Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte is Black and Queer IRL, and Here’s Every Hairstyle She Wore in Season 1

I LOVE the Regency Era and I’m very invested in the lives of 19th-century trollops, tramps, and thieves. Gossip and drama are two things I adore because most of the time it has nothing to do with me. Combine all of that together in a sexy little mixing bowl, and out comes Bridgerton, the Shonda Rhimes-produced new Netflix series that premiered on Christmas day.

I’ve been excited for quite some time to watch the series and I was pretty happy with it. I do have some issues, like for a world that wants to be seen as so diverse, most of the trauma is on the black characters. There is racism still running rampant (check the scene with Lord Featherington and Will Mondrich) and this world wants us to remember that the black characters wouldn’t have their titles if it weren’t for white royalty being so gracious to them. The show also wasn’t as horny as I thought it would be and I’d have liked 38% more antique scissoring as well — BUT I (FOR NOW) DIGRESS

While there aren’t any directly out queer women characters on the show (fingers crossed that Eloise dips into dykeness next season), I knew I’d find a queer connection. The stunning and talented black actress Golda Rosheuvel who plays Queen Charlotte is proudly out as a lesbian.

She absolutely KILLS it in her portrayal of the real-life monarch. Although many love to ignore it, Queen Charlotte was believed to be a woman of color. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I 100% believe that The Queen had black heritage and chalk it up to racism for trying to erase that fact.

image shows the real life Queen Charlotte, wearing a regency era gown.

It’s rare to see black folks depicted as royalty when it comes to period pieces and the show did a clever job at points making sure the black characters were proud of their ancestry, and a simple way to express that was through their hair. From the simpleness of having Marina Thompson wrap her hair at night to the elaborate wigs of The Queen that brings me here today.

The wigs were created and executed by Marc Elliot Pilcher and Adam James Phillips and I must say they did a stupendous job. I LOVED that many of her wigs were in braids and locs and that her natural curls were adorned with ribbons and diamonds. My favorite part was seeing the different textures between her edges and the rest of her hair that would sometimes occur in her hairstyles. It made me feel seen in some way and I appreciated her hair every time she appeared on the screen.

So, here is every hairstyle The Queen proudly wore in Season One of Bridgerton, because she’s black, a hottie and I 100% am trying to be one of her extra special ladies in waiting.

Episode One “Diamond of the First Water”

“Flawless My Dear”

Image shows The Queen resting on her daybed reading the paper. Her hair is in soft gray curls adorned with pink ribbons

Image shows The Queen at the opera wearing a yellow ball gown. Her hair is straight and shaped into a soft swirl with curls and a crown resting at the top.

Episode Two “Shock and Delight”

“I wish to be entertained, enthralled”

Images shows The Queen standing in the bath with the paper covering her. Her hair is black and in soft wet curls sitting atop her head in a semi high ponytail. Image shows The Queen pursing her lips while reading the paper. Her hair is in soft black curls and adorned with red ribbons. Image shows The Queen sitting on a couch holding her dog. Her hair is a soft gray and pink pastel in rolled curls shaping her face, there is a low loose side ponytail and her hair has a few jewels adorning it.

Episode Three “Art of The Swoon”

“You are a Prince. Charm Her.”

Image shows The Queen standing next to her nephew, The Prince. Her hair is a ombre black to brown and is shaped into a large and beautiful afro. It is adorned with two jeweled bows and 2 low ponytails in curls are on either side of her. Image Shows The Queen sitting in a chair outside while having breakfast. Her hair is a white/gray with rolled curls shaped across the top and going into a low ponytail. There are two bronzed brooches resting in her hair. Image shows The Queen at a bowl wearing a soft blue gown. Her hair is in stacked lavender coils, natural edges that are gray/lavender and a jeweled brooch on the side. a softly curled side ponytail rests on one shoulder.

Episode Four “An Affair of Honor”

“Offer her your gift”

Image shows The Queen at the palace in conversation. Her hair is an ombre black to brown and in dreadlocs. They are swooped and stacked high and adorned with golden jewels. A tiara rests on the top.

Episode 5 “The Duke and I”

“While you may be content to accept defeat, It is certainly not how I approach things”

Image shows The Queen sitting on a couch. Her hair is blonde and in box braids that are curled, her edges are natural and a tiara shapes the style. Image shows The Queen walking in to have dinner with her husband. Her hair is straight and gray and in rolled curls stacked high atop her head, a loose curled low pony rests on her shoulders. Image shows The Queen in a chair wearing a yellow gown. Her hair is ombre black to gray. Wavy open curls shaped into a circle and a tiara rests on top. Image shows The Queen at a wedding. Her hair is in black box braids that are shaped into curls and stacked high. Red bows and pearls with diamonds adorn her hair and a braided side pony that is curled rest on her shoulder.

Episode 7 “Oceans Apart”

“My patience has limits. Get me an answer — your Queen commands it.”

Image shows The Queen talking to Eloise Bridgerton. Her hair is a bold blond and wavy while pinned into two low ponytails. Her edges are natural and she has a box braid blond crown. Image shows The Queen reading the latest paper. Her hair is black and natural and in loose natural curls pulled back away from her face. Image shows The Queen in a red and cream gown sitting in a chair having conversation. Her hair is in box braids and layered on top of each other into a high stacked style. It's adorned with gold and red ribbons and more, and topped with a crown.

Episode 8 “After The Rain”

*Insert The Queens infamous lip purse here*

Image shows The Queen in the garden wearing a pink gown. Her hair is ombre black to gray. Rolled open curls shaped into a circle. Image shows The Queen at the Hastings Ball. Her hair is in blonde thick locs with natural edges. There are dreadloced bows throughout and the style is stacked up high.

So that’s all from me for now and remember, I’m Shelli the sapphic sleuth and if there is a Black queer connection to make in TV & Film – best believe I’ll find it.

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  1. Thank you Shelli! I was wondering if / how AS would cover Bridgerton.

    This may not be the right place for it, but I have a PSA/ content warning for Bridgerton that I’ll put in a comment below to avoid spoilers.

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