12 Ways to Sneak Pink into Any Outfit

When I was six, my mother let me choose the color I wanted my bedroom walls to be. I chose bright pink and she did not say no and I lived in a room that resembled a gumball machine for the next ten years.

Now I live in a city where the most oft-worn color, even in the summer, is black. Everyone looks so cool and sleek all the time, like very very stylish seals. But I’ve also found that people across a variety of presentations incorporate typically “gendered” colors, like pink and purple, into their outfits on a regular basis. While working on on this very article I sat on the train next to a dude wearing a pink fanny pack AND pink nail polish.

There’s something particularly striking, for example, about a monochromatic outfit with one bright pink detail. It says, “I am chic and serious but also fun and clever. Here, watch me shotgun this La Croix.”

In that spirit, here are 12 ways to (subtly) pink your ride.

1. Belt It

Belts are great: they hold your shit up, they have shiny hardware built-in, and they come in about a million colors and patterns and shapes and sizes. You can wear one on your hips or at your waist or on your head because one is ever going to question why you’re wearing a belt. They’re only going to question why their own belt is not as snazzy.

Pink Belts

1. Skinny Solid Belt ($12), 2. Tyler & Tyler Woven Pink Belt ($50), 3. Skinny Waist Belt ($65)

2. Tie It

Whether it’s a skinny tie, a bow tie, or a collar, your neck is an ideal place for pink. It draws attention toward your beaming sunray of a face, and away from the coffee stain you got on your shirt this morning. Win-win.

Pink Ties

1. Bayside Tie ($19), 2. Lord Wallington Pink Floral Bow Tie ($40), 3. Yakima Skinny Tie ($20)

3. Suspend It

Suspenders are an unexpected accessory and give your outfit some oomph. Bonus points if you get yours from someone who was in a wedding party where the colors were Blush and/or Bashful. PS. Did you know they’re called “braces” in the UK? So confusing for orthodontists, I imagine.

Pink Suspenders

1. Tomboy Pink Striped Suspenders ($25), 2. Ledbury Braces ($40), 3. Pink Polka Dots on Black Suspenders ($14)

4. Reveal It

Know what’s even better than sneaky pink? Peeking pink. And by that I mean a pink underthing peeking through/out from under something else. This is completely not a thing everyone feels comfortable with: I have lived on this earth for almost 30 rotations and I still feel weird when my bra straps are showing. But sometimes you have to let your pink flag fly.

Pink Bra

1. Breathe T-Shirt Bra ($42), 2. b.tempt’d B.Active Sport Bra ($32), 3. Willa Bra ($26)

5. Paint It

The best thing about nail polish and/or lipstick is that most pink color names sound like the best drag queens you’ve never heard of. My favorite is called Candy Yum Yum.

Pink Paint

1. MAC Lipstick Matte ($17), 2. NYX Megashine Lip Gloss ($5), 3. Essie Nail Color ($8)

6. Lace It Up

Anything from Converse Allstars to Doc Martens look smashing with brightly-colored laces flouncing about while you march around on your mission to crush the patriarchy.

Pink Shoelaces

1. Keds Gingham Shoelaces ($5), 2. Magenta Oval Shoelaces ($4), 3. Doc Martens Pink Ribbon Lace ($5)

7. Wrap (or Fold) It

Bandanas are a textile with many practical applications, all of which I learned in Girl Scouts and promptly forgot. More importantly, a bandana looks positively SPIFFING as a pink triangle shape poking out of the pocket of your chambray button-down. SPIFFING, I SAY.

Pink Bandana

1. Tiger Printed Cotton and Silk Bandana ($105), 2. Pink Flamingo Bandana ($18), 3. Pink Bandana ($8)

8. Blaze It

Ever wondered why this particular kind of tailored jacket is called a blazer anyway? Because when you’ve got one on, you BLAZE into every room. That’s a fact. Look it up.

Pink Blazers

1. Soft Lux Longerline Occasion Blazer ($89), 2. Soft Tailored Blazer ($100), 3. Sophie Shawl Collar Ponte Blazer ($26)

9. Pin It

Pins are the new Put a Bird on It, as we have proved with the awesome selection available for your perusal in the AS store. They go great on everything from your backpack or your sleeveless denim vest to your collar to the lapel of your scorching-hot blazer.

Pink Pins

1. Don’t Need a Lapel Pin ($8), 2. Pink Unicorn Pin ($10) 3. Pink Burger Enamel Pin ($12)

10. Shield It

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone looks better in sunglasses, and pink sunglasses take your selfie aspirations to new heights. You go get your heights on, lemon tart. Just be careful and don’t lean too far over the railing.

Pink Sunglasses

1. Halfmoon Magic Fandango Pink Mirrored Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($30), 2. Pink Metal Detail Mirrored Round Sunglasses ($15), 3. Warby Parker Raglan Sunglasses ($95)

11. (Fanny) Pack It

If you’re already wearing a belt with a sack attached to it, it might as well be pink.

Pink Fanny Pack

1. Married to the Mob Bugged Out Fanny Pack ($25), 2. Nylon Cordura Fanny Pack ($22), 3. Fifth Avenue Pack ($17)

12. Top It Off

A cool hat is actually just an invitation for your crush to snatch it off your head and wear it around for a little bit so you can engage in some elementary school-level flirting.

Pink Hats

1. Wild Jurassic Snapback ($34), 2. Stussy Pink Strapback Baseball Hat ($39) 3. Dylan Snapback Cap ($59)

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Maree lives in Berlin and is usually carrying some sort of Tupperware product on her person. She's written for Marie Claire, The Rumpus, and Teen Vogue, but still has not fulfilled her lifelong dream of seeing a real blue-footed booby. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and probably the dance floor.

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  1. Maree, this was unexpectedly great! For some reason I was expecting a very femme-y list, but my butch heart is singing at all of these pink accessories. I feel inspired. I feel like…. I will try something new, something beyond my usual palette of screaming bright rainbow colours in clashing patterns.

    • Seconding this – I normally don’t like wearing pink, but to my surprise, I found myself liking a surprising number of these accessories, especially the small ones like the shoelaces, ties, suspenders, bandanas, and belt.

  2. I love PINK!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ I know we are supposed to be strong, and feisty, and bold, and equal rightsy , in yo facey…..and that’s good!…. but we are all little pink girls inside our heart….I think.

  3. Envisioning someone creeping up behind a certain short-haired pop star and draping her in accessories while she isn’t looking.

  4. Or, just be like me and carry a hot pink umbrella. I kind of look forward to getting caught in the rain now!

  5. Belt it, tie it, paint it, wrap (or fold) it, blaze it, pin it, shield it, (fanny) pack it. Technologic. Technologic.

  6. Kelley Elsie this was unexpectedly great work! For some reason I was expecting a very fremme-y list, but my heart is singing at all of these pink accessories. I feel inspiring. I feel like or love…. I will try to do something new..Best site forever…


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