16 Vintage “Gay” Advertisements That Are Funny Now That “Gay” Means “GAY”

“Gay” is a great word. Here’s why: it rhymes with everything. Also, it’s brief. Therefore it should be no surprise that even before it meant “inverted sinner pervert homosexual” and still meant “happy.” What happened next was that gayness and happiness split up, but they’ve been getting back together ever since and are going strong. Look at our ancestors in gayness!


16 Vintage “Gay” Ads That Weren’t Actually About Gay People But Should Be Now



which makes 4th of july a gay holiday



the captain is actually waving goodbye to these girls who he hasn’t got a chance with anymore



before R Family, there were these guys



as we know it from watching ‘the real l word’!



we go way back with beer



if you know what haviland & riese vlog this line is from, you win a pony



this teapot inspired the romi klinger hit track, “gay in LA”



it’s a white tank top



there are a lot of ways to look at this situation, i haven’t picked just one yet



not as sweet as lesbian sex, but sweet



but lately we’ve been really into these color-coded bandana things?



it’s every straight girl’s favorite fantasy





this paint roller is detachable, p.s.



every little girl’s dream, every parent’s nightmare



but what does it mean?



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  1. 1

    This is one of the best things in all of human history. #8 is definitely my favorite.

    I also read #3 as “Clitone”.

  2. 0

    “Menstrual distress” is now my new favorite phrase instead of “FUCK I’m cramping, I want to go back to bed”

  3. 0

    As someone who collapsed in a laughing fit in front of over a hundred people while singing the ‘Don we now our gay apparel’ line in Deck the Halls just this Christmas, this appeals to my sensibilities.

  4. 0

    Love it! Have you got any links to bigger versions? I want the Ovaltine one as a poster by my bed.

  5. 0

    Jell-o totally IS the gay dessert. Have you ladies seen how many rainbow jello shot recipes are out there? At least 37 bajillion. I want to eat ALL THE RAINBOW JELLO.

  6. 0

    Now I know why Salt Lake City was voted gayest city…Jello! We love our Jello! If only all those Mormons knew that Jello salads at church events makes you gay, going to church would be A LOT more fun!

    • 0

      With their Jello at every event and their intense love of musical theater, Mormons really are the gayest of the homophobic religions.

  7. 0

    I am going to put on my Kotex and Modess pads, take some Midol, make sure I have on my Gaytees footwear and gay Jester Wools, put some GoGay hairspray on my hair and Gay Diversion perfume on myself while my Gay-LA singing kettle heats up water for my Ovaltine. Then I will go on an American Export Lines gay cruise and drink lots of Cook’s Imperial Champagne and Pabst Blue Ribbon while eating Jello, and Murray Regent and Spangles candies. When I get home I will repaint with all 168 stylist colors of “Clitone” paint!

  8. 0

    “Go, gay girls!” or “Go gay, girls!”? Either way, we are discovered first. I love this, so hilarious! “Wake up gay in the morning.” Pretty accurate.

  9. 0

    This explains so much about my childhood. If ma hadn’t been so stingy with the Ovaltine, I’d have ended up lesbian instead of bisexual.

  10. 0

    I dunno if it’s ovaltine before bed that folks need to wake up gay in the morning… I think it’s me. A little me before bed will definitely wake you up gay in the morning.

  11. 0

    My favorite is when they called the 1890s the “Gay Nineties.” Considering this is the era when Oscar Wilde was making London ten times more fabulous, I highly approve.

    • 0

      There’s a giant gay club in Minneapolis called the Gay 90s. It took me a couple years of college between by first and later visits to get the reference.

      • 0

        …I was in the TC for five years (school + shitty employment) and I did not make that connection, ever.

        Damn science majors, we don’t know shit.

  12. 0

    I dunno about anyone else here, but the idea of ensconcing animal crackers in Jello is really freaking me out. Like just…no, that is not okay.
    That will just ruin your animal crackers AND your Jello, and then where will you be?

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  14. 0

    I have a calendar from 195something that says “If it’s Gay, it’s okay!” From a company called Gay Products. I love it.

  15. 0

    I need to have these adverts in frames on my wall in my house. Now.

    Someone needs to start making reproductions to sell to me on etsy. Or tell me where i can get them please.

    Oh, the gay cruise! And the very gay assortment! Those will never stop being amusing.

  16. 0

    “Go Gay” and “Gay Diversion” SO need to be things again.  I would buy up that shit just for the name, unless it like smelled terrible or sumn.

  17. 0

    It IS chuckleworthy, just like a certain vintage Batman comic when “boner” stopped meaning “accident” & took on a whole new meaning.

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