20 Bestest Gay & Lesbian TV Couples

Tv.com, who is probs a big deal because it’s called “tv dot com,” made a list of the 20 Best TV Couples of All Time (ONTD added photos to TV.com’s list, so you should read it there) and there’s no gay couples on it. Unless you count Will & Grace, which you shouldn’t, because that’s a gay man and a straight woman who are best friends, not a couple.

Anyhow it’s not the Pulitzer or the Oscars or something, I think we can all survive despite this list being on a website on the internet. However, we’d still like to make one biased in our favor.

This is how they describe their list:

From Lucy and Ricky to “Moonlighting’s” David and Maddie, we’ve highlighted 20 TV couples who’ve had the sexiest, zaniest and most romantic chemistry to ever grace the small screen.

Now, it’s difficult to hold up any gay television couple to, say, Cliff and Claire Huxtable or Ross and Rachel, since television shows rarely allow a character to be gay for more than three episodes, let alone 14 seasons, what do you think this is, UnicornVille.  I mean, look at all the shitty shows we sat through just to get to the lesbian parts, as per our Top Ten Feats of Lesbian Storyline Endurance.


So we would like to proudly present our version of the 20 “Greatest” TV Couples. It’s mostly gay people, since that’s really the only time we ‘turn on the teevee’ (/netflix) these days anyhow, just like tv.com watches straight people. Eventually this list spiraled into haphazard random nonsense, but we’re pretty sure you’re gonna like it anyhow, ’cause pictures are pretty.


20 ‘Greatest’ TV Couples of All Time, Heavily Biased Towards GLBTQ Peoples



20. Keith & David, Six Feet Under


19. Shane & Carmen, The L Word


18. Jim & Pam, The Office



17. Spencer and Ashley, South of Nowhere

[photo via izcabrona]

16. Dwane & Whitley, A Different World


15. Cameron & Mitchell, Modern Family

14. Corey & Topanga, Boy Meets World

13. Alice & Tasha, The L Word

12. Pacey & Joey, Dawson’s Creek

11. Pepa & Silva, Los Hombres De Paco

10. Paige & Alex, Degrassi: The Next Generation

9. David & Darlene, Roseanne

8. Callie & Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy

7. Sid & Cassie, Skins

6. Willow & Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5. George Michael & Maeby, Arrested Development

4. Naomi & Emily, Skins

3. Brian & Justin, Queer as Folk

2. Dana & Alice, The L Word

1. Bette & Tina, The L Word

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  1. Brian and Justin will always be my favorite TV couple ever.

    Also, Pacey and Joey. When I was a kid I had the collector’s set of TV Guides from when Dawson’s Creek first started. Every main character had a cover, but my favorite was the Joshua Jackson one, because I thought he was foxy.

    I’m convinced that a love of the White Power Ranger, Pacey J. Whitter, and listening to Belinda Carlisle solo records is an early, strong indicator of lesbianism for kids born in the mid-80s.

  2. George Michael and Maeby FTW! (And possibly slightly instestuous.)

    Michael: Yes I do, but that is not a family, okay? They’re a bunch of greedy, selfish people who have our nose. And Aunt Lindsay.

    George Michael: She’s not my real aunt?

    Michael: Not a real nose. Got a picture of her when she’s fourteen in a swimming cap. She looks like a falcon.

  3. I was like scrolling scrolling scrolling where in the hell is..OH THERE THEY ARE BRIAN/JUSTIN!!

    I would also honorable mention Xena and Gabrielle. Lord knows that was a strong soul mate relationship cause I would have left that bitch when she got my son killed.

      • Oh, see, I was talking specifically about TV couples. Paris Geller is way too high-strung/young for me. But web series couples? Well, Dr. Glass can soothe me with her, erm, calming voice ANY day.

        In fact, Susan, after all that drama in the finale, I think you have a real RESPONSIBILITY to bring back Liza to help me process it all. She totally said she’d clear enough space in her head for me. I mean for Aster. Aster needs help processing it all. Not me. I don’t have a crush on my therapist. Aster’s therapist. It’s fiction.


        *backs away slowly*

  4. Love that Darlene & David from Roseanne made the list. They had great chemistry, were so gay and it was perfect. Did anyone see Johnny Galecki in the off-Bway show “The Little Dog Laughed?” He played a hustler hired by a closeted movie star.

    Also, Jim & Pam make me believe in love. Especially around season 2.

  5. Naomi and Emily, bithesssss! I love them so<3
    (I love skins in general so, actually. but them so much. and maxxie, but that's another thing.)

    and "awwww"s for Corey and Topango. Oh, that show. 😛 Crazy.

  6. If it was the dullest couple ever then I would agree with the # 1. Talk about inducing boredom. Naomi/Emily, Shane/Carmen and David/Keith way too low. Yes, I know Naomi and Emily is at # 4 and again that is way too low. Nice to see Sid and Cassie in there. Personally love Jessie and Katie from Once and Again.

    Plus the American version of The Office is not in the same ballpark with the original. The same can be said for Jim and Pam – a lame substitute for the glory that was Tim and Dawn.

    • Darling Ratchel, Suzanna, MsNJS, Heather, ;

      The best couple is Bette & Tina; they are always connected, they are sweet, they are respectfull between them, it seems love them. But other ones, 🙁 do not transmit feeling.

      Good Bye!

      Salutations / Kind regards.

  7. I have a few: Phoebe and Cole from Charmed, Marco and Dillan from Degrassi, Kayla and Aiden from South Of Nowhere, Roxy and Angela from Bones, also I don’t know if they count yet but Emily and Maya on Pretty Little Liars.

  8. Bette and Tina #1!!! Yes please!!!
    They are so lovely together and they have such great chemistry. I like also that they potray a same-sex couple in more mature age group.

  9. Ok I love Buffy, and I love Willow’s character in particular. I really liked it when she realized she had feelings for Tara. But really, could they have picked a duller person for her to fall in love with? Tara was so boring, so limp, so whiny. I really wanted to like their relationship but the whole time I was just so confused about what Willow saw in her. I’m pretty damn gay, but I’d definitely stay with my ginger werewolf boyfriend over Tara.

  10. Ummm…. SHANE AND MOLLY. Such chemistry and Clementine IS SO HOT and so got it on with Kate who is also SO HOT. I may need to calm down now. *fans face with nearest papery item*

  11. WAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!? …..Hello, ………. carmen and shane should be like num.1. OMG people they were like the cutest, sexyest, best gay couple EVVEERR xx carmen is just hot,and shane practicly chan

  12. is this a voting thing because straight up no Agron and Nasir from Spartacus Vengence or Barca and Peitros form Spartacus Blood and Sand considering the series is aired in 150 countries worldwide translated into 15 different languages also with a steady average of 4 million viewers per episode surely this couple should rank somewhere in your list what about Lucretia and Gaia from Gods of the Arena Spartacus Prequel I am surprised Xena and Gabrielle aren’t on the list

  13. I would have to agree with all of that! Bette & Tina are probably the best tv couple of all time (gay or straight), and this coming from a stright girl 😛
    However im not sure if that was more about the writing or the crazy chemistry between the actresses.
    PS: I hope they go through with the movie!

  14. Hi um I’m extremely confused right now. Half these couple were heterosexual couples? I know Jim and Pam are adorable and all but wouldn’t they be in a completely different list? What was your criteria to make it on this list??

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