A Festivus for the Rest of Us: Announcing Autostraddle’s Holigay Parties!

Thanks to a ragtag team of brave souls across the globe, it really is the most wonderful time to be queer! From Australia to Laguna Beach, I’m excited to present you with (drumroll, please) this year’s Holigay Meet-Ups! Readers, say hello to your future plans.

Rethinking your decision not to host? It’s not too late to take the dive! If you wanna host a Holigay Party, just submit your event here and we’ll add it to this post. All parties will be promoted on social media and in other posts, but hosts are encouraged to use this graphic and this graphic to promote it on Twitter and everywhere else, respectively.

And don’t forget! Use the hashtag #HappyHoligays to share photos and funny stuff from your meet-ups. Or, use it to randomly tell us about your life in a series of tweets. We’ll love them all.


United States

Albany (NY)

Hosted by Ranger
December 13 at 11 AM
Playdium Bowling Center
RSVP on Facebook

Atlanta (GA)

Hosted by Arielle
December 6 at 2PM
2760 Briarcliff Rd.
RSVP on Facebook

Austin (TX)

Hosted by Joelle
December 17 at 7 PM
2406 Rio Grande St. #332
RSVP on Facebook

Cincinnati (OH)

Hosted by Tricia
Poe Pad
December 19 at 8 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Columbus (OH)

Hosted by Christine
Location TBA (Must RSVP)
December 19 at 7 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Indianapolis (IN)

Hosted by Brandalynn
Good Morning Mamas
December 20 at 10:30 AM
RSVP on Facebook

Jacksonville (FL)

Hosted by Heather
1120 Edgewood Ave S
December 10 at 7 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Laguna Beach (CA)

Hosted by Jane
872 Wendt Terrace
December 6 at 12 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Los Angeles (CA)

Hosted by Chelsey
11007 Hartsook St. #103
December 19 at 8 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Madison (WI)

Hosted by Ellie
Monty’s Blue Plate Diner
December 26 at 2:30 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Manchester (NH)

Hosted by Linds
City Cafe
December 13 at 12 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Memphis (TN)

Hosted by Whitney
892 S Cooper St
December 17 at 6:30 PM
RSVP on Eventbrite (For Free!)

Minneapolis (MN)

Hosted by Anna
3854 3rd Ave S
December 24 at 9 PM
RSVP on Facebook

New York (NY)

Hosted by Somer
94 Avenue A
December 14 at 7 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Philadelphia (PA)

Hosted by Maddie
1129 South 48th Street
December 6 at 2 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Philadelphia (PA)

Hosted by Katie
William Way Community Center
December 14 at 1 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Rochester (NY)

Hosted by KaeLyn
Rich-Waffle Haus (RSVP for Full Address)
December 27 at 6 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Salt Lake City (UT)

Hosted by Brianne
Squatters Brewery
December 14 at 11:30 AM

San Francisco (CA)

Hosted by Rachel
2139 Jackson St.
December 6 at 8 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Washington (DC)

Hosted by Carmen
Location TBD
December 14 at 11 AM
RSVP on Facebook


Brisbane (Queensland)

Hosted by Stefanie
Location TBD
December 6 at 6 PM
RSVP on Facebook


Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Hosted by KC
Location TBA
December 30 at 7:30 PM
RSVP on Facebook

Dublin (Ireland)

Hosted by Kate
December 19 at 8 PM
31 Sherrard Avenue
RSVP on Facebook

If you submitted an event and don’t see it in this post or want to request changes, email carmen [at] autostraddle [dot] com.

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Carmen spent six years at Autostraddle, ultimately serving as Straddleverse Director, Feminism Editor and Social Media Co-Director. She is now the Consulting Digital Editor at Ms. and writes regularly for DAME, the Women’s Media Center, the National Women’s History Museum and other prominent feminist platforms; her work has also been published in print and online by outlets like BuzzFeed, Bitch, Bust, CityLab, ElixHER, Feministing, Feminist Formations, GirlBoss, GrokNation, MEL, Mic and SIGNS, and she is a co-founder of Argot Magazine. You can find Carmen on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr or in the drive-thru line at the nearest In-N-Out.

Carmen has written 919 articles for us.


  1. I am bad at typing so that typo’s probs mine, but it’s Wendt, not Wenbdt! My street’s named after a wonderful California Impressionist painter; doesn’t that get you in the mood to craft? IT SHOULD

  2. Noooo…. My family is having an early Christmas the day of my city’s meet up (since some people can’t be there on the actual day). :(


  4. Actually technically the Austin party is hosted by Ashley and Breanna, latest local lesbian power couple, buuuuutttt y’know…

    • I am a new arrival to Baltimore and I know a grand total of zero people. I hang out at parks with my dogs and attempt to flirt with all the girls with cute puppies and it’s ridiculous. So basically what I’m saying is I am totally down to do some holigaying around here.

      • @squidzilla pterodactyl screech (the best way to say hi, of course) Hello hello! There apparently aren’t many Baltimore Straddly people; the only other human i know if is Gilles, whose AS handle i don’t know. I’m sure there’s got to be more people, but i have no life. So yeah! Maybe we should figure something cool out c:

        • @caitlin-2 I am way into this idea, also way into pterodactyls. Super short notice, but apparently it’s one-dollar day at the aquarium and science museum tomorrow? That probably means it will be a shitshow, but who knows!

  5. I asked in the original post but didn’t get any responses. I’m going to try again here cause I really want to host something and I hope people are in my area that would be interested.
    Is there anyone in Ashland, OR interested?


    • I’m going to try to make it to the NH gathering! For as gay as Vermont is supposed to be, I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of straight people.

  7. Is it weird that I pretty much just lurk on Autostraddle, but actually kinda want to go to my local party?

  8. Is this an open call to anyone type thing? Cincinnati would be for me, but if you don’t know the host or anyone at all going, is it weird?

    • There was something about a Baked Goods Exchange being planned on the Portland Autostraddlers Facebook page..

    • I’m in Seattle and can’t host bc my place is so small but could probably swing one if it were in between Portland and Seattle? PNW Holigays/daze?

  9. I can’t RSVP to the Austin party??

    Also, I would love to host something in San Antonio where I actually live, but I was wondering if there are any SA straddlers here?

  10. North/Central FL straddlers- lemme know and we can figure something out on a weekend that works better if you are out there and interested!

  11. Forever wishing I was old enough to participate in the holigay festivities. Are those under the age of 21 permitted to attend?

    • I think you’d have to check with your specific event (if the venue is 21+ for example) but for me personally, every time I host events I want EVERYONE to come, regardless of age, and I think that’s true of most people.

  12. Cool beans. So, I clicked the link to RSVP to Cincy, and it won’t let me view the page…Anyone else having issues?

  13. I would totally go to one of these in Seattle! My apt is tiny though so I can’t host one :( Someone please make this a thingg in the PNW!!

  14. So… I kind of want to go to my local festivities (Minneapolis) but a) I just lurk around here and don’t actually know anyone and b) I don’t use Facebook. (Oh yeah, and c) I’m really awkward and sometimes have panic attacks at parties but I like to try going to them anyway.) Are any of these obstacles able to be overcome in the brilliant minds of whoever reads this?

    • here’s what i think:

      a. it’s totally fine to go even if you’re not a frequent commenter! hell, i bet some of the hosts aren’t even frequent commenters!

      b. i think that’s ok! i can reach out to the MN host and see if they’d like you to email them or something instead, but probably just showing up is also ok.

      c. i feel like i can’t really advise you on this one, seeing as i’m no expert, BUT, i do know that as someone who can get really anxious in social settings with lots of strangers, i’ve hosted a trillion of these and never had less than an amazing time. these meet-ups are an opportunity to meet folks in a typically amazing and supportive space. i obviously can’t promise you anything, but i endorse hanging out with the people who read this website as often as possible. i say go for it, if you think you could!

    • Hi!

      Ok SO! I am the host of the Minneapolis party. I can say 100% you are so very welcome to come and join! Minneapolis Autostraddlers are the friendliest and most supportive group out there. Seriously. It’s like this queer utopia beautiful inclusive group. At a lot of the meet-ups there are new people who don’t know anyone else. I can also say I am real friendly and ready to meet you and introduce you to everyone else.

      As for not using facebook, also no biggie. You can see the date and the address and no need to RSVP!

      Now. As for panic attacks in social situations and feeling awkward: It happens to the best of us. Everyone is different and I would personally love if you came and just meet people even if it’s just for a minute before deciding it’s too much and leaving. If you have to leave early, we get it and we are not judging. If you have to take a moment and go into a quiet room and be alone for a minute, legit and possible. If you feel more comfortable lurking in the background and just watching all of our amateur drag attempts without talking to anyone and stress-eating tater tots, COOL!

      I will say, my parties do tend to be loud and dance-y and kinda all over the place. You wont be pressured to participate in anything, and the chance of music in one room and just chilling by a photo booth in a different room is pretty likely.

      If you wanna meet me before the actual event, I’ll be at Queer Cuts For A Cause on Sunday (maybe Whitney can talk more about that/say some more about MPLS autostraddle as she runs the group!).

      Hope this helped!

      • Okay… I think I’m going to do it. (There, I RSVP’d right here in the comments. I’ll probably also bring my wife.) Thanks for responding to my comment. I’m am looking forward to meeting new people in an exciting/terrifying sort of way.

    • I’M SORRY (kinda)

      The reason behind having it on xmas eve is so people who don’t have anywhere else to go or who need a break from family have a happy, joyful, safe and respectful chosen family to be around.

      I personally (I’m the host btw) don’t have family to go to, so I would like to be around THE BEST CHOSEN FAMILY ever ever, especially on xmas eve.

  15. OMG A MEMPHIS MEET-UP?! Amazing! Now, I don’t live in Memphis anymore (I don’t even live in the States anymore), but still: ALL THE AMAZING!

  16. *looks sadly around Kansas City for queer babes who actually like to leave the house*

    *comes up empty*

    *reaffirms decision to move to Chicago*

  17. oops, I commented on the wrong post… pesky tabs, here we go again… There’s an AS writer living in Dublin! this is Awesome! Good Luck with your Holigay Party Kate, agus Céad míle fáilte romhat!

  18. Are there any further deets about the NYC party this Friday? Both the location and description are a little vague. Is this definitely happening? Is there a Facebook invite?

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