Also. Also. Also: Aren’t You GLAAD We Didn’t Say Banana?

It’s been a while since our last AlsoAlsoAlso so we have a lot of very important things to share with you. So many!

+ The 2011-2012 Where Are We On TV GLAAD report is out, and Fox and HBO are listed as the most queer-friendly channels. This year is extra-special because it includes this cute little slideshow where you can see all these characters in the flesh. Brittany is listed as bisexual, sidenote.

GLAAD says the number of LGBT characters on scripted primetime broadcast television is expected to decrease for the first time in four years. The overall numbers may have been disappointing to GLAAD, but the amount of lesbian and bisexual characters has risen significantly, even if gay men have stayed the same. (In previous years the amount of lesbian characters was deceptively more significant just because of The L Word — that show basically tripled the amount of lezzers on television but didn’t reflect any overall network initiative to have more female LGBT characters in shows that weren’t defined by their sexuality.)

Smith College has a Quidditch team. No one is surprised except apparently Riese.

Gay twin rap group Elephant released a new song and video called “Queer Nation” that heavily criticizes homophobia in the rap community.

+ There’s an interesting conversation about how to be feminine but visibly gay over at Effing Dykes. Also, a “study” about hoodies.

My High School Boyfriend Was Gay. Oh, the internet.

+ Fox News would like you to object to Archie Comics guy getting gay married.

+” A group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Iranians have posted videos of themselves on Facebook in a campaign to highlight the discrimination against sexual minorities in Iran wherehomosexuals are put to death.” The page is called “We Are Everywhere” and includes support from queer Iranians and from people around the world protesting of the imprisonment and execution of LGBT people in Iran.

The 1938 dating guide for single women. Still oddly applicable.

+ Leaked documents show the Catholic church did not support the 2009 proposed Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, saying that while the Church believes homosexuality is a sin, it should not be criminalized.

+ The NCAA has new rules for transgender athletes that you probably have feelings about. Also, the NFL added sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination policy. Sports!

+ People have positive feelings about the new TLC show “Big Love,” which is about “five fluffy friends who live in New York City and work in the beauty industry.”

+ A message from a man to a woman: You are not crazy. It’s interesting!

Unity: Journalists of Color and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, both of whom promote diversity in the newsroom, are combining forces, which is significant because the larger Unity organization is in turmoil right now.

+What would Sex and the City be like if it were airing today? Different, probably.

+ Salon wants people to stop covering Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Even Leonard Cohen is kind of sick of it.

+ The Sex Positive Photo Project is relevant to your interests.

Our Fonts, Our Friends is something I deeply appreciate.

+ A lesbian couple suffered severe homophobia at the hands of the resort hosting their honeymoon retreat. The couple said that “the company refused to acknowledge their holiday as a honeymoon and … they did not receive the special treatment offered to others because they were a same-sex couple.”

+ Girls should do tech! Only a small fraction of computer science and other tech students are women, so the Boys & Girls Clubs of America teamed up with CA Technologies to implement an initiative that encourages girls to go into tech work.

+ Bitch Magazine did a nice interview Jennifer Knapp in which she discusses the intersection of Christianity and sexuality.

Focus on the Family is laying off a bunch of its staff for the fifth consecutive year. They’re also cutting $10 million from their budget. And all the homophobic Whos down in Whoville will all cry, Boo Hoo.

+ A North Carolina pastor was targeted for taking up an anti-gay stance, and by “targeted,” they of course mean “he’s received four or five voice messages from angry people who called him a ‘hypocrite’ and accused him of hating gays.” Someone also hung up a sign of protest outside his church! That poor man.

+ Look, a lesbian Star Trek wedding!

+Sesame Street did a frighteningly accurate parody of Glee. I especially appreciate that they included the piano player.

+The New Yorker ran a really great article about women in movies and also about the pathetic state Hollywood is in. The author suggests they start working on “The Cute Bear from Those Toilet-Paper Ads Movie,” among other funny things.

+Melissa Etheridge is taking advantage of the fact that they weren’t legally married against Tammy Lynn. Yikes.

+A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the partner of Christina Santiago, an activist who was killed at the Indiana State Fair when the stage collapsed and who we love a lot.

+Millionaire Matchmaker is offensive to everyone.

+Everyone is Gay is on tour now, so watch the eff out!

+One of Rick Perry’s supporters has described same-sex adoption as the state havingsold each kid to a homosexual couple that’s not married for $10,000,” which would be funny if it wasn’t so remarkably upsetting.

+The New York Times wrote a thing about how there are vagina jokes on their teevee! They seemed offended. AfterEllen had a good, pun-ridden response.

+An interesting thing in general about the 2012 race when it comes to social media/information

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  1. Wooooo John Barrowman!!!!! I <3 Captain Jack! of course, technically he's more omni-sexual than simply bisexual because he'll pounce on anything with a pulse!

  2. First of all, the GLAAD slideshow thingy.
    Is Sophia from the Good Wife actually bi? I thought she was the one who was all perplexed as to how Kalinda could possibly enjoy sleeping with dudes. Perhaps I’m mixing up Kalinda’s lady lovers.
    Also: Jack Harkness is not merely bisexual. He is beyond your tiny 21st century boxes.
    The gay agent on Warehouse 13 was fired?!
    What is American Horror Story and why am I not watching it?

    Moving on. “Gay twin rap group Elephant”–one of the best phrases in the English language or THE best phrase in the English language?

    The Glee parody is the most amazing thing I’ve seen latey. (This calls for more GLITTER!!!)

    Also I wish the Eth would just knock it off right now and start behaving better.

    • Sophia is actually married. So yes, it’s very very likely that she’s bi.

      It’s either Donna or Agent Sexy (or both) who is/are gay.

      • Yeah, I know she’s married to a man. The impression I got was that she was a closeted lesbian. But again, that could be because Kalinda’s scenes with female love interests are all jumbled up in my memory.

        • TBH she seems so confident and cocky that I can’t see her being closeted. Her husband may not know, but only because she wants to keep her affair(s) secret, not her bisexuality.

  3. My first thought was that Melissa is being a total fucking cunt by pulling that crazy shit on her ex.

    OK, the thought stands, but if you look at it from her ex’s perspective (and those of legal teams everywhere fighting for marriage equality), doesn’t Melissa’s dick move ultimately make a mean argument FOR marriage equality?

    If it were a legally married straight couple, the ex would have automatic standing to fight Melissa right back in court re: all those custody, visitation, support, division of property and attorney’s fees issues. The ex is just trying to protect herself and her children like any normal soon-to-be ex-wife and mother would do, regardless of same- or opposite-sex marriage, but she cannot because she’s gay.

    Melissa’s graceless attempts to capitalize on that only highlights, in my opinion, the need for not only state but federal marriage equality.

    OR I’ve been watching way too much The Good Wife. Whatever.

    • *Sigh* the word cunt is such a dirty/wonderful word that I can’t help to say my safe word, “kangaroo.”

      *misses her kinky femme top*

      Why am I always reminded of my paaaaaain!

      *Goes back to the AS article on LDRs*

  4. The quote from The Sophian is from who I’m pretty sure is my Big Sib, nbd. She’s on the Quidditch team. I find out in like 10 minutes if that’s her.

  5. my first reaction to this article: omg autostraddle wrote about smith
    my second reaction: how did they find out something about smith before i did

    • I don’t know about other areas, but Quidditch teams have been pretty popular in the Midwest for several years. There’s a league and everything.

      • You know, I guess I have to eat my words. I said Riese was the only one who was surprised because I thought everyone knew Quidditch was a thing because I’m in the midwest and the whole Quidditch thing is almost overplayed here. Sorry, Riese.

    • ARE YOU NOT GETTING YOUR SMITH ALUMNAE QUARTERLY??!! OMFG, go sign into the Alum site and update your address right now!!

      No, but seriously, pretty sure it was in the last issue of SAQ.

  6. The letter G stands for GAY.

    That Sesame Street parody makes me really uncomfortable about watching Glee and thinking I’m a decent human being that can still be taken seriously.

  7. Loved that article about femme invisibility…thanks for the link!! Is that topic–or similar–covered on here anywhere? If not… Do it!! I am pretty fricken radical and queer and feminist… But I have no desire to cut my hair or give up heels and lingerie. Still, I so so strongly desire being seen as a dyke. I basically have to be making out with my wife to be seen as a lesbian. Dammit. One of the genius, witty, awe-inspiring ladies from AS needs to cover this, stat. (unless, of course, it’s been done. In which case, um, send me some links.)

  8. The GLADD slideshow thing failed to include Charlie Lima, Fiona’s ex-girlfriend from the current season of Degrassi.

  9. I’ve seen Smith’s Quidditch team play against my school’s Quidditch team (I go to UMass)

    It was hilarious to watch but mostly I was afraid someone was going to end up injured because half of them were wearing shoes and half of them were barefoot.

    There don’t seem to be a lot of rules in Quidditch?

    • See and there I was thinking you were going to be worried about the fact that they were running around with a broom between their legs.

  10. Wow, thanks for all the amazing links!

    I really liked the Queer Nation song – it seems like an excellent queer-and-male-identified companion to Do It Like A Dude, although in this respect the lyrics were the main vehicle of the revolution, as opposed to the video in Jessie J’s case.

    It’s definitely being added to my list of ‘pump-up’ songs :)

  11. You guys…MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE invented quidditch as played by muggles! We were/are that awesome. I’m very serious!

    When I was still a student there, the first inter-collegiate world cup was played. It was possibly the most wonderful event I’d ever been to!

    Seriously you guys–you’re yeeeears behind! ;)

  12. HOLY CRAP, the quidditch thing! It sounds amazing:
    “The object of the game, as any Harry Potter fan would recognize, is to capture the snitch, which players adapt to real life by stuffing a tennis ball into a tube sock hanging out of a “snitch runner’s” pants. The players run on broomsticks, a characteristic that has carried over from the novels, and has been dubbed “brunning” by Quidditch enthusiasts”
    Apparently everyone else knows about this but me. Do pants ever accidentally get pulled down? Also, why am I not on a quidditch team?

    • I’ve played some Muggle Quidditch – there’s a team starting in Brisbane! Hard work though. I like being Bludger, you don’t have to run as much and you can whack people XD

  13. My best friend helped create Smith’s Quidditch team. And she’s quoted in that article. NO BIG DEAL.

    • I can’t even begin to say how exciting it is to be quoted in an article that’s on autostraddle.

      Fo’ serious.

      Also, you can find out more about quidditch on :)

  14. can i just say how much i love also also also? it’s a freaking cornucopia of things for my mind and i don’t feel any pressure to read everything, just the ones i really want to read, you know? thanks team as

  15. I started reading this with 3 tabs open. I ended it with about 30 million tabs open.

    I feel enlightened now.

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