Boob(s On Your) Tube: Checking in on Hen Wilson’s Glasses and Sara Lance’s Ponytail

It was such a week for TV! The new season of Jessica Jones landed and Valerie Anne wrote about that. She also had some feelings about Petra’s bisexuality manifesting IRL on Jane the Virgin. Now that Riverdale giveth the bisexuals, Kayla giveth the recaps. Carmen brought you another brilliant, heartfelt Black Lighting recap. Carmen’s working on a standalone piece about The Fosters’ season finale (are Stef and Lena getting their own spin-off?) And Natalie’s glued to Women’s March Madness with you.

On this Sunday night’s Madam Secretary, Sara Ramirez’s Kat Sandoval will be coming out as bisexual and Carmen will be writing about that!

Most of the rest of what happened on TV this week just fits into our Quick Hits section, so that’s what we’ve got for you today. If we missed anything, hit us up in the comments and let us know!

9-1-1 109: “Trapped”

Shonda Rhimes has built an entire empire around the idea that people excel in their professional lives to escape the messiness of their personal lives, but when the person overcompensating is a first responder — thrust into situations that are inherently dangerous — those actions become a bit more fraught. Throwing yourself into your work when you’re doing medical research is one thing, throwing yourself into your work when you’re rushing to save someone from a garbage compactor is an entirely different thing.

Thankfully, though, Hen finally stops putting her own life in jeopardy and goes directly to the source of her troubles: Eva. Hen’s ex readily admits that her custody case isn’t about her son, it’s about Hen and getting her back. Hen shatters the fantasy that Eva’s concocted by reminding her that they were once together and Hen wasn’t enough for her. Hen refuses to go down that path again. Eva’s assurances that prison changed her are met with disbelief and a promise that Hen will never let Eva near Denny again. — Natalie

Legends of Tomorrow 314: “Amazing Grace”

Ava wasn’t in this week’s episode, but I wanted to come here to report that Sara Lance’s ponytail game was really strong and I wanted you to have this gif my friend Nic made. Also I wanted to let you know that I’m a little stressed out about next week because there’s a Death Totem on the Waverider and I know Sara’s conquered death like five times over but I’d still rather not push it, you know? I know cats have nine lives, but how many lives do Canaries have? Also the description of Episode 16 says that dreaded phrase again — “the truth about Ava” — and I’M SCARED. Okay that’s all thanks for listening. — Valerie Anne

Lucifer 317: “Let Pinhead Sing”

Okay so listen, I know I’ve talked about Lucifer before, because I love this show, and I love Lauren German, and I love that Maze and Lucifer are both bisexual…but last week I had to tell you about the whole body-snatcher situation, and now this week I’m here to tell you that the villain-of-the-week was a woman who was secretly in love with her pop star best friend to the point of doing murders for her and…I’m…I’m starting to wonder if maybe Lucifer doesn’t know what they’re doing re: LGBTQ+ representation. And I’m surprised! Lauren German played lesbian firefighter Leslie Shay and her and Lesley Ann Brandt have always been very publicly supportive of the community…I don’t know what’s happening. I do believe their heart is in the right place. I just think their execution is missing the mark a little. Because while Jillian Rose Reed delivered a great speech about being in love with her best friend and wanting her all to herself…I’m not sure the show has earned a serial killer lesbian subplot yet. — Valerie Anne

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  1. I’m so glad they moved swiftly after Hen cheating to the confrontation and then the clean break from the ex. I hope this doesn’t mean they abandon her personal life, of course, but I was worried they would drag out the secret/affair and Hen is way too awesome to muck around in all that (and Aisha Hinds is a goddess).

    • I agree on all fronts!!

      Also, you guys, I have such a crush on Aisha Hinds!! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

      (Also Also: I want her glasses.)

  2. Will we be getting any recaps of The Good Fight this season, either as individual articles like last season or as part of Boobs on Your Tube? I really enjoyed reading Dorothy Snarker’s recaps of the show last year, and I’m missing them a lot this season!

  3. If cats eat canaries does that mean that the canary is what gives the cat its immune system to have 9 lives so maybe a canary also had 9,12,18 lives?

  4. Pretty sure the Lucifer writers room has NO idea about LGBTQ+ representation.

    Yes, Lucifer and Maze are characters we’re supposed to like, who are bisexual, but all LGBTQ+ characters on the show have been either amoral (and their bisexuality used to show it, and then disappearing) or immoral. The exception being an unnamed security guard on screen for 20 seconds and any woman Maze has made to suffer temporary bisexual insanity with her overpowering sexuality that’s akin to Lucifer’s desires mojo.

    It looks good, though, if you only do the numbers and don’t think about context.

    Same with female representation. Lots of named female recurring characters, and the women are educated and important. It looks good. Then you realise that Lucifer has stupid insecure dominance posturing shit going on with every new (and many long-standing) character so having him basically only interact with women is the only way to make him look charming instead of like a total asshole.

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