Also. Also. Also: Amandla Stenberg Thinks Your Hair is Perfect and Other Stories For Your Friday

This weekend, I’m going to buy a new pitcher for iced tea because it’s summertime in the U.S. and it’s time for iced tea and I’m growing a mint plant in my kitchen garden that’s perfect for flavoring tea and also I broke my favorite glass pitcher last year. What am I looking for in a new pitcher? Inexpensive, transparent (I like to see the contents of my pitcher—it adds to the whole aesthetic experience.), easy to clean, able to hold two quarts or more of tea (so a day’s worth), and durable (I’m thinking ahead to my life with a small human and glass breakables are probably not the best choice right now.).

But enough about my thrilling weekend plans…

You’re here looking for some links. Well, I’ve got some links for you. Oh boi, have I got links. Hope you like these links! Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ It’s Pride Month! Find a Pride near you and host or attend an Autostraddle Pride Meet-Up!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Thanks, Obama. Obama issues Pride Month proclamation.

+ Speaking of Pride, if you live near NYC and you like stuffing your face with food and also being gay as fuck, is offering FREE gift certificates (one per person) to more than 100 restaurants near the Stonewall Inn as a Pride perk. Happy Pride!

+ Amandla Stenberg gives their advice about getting comfortable with your sexuality and identity, figuring out how to respond to people who laugh at your hair, and being your biggest, baddest self.

+ George Takei Says “You Can Pee Next to Me” and you can also buy the fundraising t-shirt for $25.

+ Why Do Queer People Write Fan Fiction? To See Themselves in Mainstream Culture.

+ Stonewall Inn May Soon Become Monument To LGBT Rights.

+ The Center for Biological Diversity wants you to know that “Some Salmon are Gay, Some Bison are Bi”. Get over it.

+ National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network launches to transform mental health for QTPoC.

+ Supporting Incarcerated LGBT Parents.

+ EA introduces new gender options in “The Sims”.

+ How I Came Out To My 6-Year-Old Black Son.

+ 9 Strategies for Dealing with Body Dysphoria for Genderqueer and Trans Folks.

+ Netflix Brazil Celebrates LGBT Pride with Heartwarming Video.

+ Is Bisexual Behavior Becoming The Norm? Yes, our plan is working. Good job, team. Mwahahaha.

Doll Parts

+ Mushkin Goldman’s Art Exhibition “Smile!” is Taking on the Catcall.

+ The Radical Story Behind The First All-Women Feminist Comic Book Series.

+ Let These Feminist Hogwarts Slogans Cast Their Spell On You.

+ Immigrant Moms Were Told They Can’t Have Jobs—So They Started Their Own Tamale Co-op .

+ Japan’s Vagina Artist Pens Manga Memoir About…Surprise! Vaginas.

+ Sorry, Techies – I Don’t Need Your Gadgets in My Vagina.

+ 5,000 protestors march in the streets of Rio de Janeiro to call for justice for a 16-year-old girl who was gang raped by more than 30 men, chanting, “Mexeu com uma, mexeu com todas!” (Mess with one, mess with us all).

+ Thanks, Guys: Going to See the All-Female “Ghostbusters” is Now a Political Act.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Dear Woke Brown Girl.

+ “Orange Is the New Black” Creator Sets ’80s Women’s Wrestling Comedy Series ‘GLOW’ at Netflix.

+ “I Am An Immigrant”: Campaign Brings Faces, Voices to Immigrant Heritage Month.

+ The Cast of the Original “Roots” Knows All About Hollywood’s Diversity Problem.

+ The Difficult History of Indigenous People in Video Games.

+ 72 New Emojis Will Drop This Month.

And Finally

+ Rescuers Heroically Reunite Lost Baby Sea Otter with Its Mother. Go to 0:48 for the squee spot.

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  1. Aw someone should send that Netflix / Pride in Brasil video to everyone who’s been telling us that representation in the media doesn’t matter because it’s “just a show”.

    • Right? I like that it focused on what representation means to real people and wasn’t just a promo for OITNB and Sense8. At least, not solely…

  2. So my overt joy at the bacon emoji is tempered by the clown emoji…why? Why?!? *shudder*
    Great round up as ever. My planned birthday trip to see ghostbusters now feels like it has greater purpose.
    Best of luck on the pitcher hunt, I was extremely tempted by a plastic drinks jar/vat with a tap the other day for iced tea purposes. Mmmmm.

    • Personally, I am very excited for the dumpling emoji and the facepalm emoji seems like it will be useful.

      I had one of those drink jars with a tap things. Great for parties! But I gave it to a friend because I really didn’t need it hanging around the house indefinitely.

      I can’t wait for Ghostbusters!

  3. If I clicked on this article to only find the Amandla Stenberg link and nothing else I would have been like “Fair.”

    Perfect, perfect, perfect.

    (but lots of other bonus goodies too)

    • They are SO perfect. Like everything Amandla says is so right on. How are they that smart? I was definitely not that cool or intelligent or self-aware when I was a teenager.

      • They are more self-aware and eloquent than I am now and I am 26. I constantly learn from them. And they do everything with such a calm tone.

        Even now when I feel like I can articulate myself I get so riled up and flustered and basically black out.

  4. Every time someone refers me to a internet video of some type I’m like “I won’t cry, I’m tough as shit!” but oops that Brazil Netflix video made me cryyyyyy

  5. “The Center for Biological Diversity wants you to know that ‘Some Salmon are Gay, Some Bison are Bi’.”

    Hey, so they’re ‘bi’-son!

  6. Y’all be careful when you look at that Pride calendar thing. If ya click the t-shirt or flags thing and you will being dooming yourself to rabbit hole that will steal your time and if your resolve is weak your money too.

    Look upon this gloriously gaudy thing and pity the fool(moi) who WANTS it, but is only spared because the pattern is not front ‘n’ back and lacks the ability to splurge on things not food or tools.

    There are Pride things for all the LGBTQIA identities, tennis shoes for Keds’ Sake.
    Genderfluid Pride tennis shoes.
    Run, save your budget mon amis!

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