Ann Coulter As Headliner For Gay Homocon 2010: Well, That Happened

Once upon a time it was announced that Ann Coulter was going to headline a gay event, which coincided with her saying a bunch of awesomely insane stuff about other conservatives such that we were actually interested in her for about forty-five seconds. Now that she has actually appeared at Homocon and said pretty much what one would expect her to, our level of interest has dropped back down to the level of “correct composting procedures” and “History Channel specials.” We have the highlights for you:

+ “Gay marriage is not a civil right because you’re not black.” (She can tell you’re not black because you’re gay. There are no gay black people. Or if there are, Ann Coulter doesn’t care about them.) (Sidenote: there’s definitely a legitimate argument that calling gay marriage a “civil right” is disrespectful to the historically black civil rights movement in America and that terminology like “equal rights” might be more accurate, but somehow I don’t think that’s what Ann Coulter was addressing.) (@politico)

+ She’s not homophobic, she’s funny! “…she called former presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot” — which she explained away at the top of her speech as humor. “The people who get gay jokes are gays,” she said, adding that when she talks to Christian audience, “Out of sweetness they don’t laugh at the gay jokes.” What is that I don’t even (@joemygod)

+ Have you considered conservatism? You should, because you’re gay, and gays really “ought to start being antiabortion because “once they find the gay gene, guess who’s getting aborted.” Also, did you know that Prop 8 is right and good and perfect because religion? (@goodasyou)


OK, Chris Barron! Consider it saved. Ann, this has been really special, thanks for everything, I’ll mail you your bra if I ever find it, we’ll always have Paris, etc.

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  1. Am I crazy or wouldn’t the normal reaction to someone informing a large group of gays(however right-wing they may be)that had there been a known gay gene when they were conceived, they’d have been aborted be like…offense, anger…disgust among said gays? Does not compute.

  2. I just don’t understand how Ann Coulter managed to say all those things to a conference worth of gays and walk out unscathed. It’s downright fascinating. Does she have unicorn hair for eyebrows? What’s going on here?

    • I mean, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me either, but I feel like GOProud invited her with a full understanding of how she feels about the world. I don’t know what they were interested in getting out of her appearance, but I think “affirmation of us as a community” was not it. Like, I don’t think they were surprised? I really don’t know is I guess what I’m saying.

      • Well, you have to think that most Republican-identified gays are already pretty self-loathing…so inviting Coulter was probably just another way to confirm to themselves that they should be loathed? Masochism?

  3. Here’s the thing, though… Gay marriage is about so much more than marriage rights.
    It’s about acceptance and acknowledgment. It’s about people telling us our love isn’t important/significant/real/right. It’s about our voices being heard and our value as human beings. It’s about religion influencing a “secular” state/government. It’s about who has the right to decide. It’s about majority/minority. It’s about the court system, about the constitution and how it should be read. It’s about the kind of society we want, how it should work and the values/ethics/morals we want in our present/future.

    Politics are about people, religion is about love, and Ann Coulter should go f*ck herself.

  4. thanks a lot anne coulter. i was eating a bacon cheese burger and now i can’t stomach it because i’m all kinds of disgusted.

      • I thought the exact same thing yesterday!

        I didn’t throw up though, I just carried on with hysterical laughter at the whole farce.

        I may never stop. Help.

  5. I actually find the name “GOProud” unintentionally funny because what person with any pride in themself would sit and listen to (let alone PAY to sit and listen to) things like that being said about them, and then defend the person who said them? How much self-loathing do you have to possess to be GRATEFUL that some straight white lady has shown up to passive-aggressively tell you you’re lucky to exist, essentially, and to pipe down and get on with being hated.

    It is actually quite sad.

  6. Did they mean they couldn’t give a shit what we think?

    It’s like that lazy I could care less. No! You couldn’t care less! If you could care less then you care too much!

    And yes I am aware that I am a very bad gay since that annoyed me most out all that I just read.

  7. Wait — I don’t — what? Just, none of that made sense, Ann Coulter.

    The abortion thing in particular. 1 — the concept that with absolute certainty there IS a “gay gene” and 2 — the concept that ALL STRAIGHT PEOPLE (the only people procreating obvs) despite any and all spoken and/or unspoken FEELINGS about abortion would automatically a) check all fetii (fetuses?) for said gay gene and b) ditch all gay fetii, just those points are shallow and weird and very underdeveloped.

    If you accept The Right’s viewpoint that abortion is a thing shoved upon the Good Christian Peoples of this country by Angry Lesbian Atheists, and that The Gay Agenda is all Angry Radical Leftists then NO, NO, THE GAYS WON’T BE GETTING ABORTED YOU SEE. Because the people who WANT abortion are the same people who DON’T CARE if their hypothetical kids have The Ghey! And the people who DO CARE about The Gheyness of their hypothetical spawn have a MORAL REASON to NOT abort them! Unless that morality is, shall we say, SUSPECT.


  8. Civil is short for civilian. Gays are civilians of the United States. Civil rights means that civilians of the United States must all have the same rights. Therefore the gay rights movement is a civil rights movement. Many black leaders, including Al Sharpton and the current head of the NAACP, agree with this. To give credence to the gay rights movement not being a civil rights movement is to fall for an insiduous rhetoric offered up by anti-gay individuals.

    • It’s the old divide and conquer. Pitch us against each other and voila, we are too busy fighting each other to unite to fight the people/system that want us ALL back in our place.

  9. whoa, what? Equality for gays isn’t a civil rights issue? Um, civil rights are all about everyone being equal under the law. It’s not just a race thing. Ever heard of someone , say, suing the police or whoever for violating their civil rights? It’s not a race or even gay thing, it’s an individual’s rights to be treated fairly and equally in the eyes of the law, and afforded all the benefits and protections thereof thing.

    She knows that, of course, she’s just trying to redefine the issue to suit her twisted worldview and perspective.

    Hmm. Too bad there’s no way to know if a fetus will grow up to be a conservatard.

  10. GOProud just wanted attention. They feel left out and neglected by the gay community. That’s how gay conservatives have always been. They want their gayness to not matter, but then form groups for gay conservatives because they feel marginalized for being conservative, not for being gay.

    I understand it to an extent. I identified as Catholic for awhile after I came out. Gays in my gay youth group would just be like, “No you cannot be gay and Catholic.” It was as if I was breaking some law of physics. I’m an atheist now, but it required my own journey.

    • “They feel left out and neglected by the gay community …marginalized for being conservative…”

      Gee, I can’t imagine why.

      No matter …let’s just keep slinging misinformation and label them self-loathing clowns for trying open a dialogue with right-wing conservatives.

      And for heaven’s sake, don’t bother reading the mission statement on their website.

      Insularity is our watchword. Embrace your victimhood.

      • You know, the part where gay conservatives claim to have been victimized by gay liberals and then accuse gay liberals of embracing their victimhood when gay conservatives are doing the same? That’s called projection. The difference is that gay liberals see conservatives as the oppressor, and gay conservatives see other gay people as the oppressor.

      • “No matter …let’s just keep slinging misinformation and label them self-loathing clowns for trying open a dialogue with right-wing conservatives.”

        See, though, that just doesn’t happen. Right wing conservatives, by definition, aren’t open to dialogue or change. They’re regressive and divisive, and proud of it.

  11. Well, if I ever had a kid and found out it had the Ann Coulter gene, it’d be first to be aborted. Moron.

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