Adam Lambert Trespasses, Glee Casts, Sara and Cat React and Erin Daniels Stars


The Trespassing album cover has been revealed along with Adam’s announcement that “in addition to serving as Executive Producer of Trespassing, I’m also Creative Director.”

He describes the evolution from For Your Entertainment to Trespassing:

“The last album — I’m very proud of it. It was a very theatrical album. It was really over the top and it was kind of a spectacle — like an audio spectacle. And it was very stylized and kind of campy. It was kind of a caricature of this rock star that I always wanted to be. You know, lots of glitter and feathers and makeup and I had a great time with that. And I think I kind of got a lot of that out of my system in a way and now I’m able to make music that is for my fans that I’ve gotten to know over the last year. I know who I am now more, so I think, as an artist, I’ve evolved and as a person I’ve evolved and I think the music will open that door wide open for people.

[The new album] is kind of like a pass for a listener to trespass in my life, into my reality. I wrote songs on the album that are really fun and crazy and party songs, and then I wrote songs on the album that are dark and deal with anxiety and stress and low self-esteem and acceptance. There’s two halves of the album and hopefully the listener will get a better idea of who I am — who I really, really am.”

He also spoke to Ellen about his drunken brawl with his boyfriend in Finland:


Well isn’t this exciting! Matt Bomer (White Collar) has been cast as Blaine‘s brother on Glee! Matt is pretty much totally out (he is married and has three children with his partner Simon Halls) and will sing and dance as Blaine’s hot older brother. The question really is whether Matt will wear a bow tie in every scene as well.

Ryan Murphy
appears to be a fan of Mr. Bomer as he has just cast him in his film adaptation of the Broadway play A Normal Heart, about the rise of HIV/AIDS in New York’s gay community in the 1980s. The cast includes Matt as Mark Ruffalo‘s fashion stylist boyfriend, Julia Roberts as wheel chair bound doctor Emma Brookner, Alec Baldwin as a lawyer who struggling to accept his sexuality, and Jim Parsons as a Southern gay activist.


Her fourth album, Human Again, was released this week and she’s currently touring the US in support. She talks to Billboard about striving for a more mature take on her sound rather than commercial ready pop songs (like her Old Navy commercial):

“I feel like I had a big splash when I first started. My only real regret is, that splash was more about that it was an independent and new way of doing business. I never had that artistic splash.”


Cynthia Nixon‘s words continue to haunt her with celesbians Sara Gilbert and Cat Cora chiming in on the whole “for me being gay is a choice” thing. PS: she actually did attempt to clarify her words in an interview with The Daily Beast:

“I think for gay people who feel 100 percent gay, it doesn’t make any sense. And for straight people who feel 100 percent straight, it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t pull out the “bisexual” word because nobody likes the bisexuals. Everybody likes to dump on the bisexuals.”

Sara and Cat react to her statement on The Talk:


A new drama series titled Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) will begin airing on Canada’s OUTtv beginning late Spring and follows a group of friends in Downtown Los Angeles as they deal with the breakup of boyfriends Lenny (Darryl Stephens) and Bryan (Matthew Stephen Herrick). The show promises Showtime-esque sex and nudity co-stars our very own Erin Daniels, Danny Roberts (The Real World: New Orleans), Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) and a guest appearance by freakin’ Julie Goldman. Interestingly, the show is mostly improvised, based on stories from the creators’ (L Word executive producer Larry Kennar) lives.

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  1. The new Normal Heart movie coming out sounded awesome but became positively must-see when I saw Jim Parsons is playing a Southern gay activist. Everything about that makes me happy.

    • Jim Parsons played that role in recent broadway production, and he was great. i’m excited to see he’s doing the film as well

    • You didn’t miss it; it’s definetly not there. (I refreshed the tag about twice a day.) I’m SO sad about it. Please keep recaping glee, Riese! It’s the only reason I even watch the show. If I didn’t know there was someone to phrase my rage-y feelings more eloquently then “argggg! Finn should go die in a hole!”, I’d just stop watching. I bet a lot of people feel this way.

      • The Gleecaps are what keep me NOT watching the show! I hate it so much and yet I keep watching it because once I start a show I absolutely have to know what happens always. The Gleecaps satisfy my curiosity, are hilarious, and remind me of how horrible it is so that I don’t start watching it again. GODDAMMIT, FINN.

      • There’s no point recapping the shitstorm that was Yes/No. The comments would be just a blaze of anti-Finn comments. With me leading the battalion.

        • For some reason I was like,”Wait, what happened during Yes/No?” because seriously it must have been so awful that my brain deleted it. All I want to remember is Rachel and Santana singing “We Found Love” to each other next to a body of water. That’s what happened right? RIGHT?!? I choose not to remember it any other way because canon is just stupid and only in high school.

    • I wondered about this too but to be fair the past episodes have been so bad I don’t blame her for stopping. Hopefully recaps will come back when the lesbians finally acknowledge each other or something

  2. Adammmmmmm *____* Pressparty in the UK just reviewed 5 of the tracks from the album and said “‘Trespassing’ is edgy, incredibly confident and verging on flawless.” Can’t wait for March 20, seriously.

    As far as the Cynthia Nixon thing goes… On the one hand, people should be able to identify however they want to identify. On the other hand, saying gay is a choice is…well…yeaaahhh. A bit not good, to be honest. But I think she’s obviously talking about something different than how her words come across. Like, she’s bi. So she chosen to be with woman. But…the way she worded it is just fuel for the anti-gay movement, so… :/

  3. Oh Autostraddle not you too. *sadface*

    The media keeps using the word “brawl” as shorthand for Adam’s drunken argument with his boyfriend because of initially inaccurate tabloid reporting that juiced up the headlines. But according to both the sober bouncer at the club and Adam himself, there was no violence, no punching. Just too many shots, a messy argument and a night in the Helsinki drunk tank to sober up. It sucks for Adam that it keeps getting mischaracterized.

  4. I wish cynthia nixon had been more precise; when you say things like that you invite a chorus of stupidity. She’s right that “born this way” does not protect us from homophobia (how much would the haters like to genetically engineer queers out of existence if they could?), and that that idea also homogenizes the complexity of human sexuality. What I wish she could have articulated is that some people’s sexuality is fixed, while some people’s is fluid; and that sexual fluidity does not mean that you choose to change your orientation, it just happens! Because I don’t think she’s bisexual, I think she’s a “late in life lesbian.” Meanwhile, I don’t think bisexuals “choose” who they are attracted to, any more than straight or gay people do: you can choose what you do, but not how you feel. A bisexual might decide to try and avoid getting involved with one sex or the other, but those kind of plans (whether you’re a “political lesbian” or determined not to lose hetero-privilege) are often thrown by the wayside when lust and emotions come into the picture.

    • “Because I don’t think she’s bisexual, I think she’s a “late in life lesbian.”
      You don’t get to choose her identity for her.

  5. Not gonna lie, when I saw “Sara and Cat react” in the headline, I expected to see Sara Quin and a cat reacting to something in this article.

    • I’m holding on to the most unlikely of hopes they will end up being half brothers or step brothers or something but I have a feeling I am going to be very disappointed and angry in a couple of weeks.

    • I know! I want to see mixed raced people on tv being mixed raced. When I was growing up, there weren’t families like mine on tv. But it would be nice if Mr. Anderson was played by some Matt Brommer looking dude and Mrs. Anderson was played by wait for it, Lea Salonga. YAY. The end.

  6. i just let out the most embarrassing shriek at the glee casting. matt bomer is flawless. i hear his hair’s insured for $10,000.

  7. Looking forward to DTLA because I have a weakness for loosely scripted/improvised shows and movies. See: For Your Consideration, The League, etc.

    • Glad you’re excited for the show. I intern for it and the cast members are all absolutely amazing people who really do have a passion for bringing more LGBT oriented shows into existence. They’re equally as excited for people to see it as we hope the gay community is for it to finally come out.

  8. Gotta admit, I thought Downtown Los Angeles was Downton Los Angeles, and was somehow related to Downton Abbey.

    (Based off how I’ve misread things in two straight articles, I may be more out of it than I realized)

  9. Somehow I always manage to forget that Matt Bomer is gay, and then I read about something that mentions his gayness and then I go watch White Collar and smile.

    A Normal Heart sounds super fucking awesome, but I am now extremely wary of anything Ryan Murphy gets his hands on.

    • yeah, I feel the same about “A Normal Heart.” So excited and the cast is incredible, but then there’s Ryan Fucking Murphy. Hopefully, though, he sticks very closely to the Kramer script.

  10. 1. This Normal Heart thing sounds promising.

    2. That television show description made no sense to me. All I really got out of it was “Erin Daniels” and “Julie Goldman.” And that is enough for me.

  11. Okkkk I love Adam and I know he had said he was a fan of Tokio Hotel or at the very least he was a fan of Bill Kaulitz and I can’t help but notice that looks like the font Tokio Hotel has used from the beginning but it looks like the illegal one I had downloaded xD I think it’s cool:) no hate… I just had to point it out cause I was obsessed with Tokio Hotel when I was younger xD

  12. I love Ingrid Michaelson. I’m pretty excited for the album. I also thought I might shed a little light on Cynthia Nixon’s comment. I feel like Cynthia wasn’t saying she chose to be straight or gay. I never feel like it’s a choice and I’m bisexual. But what she might be saying is who she falls in love with is her choice. Right now I’m dating a guy but I could have easily of fallen in love with a girl. When I’m in a relationship with a male, does that automatically make me straight? And visa versa? Anywho just some thoughts on it.

  13. “Ryan Murphy appears to be a fan of Mr. Bomer”

    Oh, well, fuck, another White Knight to add to the goddamn line-up. How much you want to bet he takes the coveted Gary Stu title away from his baby bro and his douchebag nemesis.

    (This is nothing against Bomer – this is just what Ryan Fucking Murphy does with actors he “likes”)

  14. Wait…Cat Cora is gay? You guys…I felt it. This makes me so happy, and now my crush on her is validated. Take that dad! (He said I was just imagining things, ha).

  15. I don’t get how Cynthia Nixon is really any worse than Lady Gaga. Unless I’m missing the part where she imposes her definition on everyone else.

  16. Cynthia Nixon made some bad choices in wording… I totally understand that for a lot of people, sexuality is fixed. You are what you are, always have been and always will be and her comments in that sense are offensive. I feel like [warning! personal opinion about myself and my experiences following, no presumptions made on anyone else’s lives/beliefs etc!] my sexuality is fluid. I’ve liked men, I’ve liked women, I can look back on my life so far and trace moments when I’ve been more attracted to one or the other – what caused that? Biology? Societal influences? I don’t know. What I do know is that saying “I was born this way” implies I am certain about what “this” is, and I’ve always been it and I always will. But tbh I’m really not sure I know what “this” is, and I suspect I may not ever be sure and I also really don’t think it freaking matters anyway. My girlfriend knows (and trusts) that I freaking love her, and that’s what matters, so screw defining it. But yeah I get the impression that Cynthia Nixon was just looking for a way to grasp hold of/pin down what her “this” is. Should she have done it in the public sphere? Probably not. But I dunno, I’m highly likely wrong. Is there anyone else out there who feels on slightly shaky ground when saying “I was born this way”?

    • I’m with you on the shaky ground. A large part of the reason it took me so long to admit my own queerness was that I felt, with all the emphasis on ‘totally gay’ vs ‘totally straight’, I had to be one or the other completely. Deciding that the way I felt about women _counted_ was the catalyst for the recognition and development of what I consider my true sexuality. I made the choice to take my attraction to women and my feelings about them seriously, instead of dismissing them as ‘some weird girlcrush’ and I’ve been feeling more and more like myself ever since :) Cynthia Nixon could have done a better job in her description and phrasing, but I also feel it’s important to include all the nuances and different paths in the overall discussion.

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