S L I C K: Raincheck Part 1

This week's S L I C K is curated and edited by Malic White.
Content notes: friend sex, masturbation, oral sex, manual sex, penetration

Okay, I lied. When Naomi asked if I was busy, I was giving a less than enthusiastic hand job to an ex.
Fran. Remember Fran with the ass so thick and tight that even Givenchy evening gowns wished that they could be humble cotton boxer briefs just to get to hold it? Fran with the bougie apartment in Wicker Park that they could inexplicably afford? Fran who gifted me the first ten orgasms* of my life when I moved to Chicago and was still painfully repressed? Fran who later told me we should just be friends since they were going to grad school and needed to focus. Fran who claimed to defer their enrollmen...

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Jasmine Henri is a writer, performer, and teaching artist living in Chicago. She is an ensemlble member of the Neo-Futurists, a founding member of Hot Kitchen Collective, and a company member of PlayMakers Laboratory. Her writing is overwhelmingly about queerness, Blackness, youth and pop culture.

Jasmine has written 4 articles for us.