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When I was a kid I would write TV shows about myself and it always started with a freeze-frame and a voiceover by me that said “Oh yeah, that’s me — Shelli!” So imagine this entire introduction happening in the format of an early 2000’s tween sitcom.

Look it's me!!!

Hi! I’m Shelli Nicole and I have been a team writer here at Autostraddle since the Fall of 2019. I saw the call for new writers and nervously put together my application, sent it in, was worried and scared for a few weeks and now here we are! I have only been here for a few months but when I tell yall its hitting right, I mean it. I have gotten to write about everything I always wanted to, from the obscure to the more personal pieces, and the crew here supports it all.

They also encourage our new ideas and that is what brings us here today.

I love meeting new people, I will talk to anyone and shoot the shit. That kid in the supermarket whose mother is trying to rush through checkout because they’re asking th...

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Shelli Nicole is a Detroit-raised, Chicago-based friendly black hottie whose work on race and culture has appeared in Bustle, HelloGiggles & Missbehave Magazine. Follow her on Twitter (@HiShelli) for fiery emotions & Instagram (@AyoShelli) for fire selfies.

Shelli has written 13 articles for us.