Boob(s On Your) Tube: Rosewood’s Lesbian Couple Finally Smooches on The Lips

The regular TV season is winding down to make room for Orphan Black and Orange Is the New Black, but we’ve still got a few more weeks to go with a handful of shows. Next week, Boob(s On Your) Tube will only appear on Friday. (I’m taking a much-needed vacation!)

Grey’s Anatomy

Thursdays on ABC at 8:00 p.m.

Written by Aja

GREY'S ANATOMY - "I Am Not Waiting Anymore" - Jackson learns about April's pregnancy, while Alex and the team of doctors handles an hours-long triple-organ transplant surgery. Meredith considers dating again, and Andrew insists on not receiving special treatment after he and Maggie go public, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, MARCH 24 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) SARA RAMIREZ, JESSICA CAPSHAW

Picking up where things left off last week, Arizona blurts out that April’s pregnant. Hardly a beat later, April bursts into the room and all hell breaks loose, but she gets paged to the ER and that only enrages Jackson more. I know he’s the golden boy, beyond blindsided by this, and perhaps in other professions work could be briefly tabled in order to discuss a surprise pregnancy, but the way he acts as if she can just shirk her responsibility to deal with a personal crisis is classic double standard nonsense.

Grey agrees to drinks with Thorpe, which is a big step forward for her, but of course all the Grey-Sloan meddlers meddle as meddlers are wont to do (except imagine the meddling occurring over the course of a 17-hour surgery, so fun). Amelia and Hunt are giddy little lovebirds and decide to celebrate birthday early at his trailer the next night with some lobsters (he gets to cook! lucky him!). I love lighthearted, sassy, I-don’t-cook Amelia! She’s kind of an asshole, but very charming. Meanwhile, DeLuca doesn’t want Pierce to give him special privileges just because they’re screwing, which is reasonable, but he’s been running a bit too hot and cold lately for it to just be that.

Down in the ER, Arizona tries to explain herself to Kepnar, but it doesn’t go well because — as Bailey will explain later — just because Arizona thinks she was doing the right thing doesn’t mean she did the right thing. Clearly, breaking all kinds of laws and private confidences is inadvisable, period. Somehow Riggs butts his way into the drama, and can I just say that Riggs has got to be the most annoying new character since Pretty Penny? Crikey. Eventually Kepnar and Jackson’s on-hold argument makes its way into the very public halls of the hospital, escalating terribly until Jackson really loses it and says, “Screw this. You wanna play the martyr here, you wanna pretend you’re doing this alone — go for it. Knock yourself out. It’s your deal, April, you win. I’m out. I’m done.”

Here is where the episode really loses me with the dialogue. It’s weak, not exactly in character for a noticeable number of key players, and especially here, where someone decided we should scrape the bottom of the stereotype barrel with a narrative that sinks an uncharacteristically livid and mean Jackson into the whole absent black father trope. Especially when Webber decides to have a “be there for your kid, son” heart-to-heart with him. Grey’s can do better than this.

Back to Arizona: OMG! Arizona and Callie talk about Sofia! SOFIA LIVES! Guys, I was so worried about that little princesa. Arizona wants reassurance that she’s not a monster, and it’s a little strange that she’s seeking it from her ex-wife, who is like, “Nah, dude. You done FUCKED IT UP,” but maybe not that strange. After all, Callie probably knows Arizona better than anyone. If someone was going to coo, “Oh, honey, you meant well. That’s what matters,” I guess it’d be someone who knows your whole heart. PS. Way to go, Arizona, you just betrayed April’s confidence AGAIN. Later on, she ends up talking to Amelia about it. Amelia finally says in cold, hard recovery language what no one else will: What you did was unforgivable. You cannot change it or take it back. It’s not up to you. Accept the consequences and wait it out, then maybe, maybe, April can find it in her heart to forgive you. But she might not. There are no cheats, no shortcuts, no outs. This is the grim result of a poor choice. It’s a good talk, one I wish more people would have with themselves before making poor choices.

Grey gets all dolled up for her date then chickens out, and when she tries to bail on Thorpe, he’s real nice and understanding and offers to take her home. Nothing untoward, just a drive. She resists at first but caves, and they end up eating fast food and having a chat in his car parked on the curb outside of her house. Previews for the next episode show some potentially dark, way not okay shit happening between them, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

Kepnar is losing it in the dark in a room, and when Hunt busts in on her — why is this episode so weird? since when is Hunt some sort of surrogate dad figure to Kepnar? — and finds her so upset, he just takes her in an embrace and tells her that the baby is a miracle. She sort of melts in relief and surrender; it’s all she wanted to hear. Hunt doesn’t like the way Riggs handles the parents of a patient, and they get into a giant screaming match in the halls about Hunt’s sister. Spoiler alert: He goes off and has a moody ass bender, which Amelia and her lobsters happen upon on their date night. Seeing him wasted and out of control is way too much for her, so she leaves in a hurry. I was so proud of her and so heartbroken for her at the same time; this almost feels like a greater, more irrevocable betrayal than what Jackson and April are dealing with.

Speaking of those two, Jackson shows up on April’s doorstep, presumably to make peace. Again, it escalates quickly, and nastily, and almost veers into emotional-abuse-teetering-on-worse territory when April asserts herself and sets some pretty distinct and matter-of-fact boundaries: “You don’t count here. Yes, you’re the father when there’s a baby, but right now you have no choice in this. It’s my body, my baby. You are not my husband, you have no rights here.” She steps back, shuts the door, locks it. When Avery hits the other side of it, we start right along with her. I hate where this is going. I’m not April’s biggest fan but of course she’s right, even if she is endangering both herself and the baby by refusing tests, even if it’s pretty abrupt and severe to shut Avery out entirely. I find Avery’s sudden and near-constant state of fury to be highly unbelievable, and I think April is wrong to use her religion as a crutch rather than go into a pregnancy informed and with proper medical care and caution, but neither of these things negates her rights. Those are non-negotiable, and that is her choice.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I hope to see next week because everything seems so bleak across the board! I need a spa date and a glass of champagne, stat.

The 100

Thursdays on The CW at 9:00 p.m.

I just want to let you know Karly will be back to recap next week’s The 100, and we’re going to play it by ear after that.


On a break


After teasing me so beautifully with information about Maggie’s ex and then danging her relationship with Lauren out in front of my life a carrot, Younger really dropped the ball on its queerness in the last half of the season. Which is obviously a notorious Darren Starr move, but I was hoping for more. Maggie hasn’t had much to do these last few weeks, besides offering sage advice once or twice an episode when Liza wanders into a room where she’s hanging out. Or a funeral. Yes, that’s right: Thad died! No complaints there. In the end, Liza’s secret stays a secret and she ends up in that Josh/Charles love triangle that’s been coming her way for the last season and a half. Next year: MORE MAGGIE.


Wednesdays on Fox at 8:00 p.m.


Thanks to the A+ tipster who let me know Pippy escaped confinement in the basement of Rosie’s lab, I got all caught up on Rosewood this week, and friends, OITNB‘s Figueroa and Vee had a little reunion! As you know, Lorraine Toussaint plays Mama Rosewood, but we’d never met TMI’s mom before because she disowned TMI two years ago when she fell in love with Pippy and came out. But watching TMI and Pippy ready their wedding invitations with no hope of seeing TMI’s parents there is just too much for Mama Rosie. She invites herself to TMI’s mom’s country club and has a seat at her table with her bridge friends or whatever rich old white lady thing and goes, “Our lesbian daughters are getting lesbian married and you’re acting like a child, flinching every time I say the word lesbian; you need to get your homophobic shit together.” Basically, anyway. That’s basically what she says.

One of the reasons Mama Rosewood is springing to action like this is because she’s got some serious guilt about the way she handled Pippy’s coming out. She was so against it that Pippy ended up living on the streets for a while. In fact, Mama Rosewood has so much shame about it that she tries to gaslight Pippy when she reminds her of it. She ultimately comes around and confesses that yes, she was horrible, but she wants to finish so much stronger than she began.

TMI’s mom, meanwhile, shows up and offers TMI a wad of cash to quit her job, leave Pippy, and travel the world. TMI tells her to stuff her money up her butt.

Later that night, Pippy and TMI smooch right on the mouth, for the first time I can remember.

Good job, show! Stay alive, Pippy and TMI!

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    • Yeah, I was coming to leave the same comment. Honest mistake! I’m sure they can fix it quickly.

  1. Aja, great recap as always! I’m really glad the show didn’t let Arizona off the hook for what she did. Amelia was right, what she did was unforgiveable, even if she did it for the right reasons. Her scenes with Callie, Bailey, and Amelia were the best parts of the episode. And I too was SO PROUD of Amelia for getting the hell out of the trailer as fast as she did. Fucking Owen. What a prick. And Jackson – why on earth would he think suggesting an abortion to April was a good idea!? Is he insane!? Does he not know her AT ALL!?

    I saw that preview for next week’s episode as well, and while I think it was designed to seem SUPER fucked up, I really do think it’s gonna end up being not nearly as bad as the preview makes it look. I really doubt Thorpe actually did anything bad, and more likely Mere just freaked out because being with someone new after your husband dies is HARD and it would be totally normal for her to get a little emotional about that.

    • I think you are exactly right about next week- I saw the preview and the first thought I had was, “Mere is either going to freak out mid-hook up or post-hook up because Thorpe isn’t Derek” and Maggie, not knowing what happened, is going to react in an extreme way to Meredith’s screaming (as she should, better to be safe than sorry). Anyway, I expect it to work out ok.

    • I’m glad that Amelia was the final person Arizona talked to about betraying April’s confidence because nobody knows better than Amelia about being a fuck-up who has to own it and wait to be forgiven. AZ was just not getting it until she got to the Queen of Self-Destruction herself.

      Can I also say that Jackson pissed me the fuck off the entire episode. Especially at the end there. He’s not mad April didn’t tell him about the pregnancy. He’s more upset that she is going through with it at all because HE doesn’t want to be put through that again. He has been such an asshole to her ever since she ran off with Owen without asking his permission. I can’t wait for Debbie Allen to smack some sense into him next week.

  2. I love Friday Boob(s) column, it start my weekend off on a good foot! but then I’m always busy on Fridays so I can’t comment fully right away the way I want to!

    So I will be back re: Greys! Aja your recaps are always so stellar!

    Real fast, I *will* say that Tia Mowry is currently playing Pippy’s ex on Rosewood! She hasn’t currently had anything to do yet, but it’s still really fun for me to see one of the “Sister, Sister” girls. Yay 90s tv!

    Also, for anyone here who ever watched the CW/ BET show “The Game” the woman who is Pippy used to be, for lack of a quicker description, the mistress of Tia’s boyfriend on that show. It was a major seasons long plot point. So I couldn’t help but snicker to myself to see the two formerly warring rivals for some man’s affection now play former lovers to each other. Sweet, sweet TV karma.

    Lorraine Toussaint was so excellent in her scenes with Pippy re: her guilt over her past mishandling of Pippy’s coming out. She’s such a formidable actress, and I really wish the show would give her more to do.

    OK, Grey’s later!

  3. Pippy and TMI kissed during the mid season finale, after TMI had lunch(?) with her ex fiancé and he told her that her mom was telling everyone she’d just broken up with another guy.
    I was so worried that Pippy & TMI were just going to hug this ep so I was so happy they went back in for a kiss!
    Stay alive ladies!

  4. Nope, I lied! Greys NOW!

    Starting out with the laughs, how HILARIOUS was the scene between Callie and Meredith in the bathroom? The comic timing! YES. I read recently read that Shonda’s next show will be a sitcom, because she feels she wants to challenge herself as a writer. Scenes like this one are when I know she has the chops for it.

    I love how consistently Callie has been written over the years in relationship to her casual/ informal take on bathroom time. First there was the infamous “Callie pees naked after sex with George/ doesn’t wash her hands” scene all the way back at the start of her time at Greys. Then there was the “Callie follows Addison into the bathroom when she’s crying and threatens to climb into the stall with her if Addison won’t fess up to what’s wrong” thing. And now there is the “Callie makes sex jokes to Mer while peeing” thing. Its little details like this that makes me happy that Greys has been on for so many years, that they can develop long term character traits.

    SOFIA LIVES!!! That’s all I needed and wanted to know! I definitely did a fist pump in the air at the mention of her name. I thought that was also a sweet quick scene for Calzona, even though Callie essentially was like “You fucked up”. They’ve somehow settled into friendship post-divorce, and I like it for them. I also agree with Aja about the, “person who knows your whole heart” element.

    So happy that Amelia got out of what could have been a very triggering situation for her! Self care comes first. I hope she went to a meeting after (says Charlotte King– Am I the only one who watched “Private Practice”?) Anyway, I hate Owen. I’ve hated him for years. This only continues it. I don’t see that changing.

    I agree that its Aprils right to do what she wishes with her body. And the nano-second that Jackson mentioned an abortion I tensed up instinctively, because that had to be the absolute worst thing you could say to someone with April’s convictions. I also think it was emotionally manipulative, it not abusive, because nothing that we know about April would suggest that she would be so underhanded. It was just a cheap shot and I’m pissed he took it. I also shook when he banged his fist on the door. I don’t know what the fuck is up with Jackson, but they need to fix it FAST. None of this is ok.

    That said, April is clearly in some denial and at this point is putting her and her baby at risk by not getting prenatal care. So that’s hard. Which is why I felt for Arizona (not agreed with her actions, just felt for her).

    Oh! And when April told AZ to “GO TO HELL” and followed it with, “and I believe in it so take it to heart when I tell you this”, I snorted so loud. I love good snark.

    The writing as a whole felt…. Off? Somehow. Like they were testing out a new writer and the person didn’t quite have a grasp on the characters or something. Hopefully they get back into rhythm in upcoming weeks- we were on a strong train there fore a while.

    • Jackson is being the absolute fucking worst right now.

      And no you are not the only one who watched Private Practice. That is when I first fell in love with Amelia. She is my baby and I want to protect her at all costs. I’ve been saying from the beginning that pushing this “romance” with Owen is a big mistake on the writers’ parts.

  5. Also, this happened on General Hospital today(and yesterday):

    I assume Parker will be back at some point since Kristina’s parents STILL don’t know who she is really is to her. I’m trying remember the last time I actually watched a “coming out” storyline on tv. I feel like it’s been awhile and I guess that’s progress in itself that we are finally getting different types of storylines now that aren’t just that. But this is still the first time EVER that General Hospital has done a storyline about a female coming to terms with her sexuality. The last female character on any soap to do that was Bianca Montgomery and she was the first period.

    • I was hoping to talk to you about GH, turkish. What’d you think of those scenes?

      Personally, I enjoyed them…and think they started to scratch the surface of the potential this storyline has. Finally, we got to see that this wasn’t something Kristina imagined…I mean, the idea of trading sex for a grade is still preposterous, but the idea that Parker might be receptive to hooking up with Kristina seems plausible. The conversation felt a bit like Parker was talking herself out of wanting Kristina, instead of just pushing Kristina to explore her sexuality without her.

      The kiss was a bit awkward…I’m not sure if that was intended–it was Kristina’s first same sex kiss, after all–or if it was just a function of Ashley being so much taller than Lexi.

      That said, my enthusiasm’s tempered a little bit by the fact that it felt very final. Soon after the scenes aired, Ashley Jones revealed her real life pregnancy so they might be writing Parker out for the foreseeable future. Have you seen or heard any other info?

      I’ve seen speculation that the new casting call GH has out is for a new love interest for Kristina…and that once Jones is back from maternity leave, she’ll return to Port Charles, divorced, and try to win Kristina back…but that’s just speculation.

      • I thought the kiss seemed awkward because of the height differential and Lexi’s baby face. She looks all of 15 but she’s a grown ass woman. I definitely also read those scenes as Parker trying to talk herself out of having feelings for Kristina. “I have a wife!”. Yes, Parker you have told Kristina like 3 or 4 times. Who are you trying to convince? I don’t think Kristina would have kissed her at all if she thought their relationship was completely one-sided.

        I hadn’t heard about Ashley Jones being pregnant. If so, that explains why that last scene seemed final. I hope we get to see her again simply because I love her as an actress. But I don’t object to Kristina getting a new love interest. I would be down with that as long as they don’t drop this story completely.

        They are probably going to focus on Kristina coming out to her parents in the coming weeks/months. Right now, I think she is assuming that her parents are going to have a very bad reaction to that and I don’t think she is giving them enough credit. I have watched the Sonny and Alexis characters for many years and if the writers attempt to have those characters act OOC for the sake of making them homophobic I’m going to be pissed because it is just not who they are IMO. Sonny has a gay brother in law. If he looses his mind over this Carly will get in his ass and he will never hear the end of it. As for Alexis, I just don’t see her being angry about her daughter being in love with a woman. The trading sex for a grade thing? Yes, but she already knows about that now. I also don’t see Kristina’s siblings freaking out about this. Molly already supports her. I’m sure Sam, Michael and Morgan will do the same.

        • After filming this week’s episodes, Ashley Jones took a “dressing room selfie” and she posted it (and a corresponding blog post) as it aired. She filmed her scenes at 29 weeks and would be 32 weeks by now, so I doubt we’ll see her on-screen for a long while, if at all. That’s disappointing, of course, because I really do like Ashley Jones–something about her just grabs you instantly–and I think she brings the necessary gravitas to the role.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if neither Alexis nor Sonny had a problem with Kristina’s new interest in women–hell, given Krissy’s history with men, they might be grateful–but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did. A lot of people are fine with other people’s kids being gay but not with their own because it forces them to let go of all the dreams they had for their child. It’s too bad that Ashley’s (probably) not staying…I would have loved to see scenes between her and Maurice Bernard where he accused her of manipulating an impressionable young girl. They would’ve been epic.

          Sigh….so much potential….wasted…

  6. I watch Rosewood because of Pippy and TMI. I suspect most people watch it for other reasons, and I kind of like that in order to see the shirtless mancandy of the main character, you are asked to sit through a crash course in how bad it is to be unappreciative of and/or mean to your lesbian daughter and how every good person on the show is all-in on loving and supporting and understanding and being wise about and deeply cool with the lesbian couple in their midst.

    The story of their love is itself kind of a cliche about how sad it is to be rejected by stupid family, and how nice it is to be loved and treated decently the way everyone else expects. But it’s still nice that this is inserted into an otherwise fairly trashy mainstream show, instead of it being relegated to a PBS documentary, or somewhere you can only even find it if you are already neck deep in obscure lesbian dramas made by self-funded dykes working out of our basements, or by some other poorly funded, minimally distributed outlet.

    If only they were happy, and had other things to do besides perfunctory autopsy assistance and bad in-law lamentation, it could become more than a PSA. I would love to see them be real characters who solve crimes or have adventures, as well. Maybe that can actually happen next season, after they get the TMI’s Family Psucks drama out of the way.

  7. I have to check myself a bit when it comes to Kepner and Jackson–first, because I don’t like April and second, because I really like Jesse Williams (and Jackson too, but mostly Jesse)–so that I’m being fair rather than exhibiting confirmation bias. As such, I’ll have to go back and watch that final scene with Kepner and Jackson because I heard something different than everyone else seems to have heard.

    For what it’s worth, though: April had an abortion. Is it the worst thing you could say to someone with April’s convictions? Maybe, but she actually had one already–an induced abortion at 24 weeks–so it seems hypocritical to be offended by the notion now.

    After the extraction, she and Avery held their baby as he died. It seemed to me that Avery was saying that he didn’t want to go through that again…that he’d rather her have a first trimester abortion. It was a clumsy scene, to be sure..Avery seemed sure that the new baby bore the same genetic disease but there’s been no confirmation of that…but it didn’t strike me as offensive as everyone else seems to have found it.

    Also? I suppose I’m weary about Avery being couched in this language of “livid and mean” or bordering on abusive…first, because it plays into a harmful trope and second, it feels like it invalidates what are legitimate feelings. She lied to him, for weeks…he should be mad.

    • For what its worth, it’s not that I don’t think Jackson has a right to be angry- he for sure does. Not only did April lie to him for weeks, but she once again didn’t consider his feelings in her decisions (showing she still hasn’t learned lessons from the dissolution of their marriage) AND she’s putting the health of their baby at risk by refusing prenatal care. So there is a lot of reasons for his legitimate anger.

      That said, I felt like his reactions went to an extreme that went beyond anger. It’s one thing to say “April, you are once again not thinking about my grief and role as a parent” or “April, you lied” or even “April, you keep making unilateral decisions about a future that effects both of us”. It’s a whole OTHER thing to say “If you want to play martyr, then fine! Go it alone!” or to imply that the reason April didn’t want to say something is because she wanted to “trap him” by getting past the abortion cut off. The implication was particularly gross to me because, while April is selfish, she has never been written as manipulative. She never would have gotten an abortion, but she also never would have intentionally “trapped” Jackson.

      We’ve also never seen Jackson have a violent outburst before. So that was hard to watch.

      I think that April and Jackson are both hurting and as a result should be allowed a little time to be out of character, but he seemed to unfortunately take the brunt of what felt like some bad writing.

      EXAMPLE: The conversation between Jackson and Webber. That a black man would be damaged by or somehow afraid of fatherhood because his own father abandoned him was not only a shallow stereotype, it doesn’t fit into anything we know about Jackson’s character thus far. It’s also a sloppily applied stereotype because Jackson’s father is white- so he doesn’t quite fit the “abandoned father by my father” black adult child trope that I feel like Webber was invoke. Which isn’t to say that white parents don’t also leave children. Just that this black man- to- black man scene seemed to have dialogue doesn’t fit what we know of Jackson and his situation. Jackson didn’t have fears of fatherhood because he was once abandoned. During April’s last pregnancy, he was the one who had Mama Kepnar come and he was the one who wanted learn everything about child care. The whole thing was sloppy.

      So I’m willing to write the majority of his actions off as indicative of bad writing choices, depending on what happens next week.

  8. Amelia’s poor little face as she left the trailer though- she looked like a puppy who had been kicked. She needs a decent love interest stat. Or to be friends with Meredith again.

  9. It doesn’t make any sense that Arizona would spill the beans on Kepner’s pregnancy. This is a smart, grown ass woman, a doctor. It’s not realistic that she would demonstrate such poor judgement.

    I am SO OVER Kepner & Avery fighting. Please move to opposite sides of the country. No more. I had to suffer through a full episode rehashing their relationship and it feels like its never gonna end.

    Karev was really sweet in this episode. I love the friendship between him & Mere.

  10. Oh, forgot to say TMI and Pippy are so fucking cute and I’m glad they are getting more to do in the later half of this season. I think they have had more lines in these past 3 episodes(separately and together) then they have had all season. And this episode answered a few concerns I’ve had about their relationship. Particularly Pippy’s tendency to exclude TMI from pertinent information. The writers also do a lot of telling us how much Pippy and TMI love each other when they converse with other characters instead of actually showing us when they are together. This episode made up for that.

    • I agree with all of this! I’m also happy that they are still alive. Which seems shallow, but given the year that Lesbians on TV are having, is still important and worth mentioning.

      When Pippy helped Rosie solve the murder of the homeless teen a few weeks ago, I was happy to see that the actress can handle a more “meaty” role. I hope that means that they will write more for her and TMI in the future. They are great when they are allowed beyond the desk.

  11. Ugh, I suppose if you guys recapped The 100 I’d at least read that if only to know how the season finishes out. But that’s as much attention as I’m giving that damn show. I’m still so pissed.

  12. As to the 100: Yes, it hit us hard. Yes, it did us wrong.
    But it’s still that network show with an openly bisexual lead.
    And all the yays for bi representation and that having a space on this site!
    I just wanted to throw that out there as a point for discussion,when it comes to including the show in this column.
    On another note: Have a great vacation,Heather!

    • This is an important point. And I want to know what they do with Clarke without having to either watch or read recaps elsewhere.

    • What they are doing with Clarke concerns me to be honest and given how they’ve handled other aspects of the show I no longer have any faith in what the writers are going to do with her going forward.

      Clarke is constantly made to suffer. Her and Raven are in constant competition over who is quickly becoming the Sansa Stark of this show. She’s lost every person she has ever loved except for her mother and if they take Abby away from her I’m going to hunt Jason Rothenberg down. What else are they going to put Clarke through?

      I’m also hearing some disturbing things about what’s going on at Wondercon right now. Getting caught hiring plants to ask them positive questions about Bellarke for example. And planning to shut off mics of anyone who asks anything negative about Lexa’s death. SMH. It’s a shitshow over at The 100 right now. When some of your own writers and cast won’t stick up for you, something is really rotten in the state of Denmark.

  13. Last week, I mentioned the new show premiering on The Audience Network, “You Me Her.” Since, literally, no one on the internet seems to be recapping this show, I’ll try my hand at it…

    So, SPOILER ALERT, my storybook recap of the “You Me Her” premiere:

    Jack loves Emma.

    Emma loves Jack.

    Jack and Emma buy a house in a family neighborhood, in hopes of having kids of their own.

    Their hopes are dashed, repeatedly, leaving Jack and Emma in a funk.

    Jack’s brother convinces Jack to seek comfort in the arms of an escort.

    That’s how Jack meets Izzy.

    Jack pays Izzy for sex.

    Jack and Izzy never actually have sex, though, spending most of their time chatting over beers.

    Jack gets a little drunk.

    Jack likes Izzy.

    Jack and Izzy make out feverishly before a call from Emma dissuades Jack from taking it further.

    Jack goes home and confesses to Emma.

    Emma is not amused.

    Emma (or “Lola”) hires Izzy, interested in learning why her husband is so smitten with this other woman.

    Emma is Izzy’s first same-sex call.

    Much to her chagrin, Emma likes Izzy.

    Izzy really likes Emma.

    Izzy likes Emma so much she gives her a footjob under the table at the pub where they meet.

    Emma rushes to the bathroom to collect herself and Izzy follows.

    Emma reveals her identity to Izzy and leaves.

    Emma comes back, presses Izzy against the bathroom wall and they make out.

    Jack still loves Emma.

    Emma still loves Jack.

    They love each other on the kitchen floor.

    In their post-coital bliss, Jack tells Emma he said goodbye to Izzy.

    Emma tells Jack she said hello to Izzy. In the biblical sense.

    And that it’s not the first time…or second time…that Emma’s been intimate with a woman.

    A few overall thoughts about the show:

    – Jack likes Izzy and Emma likes Izzy but there’s not much time spent explaining why. Without that exposition, how you feel about the first episode depends almost entirely on how you feel about Priscilla Faia (Izzy). Having watched and liked Faia on “Rookie Blue,” it was easier for me to feel charmed by Faia than it might before other viewers.

    – This is about polyamorous relationships in the same way that the first shows featuring lesbians were about lesbians…which is to say, it’s groundbreaking in the least “offensive” way possible. The show’s very white, set in suburban Portland, and the couple and their issues are imminently relatable, making it palatable to broader audience.

    – So far, my biggest misgiving about the show is that the relationship seems unbalanced. Izzy with Jack was fine but Izzy with Emma was electric. At first, I thought it was a little confirmation bias (of course I want the girls together), but the show’s publicity stills feature Izzy and Emma drawn to each other, with Jack as the third wheel. In the show’s trailer, Izzy’s roommate accuses her of falling in love with a married woman. Maybe it betrays my lack of knowledge about polyamorous relationships, but it seems like it should be a little more balanced.


    New episodes of “You Me Her” are on the Audience Network, Tuesdays at 9PM.

    • I had been meaning to watch this show precisely because I liked Faia on Rookie Blue and wanted to see her in own series. I completely forget when it was supposed to come on but it looks like the premiere is still available On Demand so I will check it out tonight after I watch Walking Dead.

    • I finally watched this. I often find things on DirecTV that no one else has seen and it’s always frustrating that there’s no one else to talk about it with, so thanks for bringing this up!

      Weirdly, Greg Poehler (who plays Jack) was married to a blonde character names Emma on “Welcome to Sweden” and he and this show’s Emma are acting with almost identical affect, so it was in my head the whole time that maybe I’m supposed to think of this show as an extension of that one, and it kept distracting me.

      I had mixed feelings about the first episode. I am going to wait and see where it goes before I decide for sure what I think about it.

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