Abby Wambach is Naked in This Video

Brittani’s Team Pick:

Annually, ESPN Magazine does a “Body Issue” to celebrate the bodies of athletes or whatever reason they come up with for taking pictures of people naked. Every year until this one Abby Wambach (of the USWNT) was not in that issue. This year she is and ESPN has graciously provided video. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The magazine hits stands Friday.

“I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t a little bit skeptical of showing my body to the world. But for the most part, I’ve always been confident in the way my body looks just because I’ve always been comfortable in my skin.”

Also featured in the issue are Candace Parker, Carmelita Jeter, Anna Tunnicliffe, Daniela Hantuchova, Oksana Masters, Maya Gabiera, Suzann Pettersen, Ronda Rousey, and some dudes. Also, these women from the U.S. Volleyball Team.

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    brittani, i could want nothing more from you, this is all i could ever want and need.

    also, when she said once you know people it’s like a locker room environment all i could think about was the USWNT locker room and what a wonderland that must be. i’m still dead from the thought.

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    Currently watching the video and switching out the word “body” for “lesboliciousness”.
    As in…
    “I want the world to know that I’m proud of my lesboliciousness.”

    [+10 maturity points]

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    Thanks for making my week Brittani! I know the week is young still, but I’m having trouble imagining anything topping this. 😉

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    I got about fifteen 503 errors before this would finally load. But I toughed it out because my mind was screaming at me, “YOU NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEOOOOO!!” Well worth it.

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    This is about 9000 times better than Hope-watering-the-lawn pictures of last year. Hot damn, Mary Abigail.

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    I had to use Life Alert when I opened this. Damn! (Pinoe needs to do this next year!) I know Abby is taken, but she will have to dodge the hot girls in Olympic Village! What happens in London, stays in London…

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    Unf Abby Wambach. I have to say I’ve never seen or met a soccer player that I wasn’t attracted to. Hot damn this sport.

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    WOW!, I would love to get my hands on this Body.. Issue.
    However chances are that it will not be on sale in Europe and asking my uncle to buy it for me would be a bit awkward.. “Hey could you get me that ESPN Magazine with photographs of naked women?”

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