Also.Also.Also: Lesbian Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing a Tux and Other Wait, What the F*ck?

Seems like only yesterday it was Sunday.

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+ LPAC’s Levity and Justice for All: A Comedy Benefit is coming your way (if your way is New York) on June 16, so you should get your tickets now now now! Cameron Esposito, Rhea Butcher, Rosie O’Donnell, Lea DeLaria, Billie Jean King, Alison Bechdel and other lesbians you know and love will all be there making you LOL. LPAC is a national grassroots lesbian political action committee supporting pro-LGBTQ, pro-women’s rights and progressive candidates!

+ Help Lara Holy Cover Her Legal Costs After a Transphobic Attack.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Queer Parenting: Being Genderqueer and Pregnant.

+ Lesbian Pennsylvania High School Student, Aniya Wolf, Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing a Suit because it’s 1953 and none of us got the memo?

+ Alabama’s Anti-LGBT Chief Justice Has Been Suspended.

+ C-SPAN Caller Goes On Nutty Worldwide Lesbian Globalist Conspiracy Tangent, Guest Crushes Him. Dunno I just thought you’d like this. Also “worldwide lesbian globalist conspiracy” is going on my business card.

+ How a Studio’s Fear of Lesbians Dictated Xena‘s Opening Credits.

+ Let Justice Antonin Scalia explain why Anti-Trans Discrimination is Sex Discrimination.

+ LGBT Community Braces for Impact of New Counseling Law. Putting it lightly.

+ Lawsuit Claims a Transgender Girl is Ruining Her Classmate’s Lives by Peeing.

+ Meghal and Natasha are gonna help you achieve Kristen Stewart’s Met Gala Makeup.

+ Thousands March in LGBT Parade in Tokyo.

Doll Parts

+ The Perfect Body is a Lie is an excerpt from Lindy West’s new book, Shrill!

+ Kesha Covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Til It Happens to You’ at Gala.

+ Look, I’m sorry that Flavorwire hates you and wants to rack up pageviews by breaking every last damn thing into a pageinated slideshow, but I think this will be worth it: Under Appreciated Women Art Pioneers of the 60s.

+ Dear Mom, I Owe My Life To You. Here’s a $50 Kohl’s Gift Card. Accurate.

+ Nursing My Mother, the ICU Nurse. Do you want to cry? Ok cool.

+ The Embryo Crusader: “Jasha McQueen is battling her ex-husband for the embryos they froze nine years ago. Will her fight — which has now reached the Missouri State Capitol — threaten reproductive rights across the country?” Fascinating and totally bonkers.

+ Without These Women, ‘Man’ Would Never Have Made It To Mars.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Why Self-Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem.

+ Skydivers Play Quidditch in Mid-Air byeeeeeee.

+ The Most Common Kinds of Coincidences

And Finally

The Day We Discovered Our Parents Were Russian Spies. ?

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  1. The high school in question was a private, Catholic high school, so I guess I am less shocked that they kicked out a student for wearing a suit. But also, I’m pretty sure “thou shalt not wear pants” is not actually a thing God said.

    I liked the coincidences article. Thanks for the link!

    • “But also, I’m pretty sure “thou shalt not wear pants” is not actually a thing God said.”

      …which is a shame, because life’s way more fun with no pants! =)

    • pretty cool that the bible provides evidence that gender-non-conforming people were visible thousands of years ago. My people!

    • It also says no haircuts for women (which, btw, is in the New Testament not just a verse in the old one) and the school hasn’t forced her to grow her hair out.

    • But, what really is men’s or women’s clothing? If the woman bought(or was bought for her) it and plans to wear it for herself, is that not women’s clothing? Same with a guy who buys a dress to wear for himself.

    • I’m a let y’all hash out the Deuteronomy 22:5 thang, but I have to speak in my experience as former catholic school girl that the school very likely had a specific dress code in a handbook or rule book that all attendees were to adhere with in accordance to dances and not just the everyday uniform.
      Catholic school is all about rules and what are rules if you can’t open up a book and point which section a student is violating to their face. It’s a special kind of satisfying with much potential for humiliation.

      The handbook for my school specifically said NO PANTS for semi-formal and formal dances that dresses were to be worn.
      But I’m now looking at the Bishop McDevitt High School 2015-2016 and well that do not specifically say MUST WEAR A DRESS or NO PANTS. However it does say:

      “4. Type of dress for various dances will be announced prior to each dance. All dress must be modest. Dresses
      should not be skin-tight or shorter than 3” above the knee. Students who are dressed inappropriately will
      not be allowed in to the dance. Please see the Assistant Principal for Student Services before the night of the
      dance if you have any questions about what might not be appropriate”


      “6. Attendance at dances is a privilege. Unacceptable dress, language, or any other behavior may result in students
      being asked to leave.”
      It’s on page 16

      Nothing in there specifically says a suit is inappropriate or no pants allowed, but however it does suggestion the the decision of what gets to count as appropriate is up to the discretion of the faculty.
      At my school that was who ever was manning the door and that was an extremely not partial person at all when I was there. Which is another story/subject.

      Still stupid, she’s modestly dressed and looks fly as hell.
      But omg her school let the girls wear pants (actual pants) as a part of the year round uniform from what page 18 says. Teen me is jealous and thinks that makes it double dumb they wouldn’t let her into the dance.

  2. isn’t wearing what you want to prom like…super legal now? america are you drunk??

    also, i’m always super appreciative of the you should do or go or give section because i’m always looking for small ways i can support queer and trans women so thank you laneia!

    • I mean Trump is probably gonna be Republican nominee so the answer is YES America must be very very drunk right now.
      (and the part that isn’t is probably starting the drinking too, to forget)

      • On Saturday night I was ACTUALLY drunk and occasionally at the end of such nights I get a bit weepy. At one point I believe I turned to my girlfriend and just said “and Trump is gonna be our pressssident” and burst into tears.

      • I wish that was true, cause that’s the name a queer ladies night with go-go dancers and birthday lap dances in San Bernardino/Eastern LA county.

  3. I love how I am so far away from parenthood that I don’t even know if I want to parenthood–but I will click on any link about queer pregnancy and parenting.

  4. It needs to be said: that is one good-looking suited prom person. The school clearly lost out on not having such a fly individual at their party.

  5. one of y’all is going to read the “nursing my mother” piece and spend 10 minutes crying, i just know it.

  6. Thank you so much Laneia and Autostraddle for sharing my gofundme page, every share and dollar helps, on behalf of myself, the Munich trans community and all the activists here, that your love and support is really appreciated xxx THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU xxx Lara

  7. Goddamnit Jasha McQueen.
    In Sofia Vergara’s case, I was hardcore in Sofia’s corner. I mean, why wouldn’t you be? But I guess it’s difficult for me to be on the guy’s side when it comes to issues dealing with embryos/pregnancy/abortion/fetuses/etc etc etc, the only voice that matters is the one with the childbearing capabilities (“no uterus, no opinion,” etc).
    But dear god McQueen should know better!! I mean, I get it, she wants kids, but she shouldn’t throw all other women under the bus in the process. There are very real victims in choosing this route, and some of them have names like Purvi Patel and Anna Yocca. Hell, SHE could fall victim to the consequences of her approach if she ever finds herself in similar circumstances. No one who is capable of becoming pregnant is safe from these consequences.

  8. i too was surprised when my parents turned out to be russian spies, although in hindsight i guess i should have seen it coming.

  9. I feel for that student. A lot of LGBT people at the private Christian high school I attended had to take beards to prom and it was ridiculous. But that was 10 years ago and a lot has happened since then.

  10. I was not satisfied with the quidditch game. I didn’t know who to cheer for and spent a good amount of time yelling,”knock him off the damn broom” in a British accent.

  11. I’m going to guess that Dept. of Justice lawyers are going to take great pleasure in citing that Scalia opinion as the proceed with their action against the North Carolina bathroom bullshit bill. Just a hunch.

    • “… as they proceed” I mean.

      Also, as of yesterday, Loretta Lynch and Vanita Gupta are my heroes. I had so many feels watching their announcement of the action against HB2. I’m hoping for an AS post later today where I can talk about all my tears (of joy).

  12. That self compassion/self esteem article was really interesting. Neff’s definition of self compassion as “treating yourself with the same kind of kindness, care, compassion, as you would treat those you care about—your good friends, your loved ones” seems kind of like an expansion of “You are your own harshest critic,” served with a slice of “Hey, don’t be!” and laid out in a way that’s a lot more constructively helpful than a simple platitude. Definitely an article I’ll be bookmarking. Thanks for featuring it, Laneia!

  13. thanks for the article on being nb and preggers! i know i want kids but i’m struggling with whether or not i want to actually carry them because i’m already wiggin out about the size of my boobs and my shape, that i don’t know how i’d handle being pregnant genderfeels wise…i do need like 75% more information on how they dealt with breast feeding and stuff(also way more misgendering? or like having to deal with it more because strangers approaching?) but i got at least five years to figure it out so you know

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