Kurt’s Gleefully Gay Boyfriend Revealed, For Real This Time

Over the summer the internets were abuzz with excitement when Chord Overstreet was cast as McKinley High’s new star quarterback and Glee club member.  Especially because news broke around the same time that Kurt would finally be getting a boyfriend – and how amazing for the new gay character to be a football star of all things? Well, that ain’t happening. Chris Colfer (Kurt) rationalizes:

“After seeing the [premiere], I feel like it’s not going to happen because all the girls are going to fall in love with him and they’re not going to want to see [him with Kurt],” he says. “And I don’t want to be the guy girls hate. I’m the gay guy the girls love. I don’t want to become the target. I don’t want the letters that say, ‘Kurt needs to get off our man. Stop kissing our boyfriend.’ Young girls can be vicious. I don’t want to know how Kristen Stewart feels. I don’t want to be the Bella of the Glee world. I like being the guy everyone likes.

So, while Chord Overstreet’s character was saddled with the burden of boring heterosexuality, Ryan Murphy cast the new role of Blaine who is 100% confirmed HOMO. Darren Everett Criss will be playing Blaine, a gay student from a rival school glee club and that face/hair combo is sure to launch a thousand fanfics.

Speaking of fanfic, Darren is known to the internet as the star of A Very Potter Musical, a YouTube musical spoof of Harry Potter.

This still doesn’t explain why Jane Lynch was heavily hinting that Chord Overstreet would still be hooking up with Kurt in a recent interview. When asked about Kurt’s boyfriend she told E-Online:

“They’ve cast him already. He’s tall, boyish, with straight blond hair and big fat, pouty lips.”

They should probs bring in Brian Kinney too and we can watch it all play out together. Also, check out the video Criss submitted to Glee during the show’s open casting call this summer.

This officially makes Glee the gayest show on television (as if there were any doubt) with two gay characters, three out stars (Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, new cast member Cheyenne Jackson) and one very gay creator.

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  1. He reminds me of Josh Groban. I’ll enjoy this even more if they make him Josh Groban’s secret love child.

  2. So.. they dangled the scrumptious plump fruit of Chord Overstreet in front of me saying he was gonna be all hot and gay but now they bring this dude in who is ugly and can’t even sing? Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Don’t these people know girls/women love hot gay guys together? It’s actually better if he’s gay. Girl’s won’t be bitter and a lot of women straight, les, and bi will think it’s hot. Win. Win. Instead we get one pile of faily lose. :/

  3. Everyone please be aware that criticisms of somebody’s physical appearance, including but not limited to referring to somebody as “gross” or “ugly,” are not permitted at Autostraddle. Please keep that in mind as you discuss this massively important world-changing piece of entertainment news.

  4. “They should probs bring in Brian Kinney too and we can watch it all play out together”

    haha Awesome! Glee goes from family show to porn with the addition of one character.

  5. i cannot tell the difference between this person and josh groban. someone else please confirm that they look identical so i can feel better about myself. also i don’t know when kurt wore that scarf but i love it

    • Yes, he does. I think its the hair mostly…and he’s got a soft face.
      Also, I’m pretty sure the scarf is from when he did Rose’s Turn…

  6. Umm, I audibly gasped when I read this. SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT!

    Maybe this will convince my roommates to watch Glee with me!

  7. [I’m trying very hard to not be rude to my fellow AS readers, as they are here and therefore clearly quite awesome, but some of the first comments made me sad.]

    Of curse I want Potter in my Glee. What more could one ask for? Also, he is super cute and just the right amount of geeky.

    I really wanted Sam to be gay, though. The slightly expectant look after he asked Puck if he had had balls in his mouth was just too telling. Now, he’ll probably go after Quinn (who obviously should be going after Rachel), and they might even throw Brittany or Santana in his direction. Not cool.

    [I have no idea when I started caring this much]^

    • I agree with you. Harry Potter in my Glee? BAMF. But I loooooove the idea of Sam/Kurt. Plus, Sam is totally Kurt’s type (I’m judging, of course, by the fact that he was all about Finn): cute, sweet, slightly stupid, athletic, and freaking tall. In the end, I’m personally invested in Kurt/Happiness, and as long as Kurt does eventually get his man (and that man is worthy) I’ll be okay.

      I defs love Sam though.

      And Brittany/Santana needs to happen ON THE SHOW KTHANKS. Not just in one line of dialogue.

      • >>And Brittany/Santana needs to happen ON THE SHOW KTHANKS. Not just in one line of dialogue.>>


        Rule Britanna!

  8. I haven’t been paying much attention to Kurt’s potential bfs since last week. I’ve had Britney on the brain. Tomorrow’s episode is gonna be so awesome, can’t wait! Anywho, I do approve of the new edition.

  9. Kurt would look cute wearing the scarf of sexual preference. OMG they should have a muppets episode. #howmymindworks

  10. I think this boy is gorgeous!

    Also, did anyone watch that audition video? Boy can sing.

    I don’t know if I can see he and Kurt together as well as the blonde dude from last week, but I have yet to see his glee character so I will keep an open mind. (Besides, if I don’t like it…I can still just look at him all show long. He may be the best boy-hot. [Rachel is obvs the best girl-hot though, even if last week she made me want to cry from her meanness])

  11. I’m sorry all I saw was CHEYENNE JACKSON = ROLLERSKATING SHORT SHORT WEARING LEAD FROM XANADU THE MUSICAL. If there is a sudden outburst of ELO numbers, maybe I’ll finally start actually watching Glee.

  12. Brian Kinney! I’d go for that! All that sexy sarcasm and attitude. And speaking of lovechild, Chord Overtstreet is like the lovechild of Queer as Folk’s Justin Taylor and Macauley Culkin.

  13. this is gonna be totally awesome. i do wish sam could also be gay, though, just because that scene with puck was too golden to pass up. but hey, definitely not knocking the new addition!

    by the by, darren can most definitely sing. i personally can’t get enough of any of his versions of the AVPM & AVPS music. not to mention the rest of his original songs- i could listen to “muse” for ages and never get tired of it. he’s just supermegafoxyawesomehot, and that’s that.

  14. omigod everything i love about the world is colliding, sndkgrepvfdblah! he’s cuter than a guinea pig, i wanna take him up to winnipeg (that’s in canada!)

  15. Holy shit! I saw him at ‘A Very Potter Musical’! I was sitting on the floor about 10 feet away from him. *lol* I don’t actually watch Glee, but maybe now I will.

  16. ^Me too! I remember when AVPM blew up on the internet and I was like…dude I was there. It was obvious to me then that he’s really talented performer, so I hope people give him a chance.

  17. …I think he’s so cute! his audition video isn’t spectacular, but he’s very charismatic and seems like he’d be a great performer.

  18. Sam is the BF for Kurt, but he will be with Quinn first in an attempt to boost his popularity. Blair/Blaine whatever Darren’s character’s name is will be a platonic friend and possibly the reason that Sam comes out of the closet (jealous maybe?)

  19. I didn’t know who that Chord Overstreet character was so I looked him up and thought he was Maxxie from Skins aka Mitch Hewer who I think should actually come to the US as an exchange student date Kurt.

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