Also.Also.Also: Sansa Stark Has a Big Lesbian Crush on You and Other Stories for Your Week

AAAAAAAAHHHHH IT’S ALMOST A-CAMPPPPPPP. Next week you’ll be knocking back some smooth links with your host KaeLyn, so I hope you really soak me up while you still can. Hey, I cleaned out my under-the-staircase storage closet yesterday! It was full of so many craft supplies and so many wedding-related things. Now I don’t have to slam my entire body against the door to force it closed. KonMari-ing your craft supplies should be a requirement for sainthood, because I’ve never felt so holy and clean.

I hope you have the cutest Monday!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Lesbian Couple Wins $80,000 Lawsuit After Being Jailed for Kissing in Public.

+ A Lesbian’s Guide to Staying Friends With Your Exes. Idk maybe you will see your truth reflected back to you in this piece.

+ Film School: Unlocking the Mysteries of Lesbian Noir in Mulholland Drive.

+ Um, hm. Game of Thrones Sophie Turner: Sansa Should Date Women, particularly Margaery or Arya? Soooo.

+ Tracy Chapman Understands the Freedom of a Friend’s Fast Car.

Doll Parts

+ New Book Gives Rebel Girls the Bedtime Stories They Deserve.

+ What Do You Wear When You’re a Nineties Rock Band?

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Our Music Preferences Reflect Our Personality and there’s a test to prove it, chump!

+ Ughhh you are not ready for how slap-you-in-the-face adorable this fox is! Arctic Foxes Grown Their Own Gardens.

+ ‘A Million Questions’
From Descendants of Slaves Sold to Aid Georgetown

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  1. In A Feast For Crows, Lady Myranda was definitely flirting with naive young Sansa, but I doubt that will lead anywhere. The novels do have a lot more lesbian/bisexual content than the TV show though, including Cersei and Lady Taena Merryweather, Dany and Irri, and Nymeria Sand and the Fowler twins. And for the guys, Jon Connington, Satin, and Lewis Lanster (among others, all of whom don’t appear in the show).

  2. This is the second time Sophie Turner has voiced her support for the idea that Sansa and Margaery should end up together, and since they are my favorite ship in the world I heartily support it.
    It also makes me wonder of maybe Sophie Turner just wants an excuse to make out with Margaery in which case, LIVE FOR US ALL GIRL

  3. I’m pretty grossed out by Sansa x Arya. I know the show has a lot of incest but like… no. just no.

    I DO agree that Sansa should date women but ahem BRIENNE OF TARTH THO.

  4. “we are all crazy. Every last one of us. We scour around for a partner who looks like our doppelgänger.”

    I call this Face Twins, straight ppl do it too, it BOTHERS ME, it is facial feature incest

    Forever Swipe Left when they look like they could be your sibling

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