On NSFW Sunday, All the Women Will Want Lesbian Sex

IN THE FUTURE LESBIANS WILL BE ALL THE RAGE: Men need women in ways that women simply don’t need men – they do just fine without us

“I was recently reading about yet another bevy of young women who are opting for pelvic refreshment with other women, and it struck me that the abandonment of men as sexual partners might not just be a fashion of our times, but an entirely natural process. Indeed, it might well be that women are naturally drawn to one another’s beds like bees to blossoms, and that only the need to get someone to make babies, or do the Neolithic equivalent of unblocking the loo, is what caused cavewomen to agree to have sex with cavemen in the first place. Otherwise, sexually speaking, the girls get on very nicely without us.” (@independent.ie)

iSex:  Scientific proof that Macs are sexier than PC’s (20 photos)

some dudes put together a bunch of “sexy mac apples and ipods” so. i don’t know what “sexy” means in this context but the title is funny

WALK OF NOSHAME: The Walk of Shut the Fuck Up:

“How about you rename this kit something less slut-shaming? How about “Walk of ‘Motherfuckers, I Just Got Laid!’” Or “Walk of ‘I’m a Sexually Liberated Woman, Thankyouverymuch’?” Or “Walk of ‘Where I Spent the Night is None of Your Goddamn Business’?” Because I’m way over the practice of telling women that spending the night with someone is something to be ashamed of.” (@britisshameless)

SEX ED: Shaming Teenagers About Sex is a Bad Idea:

“In this critical period for teenagers, when they are vulnerable to so many influences, why would you bring shame into the mix rather than encouraging open and honest dialogue?” (@gender across borders)

SLUT IT UP: My Sluthood, Myself:

“I now knew how to find a lover. And knowing those, I admitted what everyone around me already knew: I wasn’t ready for a new relationship. I couldn’t handle the vulnerability required. It was hurting me too much, too often. But suddenly, it was OK. Suddenly I saw that I didn’t have to keep trying. There were other options.” (@yesmeansyes)

NO FEAR: Why Are We Often Terrified of Our Own Sexuality:

“While so much about sexuality is brazenly public these days, we haven’t advanced very far in our ability to talk about our sexual fears and anxieties.” (@alternet)

SEX ADVICE: Sex Advice from Etsy Vendors:

Q: I kissed this girl at a party and it was fun, but I was a little drunk. I’ve always wanted to explore my bisexual side, but I’m worried about leading her on. Should I just let it be or should I write her an email explaining the situation and see how she reacts?
A: I vote you let her know it. Explain the situation and see what she has to say about it. If she’s bisexual or gay she’s probably been in the same place as you have and I doubt she would be offended. Who knows? Maybe she’ll have some amazingly helpful advice for you to top it all off.

SEXY TUMBLR ALERT: Forma Raro Cum Sapientia:

What does that even mean? I don’t know; I only speak English or Canadian (occasionally Hebrew), but I think it means SEXY IMAGERY FOR LESBIANS TO LOOK AT AND ENJOY. Is it “sex”? No. It’s SEXY. Much like Brandy Howard of In Your Box Office fame isn’t “being dizzy and falling into a pile of hot, slippery desire,” but THE REASON for the falling. You know?

HOT GIRLS: 13 Hottest Celebrities in Bondage Gear:

“Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Olivia Munn & More: Hollywood’s 13 Hottest Bondage Girls! Who’s Best?” (@hollywoodlife)

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  1. OMG, you guys linked to my blog? I’m totally squeeing over here! Thank you so much!

  2. Oh my goodness, the man who wrote that first article, Kevin Myers, is a horribly homophobic man, so I cant actually listen to what he says anymore. Every single week he writes anti-gay articles that are filled with pure hate, he’s awful and id rather no one read his articles at all. Here’s an example of his “writing” -> http://queerid.com/topic.aspx?topicid=20554 Scroll down to read the article.

    • Ugh. It’s frustrating that it is only ridiculous articles by the likes of Kevin Myers and Brenda Power that escape into the international queer media from Ireland. Myers will be just loving the attention. He’s exactly the sort who’ll have a google news alert set up for his own name…Hi Kevin!

      We need to find AS some Ivana Bacik and David Morris opinion pieces to balance out the stupidity.

      (Not that I’m arguing with the inclusion of this mind-bogglingly insane piece of “journalism” here – we all need something to laugh at of a Sunday)

  3. such a perfect description of brandy howard. i am a genius.

    walk of shame piece = MMMHMM GIRL

  4. i gotta say, i enjoy me some pelvic refreshment with the ladies.

    but that article, albeit with an amusing start, ended up sounding like the fattest piece of anti-woman, anti-lesbo thing ever. sounds like it came from the brain of a guy who can’t figure out why he keeps getting rejected. didn’t wanna screw him = must be a dyke = must all be dykes. wonder if he’s met hasselbeck.

  5. Forma Raro Cum Sapientia is latin. It means “rarely is there beauty with brains”. Roughly translated.

  6. i’m so happy that everyone actually read the article, i thought nobody read the articles anymore, you all pass the test.

    there’s quite a few sections worth looking at, but this is one of my favorite AND BY FAVORITE I MEAN MOST STUPID sections, regarding how we don’t realize that women don’t actually know anything about what women want in bed unless they are 100% lesbians:

    [women] do speak to men, about their fantasies, and their solitary habits. And the reverse is also true: women tend to know much more about male sexuality than do men. Speech-taboos are often lifted with the other sex.

    this is a lie.

  7. That first article…just wow. Trash,repugnant.Gah!! That man was serious, wasnt he?! Oh yeah, that “walk of shame” piece, BRILLIANT!! :)

  8. I honestly could not even begin to take the first article seriously after “Which well-known feminist said that? Fallopia Whynge? Phalline O’Pression? Ovaria Grype?”

  9. That first article made my head hurt. Did he blame the huge porn industry on lesbians and sexually liberated women? And if lesbian sex was still as taboo as it was before then men would be less unhappy? That guy needs to go somewhere in the wildnerness and sit down forever.

    • I think he’s scared that men will be totally phased out of society as more and more women feel free to come out?

      … perhaps when he sits down in the wilderness, he can bring a therapist.

  10. Every second “article” he writes is anyi-gay, he’s starting to come off as a bit obsessed with us if im honest. Here’s another example where he attacks Stephan Fry-> http://queerid.com/topic.aspx?topicid=22102 I mean does he have opinions about anything else because it’s starting to seem he does not. Im embarassed that one of our main national newspapers still hires him, I really dont understand it. Anyway, the only people becoming obsolete are idiotic bigots like him and he knows it.

    And yeah, like someone said above, he probably has a Google alert thing on his name and articles so you never know Autostraddlers, we may get a mention in an article soon as conclusive evidence that lesbians are trying to take over the world or something like that, everybody wave at Kevin!

  11. Well, once I read an article in an newspaper, it said that women could get pregnant without men’s help according to a scientific research. I don’t know how much of it was true, but I felt a little bit superfluous. Especially considering the fact that I, a 20-years-old good (I mean I’m not extremely beautiful nor ugly) looking male, can’t get a girlfriend. It’s a little bit sad haha.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this comment, it wasn’t meant to offend anyone. This is just how I feel sometimes; superfluous haha.

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