“Batwoman” Episode 312 Recap: Wildmoore Is Officially a Thing!

Soph calls out Jada for not mentioning that Babs is part of the Black Glove Society. Jada doesn’t want to involve Ryan in this, which will surely end up being just fine. Jada gets picked up in a very shiny Rolls Royce, but almost immediately, another very shiny Rolls Royce pulls up to do the same thing. Sophie realizes someone kidnapped Jada in front of her eyes, and runs after the first car.

Sophie running down an alley

“She’s a runner, she’s a track star…”

Meanwhile, Mary is at the door of a house we’ve never seen and oh no. It’s the family of the guy she killed. She tells them she has information about his death and no no no Mary, this isn’t the way!

Down in Joker’s workshop, Kiki is hard at work as Alice starts to approach, twirling her butterfly knife. In a very un-Alice-like move, she accidentally drops the knife when Hallucination Mouse comes up behind her and starts taunting her. These hallucinations are rude AF, I swear. Like, I get it. Alice killed them. But give a girl a break! Alice yells at Hallucination Mouse to fuck off, and proceeds to attack Kiki from behind.

Alice smiling expectedly

“Please be Jason Momoa, please be Jason Momoa.”

Back at The Hold Up, Ryan, Luke, and Sophie realize that the car switcheroo was a targeted attack on Jada. Luke barely noticed when Mary spent the night in the park, but apparently he clocked Sophie’s repeat outfit right away. Ryan jumps in and says Sophie was helping her the night before and didn’t have a chance to go home and change. SOPHIE’S SAD FACE, Y’ALL. Ugh, she just wants Ryan to claim her on the TL for the world to see! Anyway, someone bought a decoy car on Wayne Enterprises dime, so Sophie and Ryan head off to investigate what Marquis is up to.

Meanwhile, Alice threatens Kiki if she doesn’t make another joy buzzer for. Alice isn’t the first “crazy blonde” Kiki’s dealt with though, and like, my kingdom for an Alice/Harley interaction in some DC property. I genuinely don’t care which one. Just give me Rachel and Margot together, please and thank you. Alice doesn’t have a chance to plead her case to Kiki, because Marquis arrives and shoots her before taking the buzzer from her pocket.

Alice gasps at meeting Marquis

“Wow, you’re nuttier than I am!”

This is the first time Alice and Marquis are in the same room, and I have almost no notes written down for this scene because I was so enraptured by the two of them. Marquis plays to Alice’s ego by calling her a legend before hitting her with some laughing gas. I saw a tweet that said something about how Wildmoore isn’t the only good thing about this show, and reader, I concur. Every single character hits. Every single storyline hits. Every single pairing hits. It is not easy to do right by such an important relationship while also telling a comics-worthy story based on existing IP, while also developing truly complex antagonists we love to watch, while also infusing comedy and emotions into tense situations. And yet, the Batwoman writers keep asking us to hold their beer.

Alice comes to in an unfamiliar room, and sees Marquis holding court over several Black Glove Society members dressed in robes and tied to chairs. It’s giving secret society; it’s giving Lovecraft Country; it’s giving Runaways. The guests of honor are Barbara Kean, Burton Crowne, Jeremiah Arkham, Mario Falcone, and of course, Jada Jet. Marquis promises to kill them all at this “final ceremony” and even Alice is like, “this dude is wildin’.”

Alice looking cautiously at Marquis

“Like…wayyyy nuttier than I am.”

Marquis gives us all a little exposition history lesson about the transgressions of each member of the BGs. He brings out a wheel o’ death and confronts Babs about how she tried to “fix” her son by pumping him full of experimental drugs. Marquis returns the favor and does the same to Barbara. As this is happening, Alice looks on while still hallucinating Mouse. He tells her that she doesn’t deserve the buzzer; why should she get a do-over? Alice says the quiet part out loud by acknowledging the confusion that her own hallucination would say she doesn’t deserve this. Could it be, my dear Alice, that you don’t think you deserve it? She takes a swing and obviously misses on account of Mouse not actually being there. It would be hilarious if it didn’t break my damn heart.

Back at Mary’s victim’s house, she starts to tell the family she knows who killed their husband and father. His wife doesn’t let Mary get far before revealing that she already knows who killed him; it was Alice. The look on Mary’s face as she realizes Alice took the fall for her nearly took me out. So much for “you’re not my sister, huh?

Mary shocked to find out Alice took the blame.

When you realize that maybe therapy is the best choice.

On a completely different note, I’m obsessed with the fact that the Batmobile has become the official vehicle of Lesbian Processing. Ryan looks over at Sophie and can practically see the wheels turning in her head. So instead of deflecting or making a joke, Ryan apologizes for freezing when Luke questioned Sophie’s outfit. Sophie accuses Ryan of hiding their relationship, but Ryan insists that it’s just none of Luke’s business. Look, she may not immediately own up to hiding, but she knows she messed up and at least takes the step to apologize. I’m taking this as a Ryan “I don’t talk about my feelings” Wilder win.

Sophie in the passenger seat while Ryan drives the batmobile

This is giving “we gon’ talk about this whether you like it or not” and I’m here for it.

Back with the BGs, Marquis continues his murder spree. Jada begs him to stop and he threatens to freeze her like she did to him. Before he can follow through on his threat, Alice tackles him and the two fight over the joy buzzer. Marquis offers Alice the role of the Harley to his Joker, but Alice claims he has it backwards and besides, they’re different kinds of crazy. But are they?

And this is where the writers really flexed on us. Marquis recounts the day that Joker ambushed his school bus and buzzed brave little Marquis. Joker commandeered the bus and tried to drive away from Batman, who was trailing them. But you see, there was a too slow car in the way, so Joker rammed that car into a bridge guardrail. The very same car that young Beth and Kate Kane were in before it plunged into the water. My friends and I often talk about how rare it is for us to “get got” by TV, mostly because we watch so much of it. But I was really and truly gagged by this reveal. They took an established event we’ve seen from many different angles throughout the series, and seamlessly connected it to new characters they introduced. Like, it makes so much sense??? I’m still floored.

Alice looking into the middle distance

“These writers…are they geniuses?”

After Marquis threatens to hit Jada with the joy buzzer’s last charge, Alice offers him something the Joker could only wish he had, in exchange for giving him the buzzer.

Whatever that thing is, it’s enough for Marquis to relinquish his toy, because Alice has the buzzer and her freedom, but Sophie confronts her before she can use it.

Back inside, Ryan shows up to save Jada, and demands that she leaves before she gets hurt.

Sophie has Alice at gunpoint and reiterates that they need the buzzer for Marquis. Alice scoffs at Sophie for doing anything for the woman who basically turned Jordan into Olaf (LOLOL), and manages to wrest Sophie’s gun from her. I trust these writers so much, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous when Alice pointed that gun at Sophie. Batwing shows up and knocks the buzzer from Alice’s hand before she can use it. He and Sophie cuff Alice as she sobs and pleads with Sophie not to send her back to Arkham. Give Alice an option other than Arkham WHEN.

Sophie with her hands up

“What is it with you Kane siblings and clowning me?”

Meanwhile, somehow Babs is still alive after being gassed by Marquis, who immediately tackles Ryan. The two argue, and Ryan takes off the Bat Hat to confront him. Just so we’re clear…Barbara Kean is STILL ALIVE and in the room, and Ryan has accidentally revealed herself to yet another person. Somewhere, Kara Zor-El is SCREAMING.

“What do you mean my identity is supposed to be a secret?”

Ryan tells Marquis that she used to be jealous of him because he had everything and believed he could be anyone. But one thing Ryan has that he doesn’t, is hope. That’s wrong too though, because Marquis shoots her point blank and hopes it doesn’t kill her so he can use the freeze serum on his sister. I know the suit is bulletproof, but I still gasped. Jada appears, renounces Marquis as her son, and shoots the freeze serum out of his hand. Ryan told her mother to run, but Jada promises she’ll never do that to her again. And like, I just need to know who threw in the “baby girl” to the dialogue. Was it you, Daphne? My Wynonna Earp heart is still fragile and that one HURT.

Jada holding ryan's face while ryan looks sad

“Baby girl.”

Back at the loft, Wildmoore is chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool (literally, because Sophie brings Ryan some ice. GET IT?!). Ahem. Sophie gets right to it and tells Ryan that she’s never been in an out relationship with a girl before, and as soon as Ryan realizes they’re about to DTR, she smiles the biggest smile we’ve seen on her since…well since the night before, but you get my point. Soph’s body language is so vulnerable as she continues that she’s never introduced any women to her mom or sister, and she’s terrified that once she gets the courage to do that, what if her person doesn’t want the same thing?

Ryan smiling at Sophie


I can’t help but think about season 1 Sophie Moore who was closeted with a whole husband and a secret past with Kate we only saw via flashback. The same Sophie Moore whose mother told her how disappointed she was when she came out. The Sophie Moore who gave Kate Kane her whole heart and got a kiss and a goodbye in return. The Sophie Moore who was so loyal to a broken system, she could barely see what was right in front of her. I wonder if Season 1 Crowphie would even recognize this woman who’s allowed herself to fall in love with Ryan Wilder. Because this Sophie Moore sits here baring her heart to the woman she loves despite every single fear she has telling her to do the opposite.

And what does she get in return? This time, she gets her feelings validated. This time, the person she’s opened herself up to sees her and tells her that yeah, she was right; Ryan was hiding, but not from their relationship. She was hiding from her own fears. When I say this relationship feels earned, this is what I mean. These two have grown separately, together, and separately again. We get to watch two Black lesbian characters be open and vulnerable with each other in ways they haven’t been, because they feel safe.

There’s a very cute moment where Sophie reminds Ryan what happened when she met Jada for the first time, and she does a little snort. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize this was a reference to Professor Pyg, and when I tell you I laughed even HARDER. Sophie rambles on, anxious about what will happen when Ryan meets her mom, and it’s Ryan’s turn for the “shut up” kiss. She smiles into it and Sophie visibly relaxes. I just…I love them so much. That’s it, I’m emotional. That’s all I got.

Sophie and Ryan kissing

“Shut up and kiss me.” Part deux.

Mary and Luke come in to ask what they’re going to do about Marquis, but they don’t get far before Mary calls out Sophie’s outfit. It takes Mary all of 3 seconds to deduce that WILDMOORE IS REAL and the journey that Nicole Kang goes on here. She embodies every single Wildmoore stan out there. The squeals! The disbelief! The manic laughter from not knowing how to feel something good! Luke is still clueless until Mary spells it out for him and Ryan confirms that in case anyone wasn’t sure…they are OFFICIALLY A THING!! Ugh! We knew, but the way Sophie and Ryan keep stealing smiles at each other, and confirming their relationship to their friends?! WE DESERVE THIS, OKAY!!!

Sophie smiling at Ryan


Back at Arkham, Alice gets thrown into a cell with Mouse and Ocean still haunting her brain. She turns around to slap them, but gets Mary instead, and she’s actually there. Alice begs Mary to get her out, but Mary is there to thank her for taking the fall for killing the guy in the woods. She apologizes for their fight, and acknowledges that Alice is trying. Alice apologizes right back, but it seems to be for something new. Mary asks what Alice did, and we don’t have to wait too long to find out.

Marquis knows exactly how to get into the Batcave and he now has every single Bat weapon at his disposal. Which will definitely be fine. Yup. The inclusion of the Joker smile on the Bat logo is probably just a misdirect…mmhmm!

Somehow next week is already the season finale?? I’m not ready to say goodbye to this show for the season, let alone forever, so if anyone even remotely responsible for these decisions has found this recap…could you maybe pretty please renew Batwoman? I’m just a recapper and I don’t speak for the fandom in any way, but I’m pretty comfortable saying that this representation matters and is so important to so many people.

As always, I’m looking forward to seeing your comments and thoughts on this massive episode! See you next week!

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  1. The fact that THAT was the penultimate episode really means that the finale is gonna have us shaking. The plot was so good, and Rachel Skarsten (once again) knocked it out of the park. The whole opening act was so intense and sad, and once again the writers made me really care for Alice’s journey. I felt so devastated at the end when Alice was once again locked away in Arkham. Her sobs as Sophie arrested her 😩 I know people be hating, but her journey is fascinating and they’re taking their time to put in the groundwork for us to understand and believe wherever she ends up.

    And I have some critiques of Mary. Yes, I do think Alice took advantage and manipulated the situation a bit, but also I think Mary wanted to do many of the things they did – of her own volition. The relationship was not healthy, but Mary *is* responsible for killing that man, however unintentional that fling to death may have been. I mean, she put Alice to sleep before any of that happened. I am enjoying watching Mary grapple with this truth. It’s a tough thing to accept, obviously.

    The Marquis/Alice connection was well-done. They actually had a clue to this connection in an earlier episode (I think, the Professor Pyg one) and some fans picked up on it, but seeing it all laid out like that? Very satisfying.

    The Wildmoore was definitely juicy! We were all Mary at the end. After a whole episode of them working thru what being in a relationship meant for them, it was such a joy to see another kiss (although the CW lighting budget disappeared again!!) and see everyone so happy. <3333 I love them.

    Thanks for a great recap as always.

  2. Just commenting on my favorite recap series atm….peeped the live tweeting too!

    Good catch on the Renee thing, i completely forgot there was a coffee issue there.

    That thing Javicia does with her eyes when shes letting you in is subtle yet powerful asf

  3. This episode was kind of a miss for me. 2.5/5 stars.

    Wildmoore this episode:
    I’m not sure why but the dynamic between Ryan & Sophie is starting to feel forced? We get the batwoman has trust issues etc. and Sophie is still there every time to be patient and kind and reassure her. Well that scene on the couch was just a repeat of what’s been happening for the past 3 episodes summarized with the “shut up” kiss trope. I desperately want to see more of Sophie’s family. Is Jordan still frozen? Bring her back lol.

    Alice was the best thing in this episode. Rachel did a great job portraying Alice and her inner demons. I don’t like Marcus as the joker, but I do like the dynamic of Alice and Marcus being villains together. Mary needs to take accountability for her actions. A lot of what she did was based on her own feelings. Alice only supported what you wanted to do. Maybe I’m biased towards Alice? lol. I was so glad that Alice did not kiss Mary. Why are people rooting for that?

    Also Robin Givens does a fantastic job as Jada Jett! She needs more scenes. I can’t wait to see the dynamic of Sophie and Ryan’s families as they become closer. Also who is Ryan’s daddy?

  4. I was a lil irked that Alice put a flower on Beth’s grave. There is so little jewish representation and it would have been nice to see her do the jewish tradition of putting pebbles on headstones…

  5. THANK YOU for this. If we don’t get a renewal I will perish.

    The Wildmoore end scene has me in a chokehold. No one told Javicia to look at Sophie like that the ENTIRE scene. And finally our girl Sophie is getting to love and be loved, it is doing things to my heart! (As does Meagan’s flawless self).

    Rachel as Alice is phenomenal per usual.

  6. Everything about this episode was incredible. A round of applause all around!

    I was thinking that this is one show where the character work is incredibly solid. The Mary/Alice dynamic keeps going new places and the evolution keeps on making SENSE from each of their perspectives. Just so much sense. I never feel like anything any of the characters say is out-of-character. How do you do it, Batwoman writers, how?!

    Also, seeing the row of Alice’s outfits hanging in the subway car reminded me that I would pay good money to read a “Steal Her Look” AS post for Alice. Pretty pretty please someone write this! 🙏🏼

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