90 Days, 90 Photos of Lindsay Lohan: GALLERY

Why not make our next girl gallery 100% photographs of Lindsay Lohan, we asked ourselves? Good question, we answered. We should do that right now.

Big up to Sweet & Talented, LLohan.org & Daydreaming, without whom we wouldn’t have most of these photos.

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  1. Lindsay can look hot there’s no denying, but I kind of resent ‘we’ as a lesbian community being seen to admire/support her in this way when she’s been charged with drink driving. I don’t think her sexuality trumps the fact she’s a disgrace. Plenty more talented gay/straight women to focus on.

    • I respectfully disagree.

      For too long gay men have had a monopoly on the idolatry of hot diva messes.

      They can keep their washed up stars, while the queer ladies sing “Lilo with a D (UI)” in glorious harmony.

    • I think she just wanted to drink some awesome shooters and soak up some people’s awesomeness(i.e. SamRo). We’ve all been there, but I’ll be more inclined to be supportive when I see evidence that she’s learned to be more respectful of other people.

  2. I also don’t entirely see why Lindsay Lohan is discussed so much on here but that ties into my general apathy regarding celebrities. But at the same time, I like how you guys talk about her on here. I like how you talk about the cultural system under which she lives – the system that makes life kinda shitty for her and almost guarantees the continuance of all of the “bad” things she does that we constantly bash her for. It’s a pretty disgusting cycle.

    I do think autostraddle glorifies her a little, especially when she hasn’t exactly done much to warrant such attention, much less admiration. Though in general, if the media talked about her the way she’s discussed here, I’d pay more attention. Because it’s not about her *per se* but about her being the unfortunate product of a fucked up culture that focuses on all the wrong things.

    • i am also apathetic about celebrities. which is probably why i am allowed to write about other things, i realize. JUST PIMPIN’ TECHNOSTRADDLE, NO BIG DEAL.

      audiostraddle’s pretty hot too. i know crystal’s reading this.

      • yup. on a scale of one to ten, technostraddle and audiostraddle are so hot they should probs be bartending at mason-dixon.

  3. eh whatever Martha Stewart did 5months of hard time for something not nearly as serious as a dui

    However…I do appreciate 80% of the gallery being the early years. The finger in the mouth thing was so ___ sigh

  4. I love Lindsay best with red/brown hair and all her beautiful freckles showing. Freckles are amazing.

    How many days did Michelle Rodriguez serve? We should do a gallery for her too ;)

  5. Why are we supposed to take ownership of her and idolize her when she won’t do the same for us?
    Christ, Gaga is a far better idol.
    She supports us openly and feverently.

    Lohan is beautiful. And I feel many things looking at her- empathy, compassion, and a sense of the strong need for feminist ownership of her.
    But come on now! Young people read this shit, yo. You know what’s the wrong message to send *them*? The message of drug abuse, destruction, and families being ripped to shreds that IS lindsey lohan.

    I’m sort of getting sick of what feels like the constant support of partying (drinking, drugs, what-have-you) on this site. There are many more interesting and important things that lesbians/queers/women are doing.

    • hm, well personally i never go out, i hate other people, i like to sit in my room and read books and talk to strangers on the internet, i hate partying, i find it dull, and i actually don’t know much about lilo’s partying ’cause i don’t really care. (the emphasis on partying is also why i dislike the real l word and gimme sugar, but that’s another rant for another post) i just know she’s an actress, is bisexual, and has been in films and done some modeling and recorded music that i liked (all the photos in this gallery are from her professional work on purpose, no personal or pap photos) and everyone says terrible things about her all the time and that’s unkind. it’s like seeing a girl get bullied in the schoolyard. except also you kind of have a crush on her or whatever, so you think maybe if i protect her from the bullies, i can save her, and then we can make out, end scene

    • that being said we probs do condone getting drunk on the internet more than we should. but not at the expense of ignoring important things lesbians/queers/women are doing. i think.

      • that’s probably true. maybe we just talk about it a lot because we want to seem absurd and hilarious. that’s my usual m.o. anyway.

        that said, we should establish an online A.A./N.A./Whatever A. group for queers! because, you know, we aren’t busy and we’d prob rather do that than whatever else we’re putting off.

  6. i feel like autostraddle is the only place on the internet where a photo gallery of a 24 year old hollywood starlet could become a comment discussion of representations of queer womyn and the media’s effect on our conversations about substance abuse. <3

  7. I like how the Lohan is treated here compared to everywhere else on the internet. People think like I do. People really do beat the crap out of her everywhere else. I don’t know how many times I’ve come in here and read something about her and gone ‘yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking’. Thanks for being that one safe haven where there is limited if any Lohan bashing.

  8. Autostraddle’s niche market is redeeming the crazy fallen angels (Jenny, LiLo, others, but especially these two faves) from pop culture hell…AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE THIS SITE!

  9. I like Lindsay and it makes me sad/angry that people/media like to crucify celebrities all the time, but really go for it when they’re in trouble/sad/having a breakdown. I just want her to get better and be happy again.

    I’m amused at how up in arms people always get over these galleries. Like, really?

    Whatever, you guys, let’s go watch Mean Girls.

  10. We all party once in a while. Well, maybe not all of us, but who’s counting. I agree with Taylor’s assessment that a lot of it is to make fun of the drinking and partying we do/don’t do.


  11. I don’t feel sympathy towards lindsay. All celebrities experience media attention and it’s how they choose to handle it which dictates the kind of press they get. If Lindsay was so averse to negative articles then she could have knuckled down and done something worth being positive about instead of parading around the hollywood hotspots minus underwear and drink driving.
    I agree it’s odd for a group of intelligent women to dismiss a DUI on the grounds that ‘hey who cares, she’s a sexy bi’

  12. I get what everyone is saying…but… at the same time… She is just a person, who makes mistakes. I don’t like how people put these celebrities on pedestals and then watch them fall.
    She was drunk, and she drove a car. It was a really, really bad thing to do, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not like she’s a sex offender or murderer.
    She’ll go to jail, hopefully get sober and then hopefully move on with her life. She’s being punished by the law, people don’t need to punish her, too.
    You can’t blame these stars who are put in the public eye at such a young age, they’re bound to go through some rough times as a young adult.

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