Audiostraddle Weekly: Video Premieres Galore & Free MixTapes


Arcade Fire debuted two new songs from their upcoming record, The Suburbs, which comes out this August. “Month of May” and “Suburbs” have now leaked all over the internet, but you can hear the official debut versions at NPR Music. Following Funeral and Neon Bible, Arcade Fire have a lot to live up to. What do you think of the new songs? Let us know in the comments!


Last Tuesday, The New York Times published an unflattering feature on M.I.A. by journalist Lynn Hirschberg and M.I.A. has responded accordingly. She posted Hirschberg’s cell phone number on Twitter and put up sound clips of the original interview on her blog to expose the apparent liberties Hirschberg took in her piece. Or as M.I.A. calls it, “the truff” (that’s “truth,” people).

While she was cleaning up her reputation, M.I.A. decided to post a new song, too. It’s called “I’m A Singer” and continues with her hard-hitting political themes. Lesson learned? Don’t mess with M.I.A.


DJ/producer duo Major Lazer has teamed up with English electropop duo La Roux for a mix tape, which they have released as a free download at Mad Decent. It’s good summer fun with collaborations Gucci Mane, Drake, and more! You can download Lazerproof at the Mad Decent website by entering your name, email address, and zip code.


A new song from Kanye West leaked on Friday. It’s called “Power,” and it’s the first we’ve heard from the rapper/producer in a while. “Power” samples “21st Century Schizoid Man” from prog rockers King Crimson. The song includes some jabs at Saturday Night Live for making fun of his Taylor Swift debacle and addresses his reported drinking problem. You can read more about Kanye’s new song at and hear “Power” on YouTube.


Billboard sat down for a Q&A with Janelle Monae about “the inspiration for her unique personal style, the futuristic concepts behind “Archandroid” and previous album “Metropolis,” and the importance of both recording and live performance.” Also Jezebel thinks her new album should have a lot more hype around it.

New Music Videos:

RIHANNA: In case you missed it, Rihanna’s video for “Te Amo” popped up on the internet last week. Check out Rachel’s lesbosexy summary of its reactions from around the web and watch it below:

JOSH RITTER: Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter also debuted a video for “The Curse.” It’s a tragic love story between a mummy and the archaeologist that discovers him. The video was created by drummer/puppeteer Liam Hurley, and I must say, it’s beautiful companion to a beautifully written song. Also, I’m a sap. Read some words about the video from Liam Hurley at NPR, and watch the video below:

BIG BOI: Big Boi, one half of Outkast, debuted his video for “Shutterbug” on WorldStarHipHop. It features Tron-like dancers, a sneaker mountain, Muppets, a wall of solo cups, a technicolor Rolls Royce, and a decapitate Big Boi. What’s not to like?

VAMPIRE WEEKEND: Indie rockers Vampire Weekend poke fun at themselves (and their critics) in their new video for “Holiday.” In it, they don powdered wigs and do as the rich do: play golf, hit the beach, and eat delicious food. Are you feeling the Vampire Weekend boys’ wit or did they miss the mark? Let us know in the comments.

LIL WAYNE: Before Lil Wayne headed to prison, he reportedly shot almost a dozen videos in three days. He debuted four of them on MTV this past weekend: “Runnin'” featuring Shanel, “Da Da Da” featuring !MAYDAY!, “Get A Life,” and “Knockout” featuring Nicki Minaj, which you can watch below. Is Lil’ Wayne a rapper? I know the answer is yes, but these sound like auto-tuned pop punk to me. See all four Lil’ Wayne videos here and watch “Knockout” featuring Nicki Minaj below:

KYLIE MINOGUE: Do you like naked people? Do you like naked people making out? Then watch Kylie Minogue’s new video for “All The Lovers.” It’s girls kissing boys, boys kissing boys, and our favorite, girls kissing girls. What an all inclusive mountain of lovers!

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  1. Is that Keri Hilson making a cameo in the Big Boi video as “girl with camera” ??

  2. Lot’s of goodies in Audiostraddland!

    -I kinda sorta like the Lil Wayne song, but I am more of alternative/pop/rock person anyway. Wayne is trying to complete what they use to call ‘crossing over.’ And I ain’t mad at him.

    -Oh Big Boi! I have always loved Outcast. There name says it all. They never fall into the norm. They are so different and talented! When everyone turns right they make a left and they are awesome for it!
    Also I just want to state that the chick in the blue swimsuit is the epitome of what the black community would call A Bad B!tch, 5 Star, Dime, etc. Just in case you need a reference.

    -And Kylie! Kylie Kylie Kylie you are SO beautiful! I am beginning to think that you can do no wrong. You are pop Queen regardless if America knows it or not. Like someone said ‘I don’t know how Kylie does it: She’s never been exactly cutting edge, but she has always managed to sound completely of the moment while maintaining a classic aura.’

    Ppl think Gaga is pushing the gay agenda, advocating or represents gays but NO it is YOU. A video so simple, it could have been overtly sexual and raunchy, but you made it into a beautiful message about the power of love and the right to express it with whomever, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. Thank You!

  3. OMG THE LA ROUX + MAJOR LAZER MIX HAS MADE MY DAY. perhaps my summer.

    La Roux is English though. Cute lil English accent goin on there too :-P

  4. That Kylie song is growing on me, really like the euphoric vibe, reminds me a bit of He’s on the Phone by Saint Etienne.

    And who couldn’t love a mountain of semi-naked kissing people?

    Also, if my dad heard that a rapper has sampled King Crimson he’d prob have some kind of paroxysm.

  5. That Josh Ritter video is adorable. Thats probably my favourite track off his new album. He puts on a great live show too.

    • I loved it. I don’t think I’ve heard much else from him, though. Perhaps it’s time to remedy that.

      • Josh Ritter is great. Definitely worth checking out! I would start with the album ‘Animal Years.’

  6. Lil’ Wayne. No. No. No. I’m just really not feeling it. At all.
    Something about it just makes me feel weird.

    • I bought Rebirth because I didn’t mind the sound of “Prom Queen” or “Drop the World”. It’s so different, but it’s pretty good. Lyrically it is still what I wanted and expected from him, there’s just more rock and roll, which is distracting me. He wants to cross over, and I want to let him I guess.

      I can definitely see how it may be disturbing to some though. I prefer his rap albums definitely.

      Can’t wait to see all these vids!

    • I love Lil’ Wayne in many ways, but somehow, everything he does (especially that video) makes me want to punch him right in the face.

  7. 1. Fuck you guys for making me like La Roux! Hateful!
    2. I am creaming my jeans ALL OVER this amazeballs mixtape. ARGH.

  8. Audiostraddle, how I love thee!

    Quick thoughts:
    – Lil’ Wayne, listen to what brown bear said, just… no. Sounds too amateurish for my taste.

    – The members of Outkast are pretty close to being in my list of ppl who can do no wrong.

    – “The curse”: what an awesome video for an awesome song.

    – Vampire weekend… I’m sort of getting tired of indie rock (OMG, BLASPHEMY! But really, it’s kinda the same sound all the time) and I think that’s the reason why I find this song and their voices so annoying. I liked the video though.

  9. does lil wayne, uh, play the guitar? i am genuinely curious about this. also i love his cardigan, obvs.

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