Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Womanizer


It’s our 54th Autostraddle (not so) Anonymous Sex Toy Review! Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys.

This week, I tried out the Womanizer, sent to us by Good Vibrations.

  • Material: silicone head, ABS plastic body
  • Color: leopard print and black (comes in other colors)
  • Size: 6.5″ long, 2″ circumference
  • Price: $189
yes that is leopard print and a fake gemstone

yes that is leopard print and a fake gemstone

When I opened it, I looked at the Womanizer skeptically. It’s called the Womanizer, for one thing, which is gross for at least two reasons. Leopard print and an enormous plastic jewel are involved. It feels light to hold — not in a sporty way, but in a cheap way, especially to someone market trained to expect better sex toys to feel weightier for their size. It’s not waterproof. The contrast between the shiny parts of the toy and the matte parts of the toy feels weird and not good.

In short: I was prepared to be bored by it, and definitely not prepared to take it seriously.

Then it made me come in under a minute on the lowest setting. Five times in a row.

The Womanizer is not a regular vibrator. Instead, it uses something that feels like suction, with just a little vibration. There’s a little silicone head that sits over your clitoris, and when you turn it on it applies suction and vibrates just a little. I tend to play with new sex toys in my hands before putting them near other body parts, and against my palm the suction felt like almost nothing. Against my clit was another story. Even so, I would rate the suction on a scale of “lighter than a human would ever have patience for” to “medium, maybe.” If you enjoy oral of the type where someone is treating your clit like a lollipop they’re trying to pull off the stick then the Womanizer is probably not going to be for you.

I also found that the toy made the normal rules of my clit stop applying. I normally am too sensitive for direct clit stimulation, and use even targeted vibrators just sort of in the area instead of directly on my clit, but I had no sensitivity problems just letting the suction do its thing.

The manual advises that once the toy is in place not to move it, and that you can tell whether it’s in place by the sound, which I found to be the case — it’s way quieter when there’s a seal than when there isn’t. I normally like to interact a little more with my sex toys, by which I mean writhe around instead of laying totally perfectly still, and so having to lay totally perfectly still was a little frustrating. Trying to keep the Womanizer in place while using a dildo was a challenge, though a doable one, and I imagine using it during partner sex would be difficult for the same reason. (If you’re all about staying still, either because that’s just your jam or because you prefer to be tied up or ordered to not move, I can see this toy being excellent.)

It’s light, and after I got over reading the lightness as cheapness I enjoyed that I barely noticed holding it. Because the very end of the toy sits right over the clitoris, it also leaves room for toys or fingers or a strap-on or other action. The size did, however, interfere with the position I used it in — the body of the toy was too tall to allow for lying on my stomach, so I had to use it sitting up or lying on my back.

I’m still not a fan of the light water resistance that means I have to clean it with a damp cloth and can’t use it in the shower, the seams all over that make cleaning harder than it needs to be, the aesthetic, and the name. I’m grossed out by the fact that the manual calls the suction head the “treatment head,” because women’s sexuality is medicalized enough. I don’t love the equation of people with clitorises and any gender, or with extreme femininity. I don’t love that it probably wouldn’t work as well for people with larger clitorises. And I don’t love that the toy smelled just a little out of the box – it’s ABS and the cap is silicone, but it’s not listed anywhere as 100% medical silicone, and if it continues to smell after I’ve had it a little longer I will be concerned.

I like that it comes with a hard, if bulky, case for storage, and with an extra suction head (the head is removable for cleaning; I appreciate the extra for a quick switch between partners or in case I ever lose one of them). I also like the USB charger, something more and more toys seem to be moving toward and which I find way more convenient/compact than the multiple bulky charges of yesteryear. (The charge is supposed to last for 90 minutes, but there’s also a warning to not use the toy for more that 15 minutes at once.)

But most of all, I love that it’s a new idea, and how easily it makes me come. At $189, if you’re itching for the function and don’t care about the form, it’ll be absolutely worth it for you, but if you focus on aesthetics, it might be worth holding out for the next iteration.

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Ryan Yates

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  1. woahhhh! I really hope that this toy gets makeover, as it’s too gaudy for my aesthetic. It kinda seems like something a clueless older man would design, thinking “this is what women like! leopard print and big plastic jewels!” (which some people like, but on the website, all six designs seemed pretty terrible to me).

    It is exciting that it exists and is something new however. Not exciting that its called the “womanizer” ew ew ew ew ew ew ew.

  2. Honestly, this toy reminds me of the time I tried out one of those facial “pore cleansing” suction thingies on my clit. I was unimpressed, but the unit I used was very small. Now I’m curious.

    • I’ve never used one of those (in any way) but when I saw the womanizer that was my first thought after “LEOPARD PRINT.”

  3. It’s so pretty! This is my femme sensibilities speaking. I mean, leopard print forever is kind of my life. I have to admit the useless gem is over-the-top, even for my most sparkly femme side. I’d be into this, but I like tacky leopard print shiny things. It’s pretty silly as an overall “look.”

    It’s name makes me think of the Brittney song. Actually, it looks exactly like I would imagine a Brittney Spears-inspired vibe would look. They should have called it the Brittney. Less creepy.

    • The gem isn’t entirely useless; it’s how you control the intensity. (I’ve noticed that it sometimes takes pressing it at a few different angles to have that function actually work though.)

    • Listening to the Britney song again it kinda has a constant little buzz the whole song, or at least that is what is sounds like to me.
      Make of what you will of that.

  4. The womanizer can join the lelo pino in the “great toy, WORST marketing” club. I wish it had fewer members

  5. Wow, I was JUST contemplating buying this thing. Maybe I should take this post as a sign?

    My new sexual goal is multiple orgasms, and this toy seems to have a good track record for that.

    (Despite the fact that it’s hella gaudy).

  6. I love love love my womanizer. Stupidest name possible, but who cares about the name when this cute little think give you multiple Osssss. Very happpy with this purchase, bought it from and received it 2 days later

    • Me too! I enjoy mine thoroughly several times a day and it gives me the most instensw orgasms I’ve ever had 💯💦

  7. So glad this review included multiple ways people could find it useful or not useful, e.g. if you stay still and/or like to be bound :)

    Also, “the cap is silicone, but it’s not listed anywhere as 100% medical silicone,” = and even if it were, all those claims are easy to make, but not as easy to back up w/o actually testing the materials since these devices aren’t regulated by the FDA or anything.

    • If the toy is made in Germany, like this one, you cannot make false claims. If the label says 100% Silicone, then so it shall be.

    • Here in Europe they are CE tested and that includes safety and the presence of banned chemicals. We also have draconian laws that hit retailers or manufacturers that make reckless, negligent or fraudulent claims for their product so with other companies likely keen to shoot the Womanizer down the fact it hasn’t been taken off the market etc suggests strongly it complies with the law and is safe. I use mine at least twice nearly every day and haven’t turned green down there so don’t worry.

  8. I just saw this show up in my local Good Vibes and my skeptical face could only be explained the way you just did. I was getting concerned about quality control at such a great shop.

    Thanks for the totally helpful review. I’m interested now but still holding out for a less gaudy, sexist version.

  9. Hey, tahts a nice review for the womanizer. In my experience I think now I know why this toy is called “womanizer”.. You can get an orgasmus really fast, but its not like sex anyway. Its nice and like the toy but i prefer to use it in partner interaction. Some day ago I read about “fast food” orgasm, I guess it sounds a bit weird, but this is it! Its a fast, hard orgasm…not less and not more… I would recommend and I waiting for the next edition with better design ;)

  10. i don’t feel anything, doesn’t work at all on me, while I am a user of different other toys (like vibrating eggs).

    tried on different days, different situation. but made nothing. no arousal.

    • I bought this for my woman to use on her and she said the same. It did nothing for her at all. We have tried multiple times, different positions and angles, still nothing. I wish I can e-bay this to get some money back.

  11. I’ll try it again. I deal with some medical issues which had me genuinely wishing this would work. The suction aspect plus the mild pulse seemed like a potentially good idea. I have nerve damage/vulvodynia/pudendal nerve entrapment…also spinal issues at L3/L4. In any case, intercourse hurts…as does moving my hips or back. Something that required no movement and also no penetration seemed promising. So far…this ones a bust. I could just barely feel it…not enough to provoke a climax :-(

    I’m considering something called “the eros” and also something called “the kGoal.” Any advice or comments about those?

    • The Womanizer is effective and powerful but it isn’t the easiest or the most intuitive toy I have ever used and yes the first time I tried it it failed and I was left wondering what the fuss was about. I can give you a primer on its use but sorry, I don’t know the meaning of or the relevance of your medical issues so can’t say if these could be the reason the toy hasn’t been great for you.

      The womanizer is completely reliant on accurate placing, pressure to form a seal between the rim of its applicator and your flesh around the head of your clitoris and a steady hand:

      Placement has to have the head of your clitoris, with the hood retracted (if its a really generous fitting one that hides the head completely), right under the opening in the applicator. If you have a long and lose hood it should be pulled back to expose the head or sensations may not get to where they are needed.

      Once placed correctly the womanizer has to be pressed gently but firmly down so that your clit is in the hole in the applicator and the rim makes a seal around her. A smear of a water-based gloopy lube helps make the seal if you cant otherwise stop air leaking out.

      Once properly located you have to keep it completely still and on its designated spot throughout your play. Move it or lift it and air gets in and the sensation is lost. If you use vibrators you will be used to moving these around during play but if this is the case you need to avoid doing such with the Womanizer. Keeping your body still too is vital.

      I would add not to just switch the toy on and go straight for full speed. On the Womanizer speed is not strength as all speeds have the same amplitude of suction. No speed is just how quickly the toy sucks on you. There are delightful effects at slow speeds and very fast can be too much if you have not warmed up.

      Hope these ideas help, Following them gets me off in no time, maybe 90 seconds to two minutes, and no need to stop after 1, 2, 5 etc

    • I’ve only tried mine once, but with similar disappointing results. I don’t have nerve issues (I don’t think), but after reading the reply below this one, it may be a placement issue for me. When I used it, I felt *something* but it was like the “after orgasm feeling I have, when I only want to pull away from any stimulation. There is no buildup or anything at all similar to a regular orgasm for me. My clitoris does not show at any time, being covered by the hood, and it stubbornly refuses to show itself for any reason. I had a really hard time locating it with the toy’s head. Had to use a mirror, and even then it was a challenge. I did move it around after that though. I’ll experiment some more, because $200 is a lot to drop on a toy that doesn’t work.

      May I ask if you’ve ever tried the Eroscillator? Let me tell you, THAT was the best $270 I’ve ever spent in a sex toy. Regular vibes don’t work for me at all anymore. This thing oscillates. It works differently, I don’t understand how or why, but it WORKS for me. If you haven’t tried it, check it out!

  12. Well, the womanizer surely have surprised alot of a people. All the reviews I’ve read, seems to say the same – Cheap design, high price, high pleasure… :)

    • Nearly right: high price, appalling name, terrible aesthetics, cheap looking build, staggering orgasms. Wish it had Lelo styling and build quality and a name like say “Venus Pulse” as long as the stimulation stayed the same.


    I saw the positive reviews and I bought it, but BEWARE: I think this might be more hype than reality. Now, I’m stuck with it because the company doesn’t accept return.
    The 1st time I tried it, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or the product was defective. I didn’t get any pleasant feelings; just weirdly over & under stimulated at the same time. I persisted and just got sore and no orgasm.
    I tried again with same results. It was not at all what I was expecting given the rave reviews. I’d say it is a waste of time and money.
    I’m so disappointed & pissed off for being duped. I’m soured on the whole experience. Of course, for other women the experience could be different.

    • Sorry to hear it wasn’t what you hoped. do review what I wrote on this page about use as it may help. After that the manufacturer does give a refund guarantee if the toy is not successful as do some retailers (Lovehoney) you may though be out of time to exercise some of these options. Last option is to look to sell the toy to get a chunk of your cash back

    I saw the positive reviews and I bought it, but BEWARE: I think this might be more hype than reality. Now, I’m stuck with it because the company doesn’t accept return.
    The 1st time I tried it, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or the product was defective. I didn’t get any pleasant feelings; just weirdly over & under stimulated at the same time. I persisted and just got sore and no orgasm.
    I tried again with same results. It was not at all what I was expecting given the rave reviews. I’d say it is a waste of time and money.
    I’m so disappointed & pissed off for being duped. I’m soured on the whole experience. Of course, for other women the experience could be different.

  15. Yah, it has had a makeover, but is only marginally more aesthetic than the original. The new version, Womanizer Pro has a few more things going for it though, with additional higher and lower settings, it will certainly be more suitable for those overwhelmed with the lowest setting on the W100. I reckon it could easily go for one more makeover though!

  16. Bought one for my wife, great device but it is a little too harsh even on the lowest setting. Any one know if the power can be reduced??

    • The W500 has a lower low setting than the W100. You could try using some male delay cream on her clitoris. Maybe putting a condom over her vulva and using the toy through it? It is unlikely I guess but its a cheap option to try.

  17. This one so nearly passed me by. My partner at the time bought one and insisted on using it on me. It was hopeless, like the worlds weakest vibrator and the session ended in a row because he had spent a fortune to treat me and i was “an ungrateful cow”. We broke up and the toy got stuffed into the darkest recesses of my cupboard. 2 or 3 months later my best friend (we share too much) got on about her new amaizing toy (a womanizer) and how it sent “sparks and lightening”(????) through her. I told her of my experience with one and she told me to try again with lube and to keep the cup tight on my clit head and not to move it whatever. If anyone else had told me this I would not have listened because my attitude to the useless piece of crap was so set. However I trust my friend completely so I retrieved and charged up the womanizer and after my bath that night gave it a go just as she said. Absolute bliss. Targetting, making the seal and keeping it still was the trick and the results were amaizing 100 times over. Its been tehoused into my bedside table draw now and pops into bed with me often. I should contact my ex to appologise but maybe not as in other ways he was a twat.

  18. After the onset of menopause, my wife began having difficulty reaching orgasms with our usual set of toys. I read about this, and after a few months of trying different strategies withou luck, I bought it. The first time she used it, she felt weird and although she was able to have an orgasm, it was not someting earthshaking. The second time, it was better and by the third time she used it, she came three times without really trying. She is in now completely in love with her new toy.

  19. This is the original design. They’ve since come out with a much shorter, fatter design that is way easier to hold in the palm of the hand. With the buttons being on the back side and not on the inside, it’s easier to toggle back and forth between settings and they definitely have classier colors available (pink, blue, red with roses, etc). This toy actually does not use suction. It uses a gentle push and pull of air which provides a sensation similar to suction. If the toy were to use suction, it would simply suck blood into the clitoris like a vacuum much too quickly. And because it uses a push and pull of air instead of magical suction, that is why it cannot be used under water. It would defeat the whole purpose. The newer design does come with an extra, larger clitoral head so that solves that. As far as the name, yeah. Definitely a little smarmy. Of course, it is out of Germany so….

  20. The Womanizer is incredible. But you need to know how to use it properly if it’s not working for you. Unlike a regular vibe, you don’t move around and over your clit to lead to climax. You need to get your clit right in the middle of the suction cup. Move it around until there’s a solid seal over clit. The new model is much more ascetically pleasing and comes with a second size cup for women with a bigger clit. If you use it correctly there’s actually nothing touching your clit. The suction it self will take your clit to the strongest orgasm I’ve ever felt. The suction must throw your clit around like an industrial washing machine. The claimed 90% of women orgasm in 60 seconds or less. I thought “yeah right” and for the price it better take me to the moon. Well I found the proper placement on my vagina an Oh My God did it deliver. I’m mot sure how long it took but for sure about 40 seconds. Finding right placement is the key. I still don’t know exactly what it does because I feel no vibration on my clit, then all of a sudden I’m sent into a strong world of bliss for about 10 seconds. Money well spent!!!

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