8 Reasons Kacey Musgraves Is Your New Fave: A Kacey Musgraves Appreciation Post

For many of us, the best thing to happen at the Grammys last night was our introduction to Kacey Musgraves. Welcome to the club, I have been here for some time. Here are the top reasons I am unashamedly in love with Kacey Musgraves!


1. She placed fifth on the Reality TV Show Nashville Star in 2007 (remember that show? me neither) and still came in FIRST PLACE at The Grammys (remember that show? YEAH YOU DO).

Nashville Star Publicity Photo

Nashville Star Publicity Photo

2. She co-wrote all of the songs on Same Trailer Different Park, the show Nashville, and Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” (you should watch her version!).

3. Her songs have depth. Actual depth. And for the most part, every song’s message is “Be Yourself And Be Happy.”

4. As Contributing Editor Audrey said, “I like Follow Your Arrow so much because it’s not an ally song in the overbearing ‘look at how progressive and ally-like’ I am way. It’s just ‘you do you’ you can two-step to.”


5. When was the last time you heard a country song positively reference smoking pot, atheism, premarital sex, and kissing whoever the fuck you want? Maybe this will start a new progressive movement in country music!

6. Kacey could be a super successful crossover artist in the same way that we’re really only seeing from Taylor and Carrie at the moment, but you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying her songs like you do whenever you put on the Taylor Swift Pandora station.

7. She has never posted a food picture on her Instagram — but did post about Lisa Frank, Hocus Pocus and how much she loves using baking soda as an exfoliant which I’m wholeheartedly behind.


8. This Outfit really takes “No/Minimal Pants” to the next level:


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  1. I just bought the album.

    Also, “It’s just ‘you do you’ you can two-step to.”

    I am so going to stuff the request box at Charlies with her songs.

    and I am devising a plan to make my own light up cowboy boots.

    • Hahahaha! You’re so right. Nice catch. I really meant that we’re only seeing in Taylor and Carrie at the moment.

      But still, besides Shania our options were blonde and pure (LeAnn before the whole affair thing which made her less pure and less popular), blonde and pure (Faith), and three blondes that became unpure once they became progressive.

    • She doesn’t get a lot of play, at least on my country stations here in Upstate NY/Vermont. Some people on twitter were saying Follow Your Arrow will never get on mainstream country radio because pot and gay, but who knows! Hopefully they’ll start playing Merry Go Round more at least.

      • I’d be happy to hear Silver Lining, My House, or Merry Go Round on the radio. I agree about Arrow, maybe I should request it on the local college stations so more people hear it…

        Maybe then we could get people to request it on the country stations. =)

  2. I heard ‘Follow Your Arrow’ on another site (can’t remember which) a few months ago and immediately fell in love with it, partly because my response was “yay this is like a You Do You anthem”! I was so pleased to hear she won a Grammy.

  3. Oh my gosh, yessssssssss. I’ve been in love with her for since I first heard her. I have a ton of nostalgia over country music and I’m so glad that there’s some more out there now that I can listen to without feeling guilty about it.

  4. 1) yes Yes YES! I love her and I’m excited for her to get some mainstream recognition.
    2) I love that you just call them “Taylor and Carrie” because that’s how I talk about celebrities too. I know them, and no one can convince me otherwise!

  5. The men of country music have been making Hank, Johnny, and Patsy roll in their graves (see Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line) with their brand of “hey baby, hop in my truck, here’s a red solo cup, like those cut off jeans” bro country…

    But have no fear, the ladiez (Miranda, Kacey, The Pistol Annies) will save the genre.

    This Southerner approves.

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