to magic.

Register Now. You Don’t Wanna Miss This.

Riese is the 39-year-old Co-Founder and CEO of as well as an award-winning writer, blogger, fictionist, copywriter, video-maker and aspiring cyber-performance artist who grew up in Michigan, lost her mind in New York and then headed West. Her work has appeared in nine books including "The Bigger the Better The Tighter The Sweater: 21 Funny Women on Beauty, Body Image & Other Hazards Of Being Female," magazines including Marie Claire and Curve, and all over the web including Nylon, Queerty, Nerve, Bitch, Emily Books and Jezebel. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word, and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! In 2016, she was nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism. Follow her on twitter and instagram.

Riese has written 2851 articles for us.


  1. Wow. Just wow! Way to come up with all of the ideas!!! Now I just need to come up with monies! This is probably the most awesome event evar!!!!! I don’t even feel like missing Dinah matters at all because this exists! Yay for nerds and social awkwardness ;)

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing. I hope it is a ROUSING success so there can be more and maybe if its on the East Coast next time I can go!

    Also please post lots and lots of pictures and stories and things after its over so those of us who can’t go can live vicariously through all of the lucky mofos who do go.

  3. Hey ladies! This sounds fantastic. I’m going to try to make it work, but on the off chance I can’t get away from work to fly out Thursday, can people arrive late? Like on Friday? I assume we’d have to arrange our own transportation, but it might be my best shot at actually getting there.

      • yes there will be an acting/comedy workshop or something similar with the u planit grrls or with julie & brandy — pending! and wheeee re: writing!

        and yup, you could arrive late. unfortunately we have to pay the site for the entire weekend, so you’d have to still pay the full cost, but it’s def ok to come late!

        • Oh, I figured I’d have to pay the full price to reserve my spot. It’d be worth it. Seriously, I know it’s a lot of money, but $300 for four days and three nights is an *incredibly* good price. And $10-$30 for workshops and tutorials from pros? And a freakin’ payment plan?! Seriously, you guys pulled out all the stops making this as doable for people as possible. You didn’t have to do that. But you’re fantastic, so you did. Thank you!

          Yay about acting! Just got my first comedy acting job (was just a producer and screenwriter before, so acting is new) and want to take it further. It’d be great fun!

          And wheeee right back at ya to writing! I mostly write and publish fiction, but I want to bust into more informative/personal/blog-friendly writing and who better to learn from? :D

  4. omg so many comments…

    YOU GUYS. If thousands of lesbians can converge for Dinah every year just to drink their faces off with other lesbians, LOTS OF YOU CAN MAKE IT TO AUTO-CAMP.

    I believe in you.

    I am also so so excited and overwhelmed with happiness — we had talked about doing this since the very beginning and now it’s finally happening. We’re finally doing this. WOOOOO!



    you see what you make people do, autostraddle?! -mad wistful sigh

    • If you take one of the tutorials, use it as an excuse. For example, if you take the writing tutorial say it’s a writing retreat. Or you could just default to it being a networking event. Or hey! How about a “family reunion.” We’re all sisters, after all ;D

  6. Not to sound like a boozer but what’s the alcohol policy for this event?
    Not Allowed?
    Sold by AS?

    Only ask because definitely a Shystraddler here but this sounds exciting and I want to try something “beyond my comfort zone” and go. A bit of booze would be helpful in making this shystraddler less shy around the masses.

  7. This looks phenomenal. I just reserved my spot!

    Also, my dear shy/hesitant straddlers I have been repeatedly compared to a lovable Labrador and was voted “Friendliest” in high school. I promise I will come talk to you if you’re standing by yourself. So, no excuses!

  8. SO MANY FEEEEEEEEELINGS. Actually pretty much just the one feeling of pure giddiness that this is happening and I AM GOING. I don’t care that it’s on the other side of the country, or that it’s mildly reckless w/r/t my bank account, because if not now, when?

  9. I would defiantly go to this even if I’m one of those shystraddlers. It’s even my 18th birthday April 22nd. But… my unicorn – whose named Rainbow- every year on that weekend after my birthday is re-glittered and I like to take her everywhere with me so unfortunately I can’t take a plane because they don’t allow her to sit with me in coach and I can’t drive. :( Oh well, maybe some other time.

  10. Registered and airline ticket bought!! I am so very, very excited!

    Question: How do I change my registration to say I need LAX shuttle? I was thinking of seeing if I could find a carpool from Reno, but the airfare was $145, so I thought ‘screw it, that’s cheap’ and just bought the airline ticket. Now I need shuttley-ness. Is there some way to update registration stuff?

    • in a few weeks we’ll be sending everyone who registered another form to fill out where we’ll ask for your flight info for shuttle scheduling (you can pay cash onsite or we’ll give you another paypal link) as well as lots of other questions about your wants/needs/desires

  11. I want to go to this SOOOO much, and I have feelings about how I can’t go. I was telling my partner about my feelings, and she had feelings too. However her feelings were:

    “we don’t have enough money to go, but maybe we can donate a little bit of money to a fund where other people also donate and then someone can go who otherwise couldn’t go.”

    Is this a thing? Like a camp scholarship thing? Could this be a thing???? I will donate to this if it is a thing, of course I don’t have lots of money so I won’t be able to give a lot. BUT BUT BUT don’t worry I would still give my little yearly AS donation that I plan on giving again even if I donate to the scholarship thing, that isn’t yet a thing, ok I’m gonna stop now.

    • I’m all for some kind of scholarship or fund! Maybe AS could set up an account or even a kickstarer/indiegogo campaign? I don’t know what the requirements for applying for money would be, though.

      Maybe individual autostraddlers could start their own campaigns, making a case about why they need to be there and people could pick their own campaigns to donate to? I don’t know all the safety precautions that would need to be in place, though, to ensure there are no scams.

      • My first thought would be you could choose who gets the funds in the same way you had the wedding couple contest. People can submit to you/the team, then ya’ll choose like 5, and the site votes on them.

        My second thought is it’s important to be careful with peoples feelings, and I don’t know if site wide voting would be the best way to do that.

        My third idea would be treat it like an actual scholarship where people have to write in to you/designated person to apply and you would pick the winner and post about them.

        OR! Instead of a scholarship it could be like financial aid, were if someone needs like 50 extra dollars for their payment plan last minute, or needs help with the down payment upfront, etc…. the money would be the fund to help with that. Then maybe they can repay the money when they can, so that the fund will be there to help someone else. Or maybe I just want to believe that the world of AS is nicer/more honest then the real world I live in and this idea may not work.

        So yeah, those are my ideas…

        • “I just want to believe that the world of AS is nicer/more honest than the real world”

          IT IS!!!!!!! Just look at how many people have said they want to sponsor! And the fact that AS cares enough about us to organize this!! And the fact that if they post something about donations we will absolutely be able to send people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to camp!!

          Autostraddle is different and better in every single way.

      • One thing to keep in mind is to hold a couple spots before it sells out if scholarships though as ate gonna happen.

        I like the idea of people campaigning for themselves outside of the realm of AS because it means reaching a different audience/ more people/ more money.

  12. I’m not sure what just happened but that might have been the quickest I’ve signed up for anything.
    My want to have fun self said: “just take my money now!” while my introverted, shy self said: “are you effin crazy?! what are you doing!” They are still dueling but somehow AS now has my monies, well done AS, well done.

    High Ropes and Climbing & Zipline anyone? Also, are those scheduled activities or is the fee just to get access to the courses? Can we do both?

    I’m so excited and scared at the same time! For now I am flying solo, go easy on me please Straddlers ;)

  13. reiiiiiissssssssssee reise im excited nervous for two reasons: that im in college and don’t have the money (i could make it happen), that im a weirdo/hipster not good @ making Friends. Plz convince me. I love autostraddle. i am 100% about it 100% of the time.

  14. I NEVER EVER EVER do things alone. Like I break into a cold sweat at starbucks sometimes and I am going to fly out. Tthis is actually like a dream come true. Totally out of my budget but I am using my emergency funds because this feels like something I cannot pass up.

    Anyone else from Philly going in a group/solo



    Please, please let this become a thing. Because whereas I will be in the throes of finals that weekend, and am currently too broke to fly to CA from TN, if I find a few more air miles under a sofa and if it happens over a summer or a break I would be so incredibly totally down for this.


  16. OMG. Ahhhhhhh! This sounds so lez-tacularly phenomenal and I really really really want to go. REALLY.

    Reason #874 that grad school has eaten my life and prevented me from having any fun. Please keep doing this so I can come one day when I have a real life!

  17. I wish I could go, but I’ll already be on vacation that week. Bummer :( Please organize another camp up her in the northwest..perhaps near Portland somewhere like Breitenbush Hot Springs ;) ;)

  18. For some reason I read the date as “August 26-29” and I got super excited about be able to go, because I’ll be back in the states by then.
    Alas, then I read it again and saw it was April, when I will still be here in China, slaving away at my job where they tell me I need to use my vacation days and then won’t actually approve my vacation requests. Damn.
    So, I hope it’s wickedly successful, and you decide to have an East Coast A-Camp next. Maine is lovely in the fall…

  19. Wow I was in shock when I read this. I sat at my desk and looked off into space and then began to trot out the old excuses…”Too expensive…(payment plan)…Location/will the car be ok to make it?…(it’s 90 mins from LA, I live near a trainstop that could ferry me to LAX & the shuttle if I don’t feel tops about the car)…What if it’s like the Dinah, which I never had the balls to attend even with friends…(it ain’t)…Shit, I’ve got nothing.”

    So I put down the deposit. I’m going. This is on my doorstep, so I put my money where my mouth is. Now to buy a new flask.

  20. so i am really the type of irresponsibly spontaneous person who tends to book flights on whims and do things like this…..
    but i just spent all my funds on a crazy trip/am skipping a week and a half of school next month for sxsw

    but i dont know how often i can afford to flee canada :(

    then again google just told me its only a 25 hour drive!!!!!!!!!
    so i have 2 months to obtain a drivers liscense and vehicle

  21. Soooooooooo I am checking with my boss tomorrow that I can do this, but I just put down my deposit under the assumption that she will be cool with it. Please send me good karma, I am freaking out I NEED TO BE ABLE TO GO TO THIS OMG.

    • YOU GUYS






      (my boss was really sweet and excited for me when i explained what camp is, and my mom can’t even talk to me about the fact that i’m queer because she’s still not really okay with it but she still donated miles anyway because she could see how important this is to me, and my girlfriend is being so supportive of me going even though she won’t be able to, and the whole world is just so lovely and happy right now, i feel like i have “pregnant glow” or whatever but i’m not pregnant i’m just going to queer camp. does that make sense? i feel like it will make sense to all of you. IS IT APRIL 26TH YET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

  22. So, um… my education is robbing me of every penny, and I’m not in the most convenient of geographic locations to make it to this.

    So, can I suggest that those of us who can’t make it due to geography meet up/have our own mini-camp-out-pretend-we’re-at-the-real-camp-autostraddle-get-together?


  23. I can’t come (Australia not yet travelling island-boat) but if I was, I would most definitely want people to bring along their instruments and have a mad jam sesh, which could include belted sing alongs of Tegan and Sara (obvs) and a ‘write an amusing song for the camp/to sum up the camp experience for 2012’ competition.

    The song and people/everyone singing it could feature on whatever video you guys *hopefully* make of this whole experience.

    And those of us that dabble (or in my case, study) within the realms of the drumming / ‘making funny sounds by hitting things’ arts could potentially bring along some shakers and cowbells and tambourines and other such things to give to people who don’t feel so musically talented. :)

    Or perhaps those guys could do some wicked dance moves / make up actions to things! (hah).


  24. OH MAN I PICKED THE BEST TIME TO MOVE TO CALIFORNIA. Mapquest says this is only 57 minutes from Anaheim!!

    Can we arrive late? I don’t want to miss anything but unfortunately I can only take two days off from work so I’d have to come Thursday evening…

  25. I’m really excited about this! I’m a little nervous but the excitement and benefits far outweigh the irrational fears and short term fiscal obstacles! I think this is exactly what I need to come out of my shell more! I’m getting really positive vibes, it’s going to be epic! :}


    In the interests of doing workshops that are Relevant To Our Interests, and the fact that said Interests of queer ladies often include Some Form Of Activism, Being Subversive and Being Creative, I think it would be excellent for you guys to run workshops on or get someone in to run workshops on

    Street Art – including super easy stuff like working with stencils (you could have You Do You stencils or Autostraddle logo stencils or adorable kitten stencils to cut out, etc) and wheat-pasting, and – if you get someone with mad skills in- freehand aerosol stuff too (although nobody should expect to get very good at the latter over just one weekend, hah… but it’s fun to try these things! And girls aren’t often encouraged to do them either ;) )

    Zine Making- you guys could have a workshop on this, including things like
    -working out a theme (or choosing to not have one)
    -what to put in them and how to source this (eg. magazine cutouts, approaching others for writing / art, etc etc)
    -how to distribute said zines (including scanning and uploading to THIS awesome site, which I’m posting but you guys probably got me onto in the first place but I forgot: )

    And so on!


    YAY ART!

  27. Also- this may potentially not work as well with lots of people/may perhaps be a bit high school esque or better suited to a longer camp than just the weekend (so, this is to seriously hoping that these future camps happen!), BUT over in Australia, some camps I’ve been to have included opportunities for people to write ‘warm fuzzies’ to each other over the course of the camp. These are basically tiny little messages of appreciation for people, which were slipped into A4 envelopes with people’s names on them that were put up around the place. Reading these after a camp was a really great way to feel super awesome about oneself- and it could also be one more way for people to give numbers to people too, if they really wished ;). Hah.

    I can’t quite picture if that will work / how that will work in this case, but ultimately, something that allows people to tell each other how awesome they are (and for some introverts/the awkward/the writers amoungst us, writing can be ideal for this) can be kinda awesome. Just saying.

        • Also, ‘game of touch’ refers to an actual game of touch football and not some other ‘game of touch’… heh. However, these kinds of notes could, you know, possibly end up applying to that stuff too, tbh*. (It does make me wonder what double meaning ‘fucking socks’ might actually be getting at, though).

          *I don’t know. I don’t want to suggest that this camp will be an orgy as per Everything I’ve Understood Ever About Dinah Shore, so much as it will be bunch of girls (and some boys!) having fun making smores and bonding on ambient night walks through forest and yes, probably developing crushes on everyone ever for things to do with the fact that they’re awesome at ukelele or have the most amusingly adorable breakfast food routine. And I think I like that.

          Still I also anticipate that crushing on every awesome person- which obviously means everyone- might lead to some feelings needing to be expressed.

          There may be both? :)

  28. Wow. I am really excited for this. I signed up right away. So glad that I will be back in California anyway at that time.

    So a few things: I absolutely second the street art idea from a few posts ago. I love street art but have failed to make any yet. I think this could be really, really fun! Also, anyone else coming from the Midwest? I live in Chicago now and would love to meet some people from my area (as well as all of the other awesome people)

    • Yes, street art WOULD be awesome! (I really wish I could go to this camp so I could potentially be involved in this, if it becomes a real thing!)

      And as well as putting together stencils for people to cut out themselves, they could also offer creative people here the opportunity to bring along or submit some hilarious / clever / awesome stencil designs too, eg. something that has a little dig at Ilene Fucking Chaiken >:D

      That would make me happy.

      But seriously, people with photoshop (or similar) skills could get this shit happening. I personally have plans to make a ‘MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING SANDWICH’ stencil, which will be my personal vendetta against a moronic breed of joke that is unfunny in 99.99% of the situations within which it is used, ie. by people who aren’t aware of their own historical and ongoing privilege and the way that it undermines the ‘ironic’ and therefore only potentially funny part of it all (imo). So yes :).

      So much potential for graffiti-d awesomeness!

  29. This coincides surprisingly well with my tax return and I’ll be home from Europe by April. Hmm. Anyone want to carpool from Kentucky? I figure gas divided by 4 people would be able the same as plane ticket but with the added bonus of having a sweet cross country road trip on either side of camp weekend. Eh? Eh?

  30. My sister’s getting married that weekend and my travel budget is somewhere in the “oh, well, it’s not that cold. I can totally skip a cab and walk home at 4 am” range, but this sounds intensely full of awesome.

    To all the shystraddlers on the fence about it, just go. Really. Take a risk, spread your wings, etc, etc. It’s highly likely you’ll have a fucking awesome time.

  31. you guys, on a scale of 1 to “getting into my top choice for grad school with a full scholarship” the idea of this still puts me at about a 9.5. I AM SO EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THIS. now i have to go to work.

  32. You know when I booked my flight this morning I got this crazy feeling of like relief. When you guys needed donations I wrote a comment about how AS is my only sense of community right now because I am going to a school with no LGBT group, working 50 hours a week and too exhausted most nights to go out to dyke parties and try and make friends over loud music. (Plus noone ever mets anyone at lesbian bars). This is like exactly the type of thing that makes Autostraddle so unique. The fact that we can all go to a random campsite in the mountains without fear because we all feel safe on this website. Not to get all sappy two and a half months beforehand but this is exactly what I want to be fiscally irresponsible on.

    Thank you Riese and Laneia and everyone else for making us feel safe in this world that tells us we shouldn’t be. And for the payment plan and all of the other nice shit you do.

  33. Just to get a feeling for this — if there were “scholarships”/”sponsorships” available, who amongst you who would otherwise totally not be able to go would go? i’m assuming these “sponsorships” would cover just the camp tuition, so getting there would still have to be your responsibility, and therefore do-able.

  34. I paid my deposit and thought I’d think about whether to go. But seriously how can I not go? Besides the fact that I love you all already from the great content followed by the witty, thoughtful, ridiculous comments, you have addressed my primary concerns of showing up solo, being socially awkward, etc. So count me in.

    I noticed the no wifi but just need to ask is there cell reception?

    • actually, we took that into consideration! it’s not finals time for everybody. any later and we were getting into the period of time where we could no longer book a site (they become summer camps in actual summer), and most schools we looked up either ended before the last weekend of april, or if they didn’t, this weekend fell between the end of classes and when finals began, as opposed to the week before which was often the last week of classes or the week after which was finals themselves.

      i know it’s not like that for a lot of schools, but this was the best we can do. about half of our team is in college so it is something we had to think about for ourselves, too.

  35. First off, registration, check. Second, how has nobody mentioned the walking stick man on the bottom left corner of the map… apparently you can walk to a magical place with a beach and canoes!! Being Canadian I was practically born in a canoe, so I expect daily expeditions to this far off place.

  36. I have not been able to stop thinking about camp since it was announced. All the excuses are going through my head but my heart is saying GO
    I have money set aside to buy a new laptop but now I am seriously considering using it for this. I can always wait another few months for the laptop…
    You only live once, right?

  37. Well, it sounds like a neat event. On the one hand, it’d be fun to go, as I’ve never met any LGBTQ people in real life, and I’ve no idea where I’d ever meet any. But on the other hand, I’m not a lesbian, and I tend to be far too socially awkward and uncomfortable with groups of people I don’t know. I don’t really have anything else to add, I guess.

    • Unless you literally live alone in a cave, are 100% self-sufficient and have never come into contact with ANY other humans, you have most certainly met some LGBTQ people. You just don’t know it.

      We’re EVERYWHERE.

    • I guess that’s possible, but I don’t really know anyone outside of work and my family. I don’t like going to bars and clubs and partying and drinking, so that’s also a factor, probably. Plus, since I’ve never dated anyone, I don’t think anyone would want to date me anyway (that’s what I was told on afterellen, at least). And I’m kinda boring anyway. So, I guess I should say that I have never really known any GLBTQ people (sorry, I also know some people don’t like that acronym)

        • As my sister pointed out to me, ‘less previous relationships = LESS BAGGAGE FROM THESE’

          and trust me, there is hardly a lady-loving lady in the entire world who isn’t interested in less baggage.

          Also, I think it’s safe to say that the fucking amazing people here at Autostraddle are extremely keen to accommodate everybody and foster the same welcoming and safe space at the camp that exists online here. And I’m 2498127397% sure that includes being welcoming to people such as yourself who are currently in a position of feeling isolated from other queers / nervous about meeting more queers- a headspace that I know many of us and I’m sure many of them have previously been personally familiar with, and which we would love to help you with! :)

          And I know that I’m in Australia and am broke and so can’t actually come to do this BUT I *know* that this is true.

          • Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply anything bad. I couldn’t really go either. I don’t know anyone here, I think I am too old (since I’m 25, 26 in March), and I wouldn’t be able to get out of work, since they schedule vacations in January, and mine is already scheduled. Plus, it would be an expensive plane ride to California, and I’ve never been there.

          • 25-26 too old? WHAT CRAZYTALK IS THIS
            considering that most of the people who run the site are older than that, I don’t think that’s too old.

          • yes, that is insane. if anybody here thinks 25-26 is too old, they are insane! firstly, like half of the people on that graphic are over 28, about a third are 30 or older, and all of us don’t give two shits how old anybody s.

          • Gah, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean that in a mean manner. I didn’t mean to imply anything bad. I was just going off of what I read, and I wad wrong, and I’m sorry for that.

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