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LIFE is what happened. Life is what I realized was happening; whilst I was busy making plans. After heartbreak, losses, wins, gains, death, rebirth and a lot of redemption, I was born again & opened to LIFE no sooner than the moment that I remembered to always be grateful for it. Shit changed. I changed. The scenery and background characters even changed. I stopped. Became still. Started just being; being love, being peace...Releasing any negativity or false Agreements about myself that I or others created & allowing myself the time & space to learn who I really am, what I Love (and also to love and accept myself- in the process). After dusting off my shoulders, and a few composition books...finding my handy dandy number 2 pencil andddd finally logging back in to WordPress: I Am Here. Here I am. Present. Tricky, but I'm staying in my magick, baby.

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