37 Delicious Things That Become Infinitely More Delicious After A Breakup

1. Avocado still in the rind with a spoon
2. Boxed wine
3. Peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips on a spoon
4. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
5. Raw cookie dough
6. Banana with all natural peanut butter
7. Pirate’s Booty
8. Starbursts
9. Mac ‘n cheese
10. Animal crackers
11. Sweet chili Cheetos
12. Cheez-its
13. Frosties
14. Mini snickers
15. Pei Wei noodles and sauce
16. Cereal
17. Kettle corn
18. Trader Joe’s pinot grigio
19. Gin
20. Brownie batter
21. Annie’s shells
22. Icing out of a can
23. Buttered noodles
24. Otter Pops
25. Instant pudding
26. Microwavable chicken pot pie
27. Chipwiches
28. Ice cream cake
29. Phish food
30. Homemade nutty buddy/puppy chow
31. Cupcakes with cookie dough inside
32. Macaroni and cheese cheeseburger
33. Little Debbie seasonal cakes
34. Trader Joes mini peanut butter cups from the fridge
35. The Trader Joes chocolate chip dunkable cookies, possibly called Dunkers or Chippers
36. Alcoholic milkshakes from Cheesecake Factory
37. Half the menu at Cheesecake Factory

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Lizz is a consumer, lover and writer of all things pop culture and the Fashion/Style Editor at Autostraddle.com. She is also full time medical student at Brown University in Providence, RI. You can find her on the twitter, the tumblr or even on the instagram.

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    • what does it say about me that when i read this list my initial thought was, “well if you’re feeling really self-loathing, you should probably make all your ex’s favorite foods…” yeah. i’m That Girl in a break-up. sigh.

  1. 41. If you’re Dutch, the giant dark chocolate letter J you were gonna give her for Feast of St. Nicolas (Sinterklaas), melted down and made into chocolate strawberries to be enjoyed with your bestie while watching Buffy. They tasted like vengeance and cultural pride.

    Also I second the tequila.

  2. #3 – Yes! Now I can enjoy my strange little snack in peace and without judgment.

    Also #18 – Nothing wrong with some three buck chuck. Even if you’re drinking it alone. While sewing. And watching Downton Abbey.

  3. None of this applies to me since I have never had a break up with anyone. :( But all of these are still good.


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