10 Things That Taste Good With Peanut Butter

So I was eating some animal crackers with peanut butter thinking, “god, so many things taste good with peanut butter.”  I’m not talking about products which integrate peanut butter into their overall situation, like peanut butter cookies or Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream or Reeses Pieces. I’m talking about stand-alone single-products you might have handy that you can combine with the nut spread of the gods, peanut butter. For example: a banana.

Peanut Butter is one of the most magical things in the universe. When G-d created the world, he made Eve, then Adam, then one polar bear, and then peanut butter.  If it wasn’t G-d, then it was a magical unicorn. Everybody knows Peanut Butter M ‘n Ms are a perfect candy.


Top Ten Things You Can Combine With Peanut Butter to Make a Tasty Treat Without Much Effort


10. Saltines

My Mom would make saltine-and-peanut-butter sandwiches for me and wrap them in tin foil and put them in my lunchbox. I wanted fruit roll-ups at the time, but I feel like she made the right choice for me because I was so young and confused. Life is confusing until you get used to it.


9. Eggo Waffles

My Mom’s a nutritionist and she said to start your day with carbohydrates AND protein.


8. Pancakes

I went to a private elementary school for children whose parents thought they were super-geniuses like Mozart, so I had a lot of rich friends with crazy-big houses and enormous basements, chock-full with entertainment items like ping-pong tables and video game consoles. Anyhow, one time I went to this slumber party at somebody’s nice house, and in the morning we had breakfast and my friend Katie asked for peanut butter for her pancakes and said it was really good, and so I tried it and it’s true, it was really good.


7. Jelly & Bread

I’m really into peanut butter & jelly right now. I think it’s coming back.


6. Sliced Bananas & A Raisin Bagel

They had this at Afternoon Delight. They drizzled honey on top and called it Bonanza Bagel. It gets really messy though, so you should wear eating gloves.


5. Pretzels

You know how some people never have any food in their apartment besides like, five things they’ve always got — like, my friend Natalie always has coffee, soy milk, Kashi crackers, Nutella and hummus but that’s it. Well, peanut butter and pretzels are the two things that a certain kind of person will always have on hand.


4. Orange Crackers

There was this really terrible summer this one time where by August I was surviving on peanut butter with orange cheese crackers, string cheese and ramen noodles.


3. Apples

Apples are healthy, which means apples with peanut butter are a health food.


2. Celery

See: apples.

1. Chocolate

Peanut Butter Loves Chocolate, and Chocolate Loves Peanut Butter, and that’s just a FACT. That’s why Reese’s Pieces exist and Chubby Hubby, and all the pies at Friendly’s. Basically the whole world exists because these two things taste so good together. Unless you have a nut allergy.

Well, that’s all! Remember not to put a peanut butter knife in the sink!

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    • All I did was read the title (well… subtitle. the one that looks like this “Peanut butter will outlast the heat death of the universe!”), and I thought cockroaches. Cockroaches will also survive the heat death of the universe. I had to come back to the article after I stopped thinking about bugs. Now that’s over!

      I second that apple with almond butter is delicious. Also, peanut butter with carrots.

    • I like it with carrots, and with apple pie,
      I like it on bread: normal and rye.
      I like it for breakfast, dinner and tea,
      I like it best, when it’s all for me!

      Sorry, I started reading and thought you were going to do a Dr. Seuss thing and then you didn’t and I was disappointed :(
      So I made my own in case you raised anyone else’s expectations.

  1. I eat an apple with peanut butter or a banana with peanut butter about every other day. Between me and my grandparents we go through at least a jar and a half of Laura Scudders, like, every week.

    Protip: when you run out of milk/creamer/half&half and you really NEED to drink some strong black coffee without dying of bitterness, eating a little peanut butter before every few sips makes it taste better somehow.

  2. peanut butter crackers and peanut butter m&ms. yes and yes.

    however, other than those kinds of packaged foods, I cannot eat regular peanut butter anymore! after trying the all-natural like peanuts are the only ingredients stuff, I can’t go back. It’s saltier and not as sweet and just so much more delicious with all those foods- celery, apples, waffles, pizza… wait

  3. I may or may not eat peanut butter and banana on toast every single morning for breakfast…and then have apple and peanut butter or more banana and peanutbutter as an afternoon/evening snack almost daily as well. It is basically an entire food group in on beautiful jar!!!

  4. Do we not leave the knife in because it could stab people? Or because it gets crusty and hard to clean? or because allergic people could wander near our sink? Or for some other reason?

    I live on PBJ. When I was abroad a lot of people thought peanutbutter was bad for you because of the high fat content (???) and it was sad and alarming.

      • well if you have a dishwasher, you should get the peanut butter off the knife before putting it into the dishwasher. i don’t have a dishwasher, but the knife with peanut butter still on it is annoying to clean if it’s been sitting there for a while, you should get the peanut butter off it right away even if you don’t intend to thoroughly wash it right away

        or else i’m the only one here who has had roommates with strong feelings about peanut butter knives which they often expressed to me

          • #2 rule of life is not putting dirty dishes into the sink, ever.

            rinse them and stack them beside the sink. idk why people I live with always find this process hard.

          • I’ve never seen anybody stack dishes next to the sink. It makes very little sense to me why one would do that. (Not a criticism, just a “wha…why?”) They’re still not clean and still sitting somewhere. You might as well just wash them at that point, since you’re already half-way there. Or just leave them in the sink.

          • Because people put more dishes on top, then more dishes, then rinse even more dishes over all the dishes already in the sink… and then the gross dirty water with parts of someones dinner gets stuck in the bowl at the bottom, and on every plate in between… and possibly clogging up the whole sink since there are dishes everywhere. Then I get sick of the dishes sitting in dirty water and have to put my hands in it it to get everything out of the sink to wash them properly myself.

            Is my argument.

            Washing them immediately is also an option I like.

        • My mom’s rules with dishes have always been:
          -Rinse & scrape your before putting in the dishwasher
          -“Don’t you dare use the brush to get peanut butter off stuff. I don’t want to deal with peanut butter in the brush. USE THE SCRAPER.”

          • Oops. First rule should be, “Rinse & scrape your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.”

            I guess I was too distracted by thoughts of peanut butter to type it correctly.

  5. mmmm peanut butter… anyone ever just grab a spoonful and stud it with chocolate chips, and just stand in the kitchen munching it? Favorite midnight snack.
    And apples and peanut butter. And bananas and nutella and peanut butter.
    Dang it I’m hungry!

  6. this may fall under the category of #1, but the holy grail of the parent-trap-lilo era: peanut butter and oreos. WE BOTH LIKE THIS WE MUST BE TWINS WHO ELSE COULD EVER LIKE THIS. everyone, that’s who. we’re ALL twins.

    • Oh, the adorableness.

      The Parent Trap: Oreos and Peanut Butter

      On a related note: LiLo said she loves Twiglets. Gee, one of those rare Americans who actually may like Vegemite…

      Personally, I really like Vegemite with peanut butter. Aussies/Vegemite converts take note :P I’m introducing my (American) girlfriend to Vegemite soon. Also, I do love PB and J.

      • vegemite WITH peanut butter?!
        this article is too much for me to handle, especially after reading this comment.
        i’ve gone back and forth between ~6 month long phases of what i put on my toast for breakfast-vegemite or peanut butter. both are soooo delicious, but together? my tongue might explode.
        currently, poor lonesome vegemite is growing dusty in the back of the fridge, but tomorrow, all will change as i experiment with the most epic idea ever. slight exaggeration? NO!
        so very excited. alsoijusthadalotofwinedontjudgeme

        • Try it, try it, try it NOW, THEY WORK SO WELL TOGETHER! PB and Marmite do, anyway. And, I mean, Vegemite isn’t quite as good as Marmite, obvs, but the fundamentals are totally the same. Literally, I ate this all the time when I was a kid, and no idea it wasn’t standard PB/Marmite eating practice until I was, like, 15. Your breakfasts are about to get so much better!

  7. let me tell you all a beautiful story:
    earlier this week, i was eating bonnaroo buzz, the delicious ben and jerry’s ice cream flavor that will cause all of your brains to explode. i added peanut butter. it was the most, you guys.

    one of the flavors involved in bonnaroo buzz is whiskey. this got me thinking…pb plus whiskey? could you put whiskey in peanut butter? just a touch of whiskey whipped with delicious creamy peanut butter? i dont know, guys. i dont know.

    • omg, this is so weird since i’m currently trying bonnaroo buzz. i actually don’t really like it, but it was weird like the top had no chunks of stuff in it so it was sort of boring-tasting, and then the bottom had a lot of chunks and then I liked t that way. I’m still on the fence. I thought earlier I wonder what would happen if I put peanut butter in it? and now you have given me the courage to try.

    • noooo they actually don’t have them in california! it’s a restaurant chain that has their own ice cream! though their name is kind of ironic. i have a friend who works for them and she hates people. i don’t even know how we’re friends.

          • i lied. apparently they have them all down the east coast except the state that i happen to be in…

            on a side note i just ate a toasted peanut butter and maple cream sandwich and it was glorious. messy, but that’s the price you pay for deliciousness.

          • i think they either went bankrupt or are about to, i read about it the other day. anyhow i lived in boston for a year, that’s where i ate at lots of friendly’s.

          • when did you live in boston?

            sorry. i know i dont know you, but i feel like i know you. and i didnt know you ever lived in boston.

    • My grandpa really likes sandwiches that have peanut butter, mayonnaise, onions, and cheese in them. His ‘guacamole’ is mashed avocados mixed with Miracle Whip, salsa, and shredded cheddar. *shudder* It’s kind of gruesome, what he does to food.

      • This makes me think of my grandpa because he will eat any food or what’s claimed to be food. Every time eat together as a family and someone has food left over they don’t want to waste they always ask him if he wants it and he never says no. This is how my grandpa ended up eating peanut butter & jelly pizza that no one else liked but didn’t want to pitch.

    • LITTLE MONSTERS! i wanted to try that sandwich SO BAD but i didn’t have the guts for it so i just carried around a duffle bag full of batteries and candy and flashlights because like, i was OBSESSED with that movie.

      anyway thank you i enjoyed experiencing this memory again.

    • Yes, PB and onions=good shit. A looong time ago I was driving with a friend from Bozeman,MT to Eugene,OR to go to a Grateful Dead concert. We had PB and bread on hand, we stopped at a roadside stand and bought Vidalia onions. We made sammiches and they were goood. And no, we weren’t high. Well maybe we were.

      I had just made a PB&J sammich when I sat down to read Autostraddle. And found this glorious article.

  8. For breakfast this morning I had a toasted PB&J and then for lunch I had a whole wheat pita filled with peanut butter and banana slices. I think the only thing that stopped me from having peanut butter for dinner was that I thought I was out of things to put it on. I wish I had seen this article sooner. Very inspirational.

  9. When I was in America and you guys had all the Ben and Jerrys I had Peanut Butter Brittle and it was seriously just one of the best moments. I feel peanut butter doesn’t get enough love in the UK. HOWEVER, there’s a really nice sandwich place that does a panini with sweet chilli sauce, crispy bacon, chicken breast and crunchy peanut butter. Then they closed down and a little black cloud descended over my lunch breaks.

    This is also one of the best comments threads I’ve ever read. Thanks guys.


    I also used to like it with those horrible plastic cheese slices.

    And just a touch on roast pumpkin.

    Maybe even with steak.

    Last week, drunk baking some berry pancakes, I had them with cheesecake yoghurt AND peanut butter. Then I had an egg on toast. With peanut butter.

  11. This is very meaningful to me right now for two reasons. I’m backpacking and am therefore ‘on a budget’ and therefore carry peanut butter with me at all times because it doesn’t go bad, not ever. Secondly, you reminded me about peanut butter/banana combo on the same glorious week that woolworths lowered the price of bananas by 3$/kg. This is important because there was recently a banana catastrophe in australia rendering bananas unafordable for a long time.

  12. Apples with peanut butter on them are called Happy Apples. Do you know what makes an apple happy? Peanut butter!

    Also, what is that white stuff in the saltine cracker and peanut butter sandwiches? Whatever it is, it looks good.

  13. I was vegetarian from age 7 in a house full of carnivores and ate WAY TOO MUCH peanut butter growing up. Just thinking of the stuff makes me a little ill. Terrible, because I know how amazing it can be. But also nice to now have a much more varied protein intake :)

  14. Peanut butter is the single thing I missed *most* while living abroad. Y’all, they nearly don’t sell peanut butter in France. And when they do have it, it’s this crazy expensive, teeny little jar that doesn’t last a month. I mean, Nutella’s fantastique and all, but sometimes I JUST NEED SOME PEANUT BUTTER. IN MY MOUTH.

  15. Take peanut butter and some maple syrup (I just eye it) and heat both up together in a pan on the stove. This will create a wonderous topping to pour over ice cream (especially vanilla). Yum!

  16. So, recently I went with my friend to this restaurant to try their “world famous” peanut butter burger. And I was really nervous after I ordered it because I didn’t think it would be possible for peanut butter (which I love) to go well with beef, lettuce and tomatoes.

    But you guys, it was AMAZING! And that’s when I had this epiphany that peanut butter actually goes with EVERYTHING! It was a major moment in my life. And I think this thread confirms this. I defy anyone to find something it doesn’t go with.

    Also, PB in vanilla ice cream. Mix it up until it’s soft – so good it tastes like reeces puffs cereal.

  17. i’ll tell you the story about my peanut butter summer…

    in south america no one eats peanut butter like they do here, most people think it’s weird and sticky and gross. i always loved it but there was never any in my house and then i was 14, went to camp in the midwest and ate 14 years of regular peanut butter consumption in 6 weeks…
    i had it with EVERY meal, it was more like i would eat my regular meal and then my peanut butter meal. i would just get a separate plate in the dining hall for peanut butter and anything i could dip in it (donuts/cereal/cake/cookies/does it matter?) my friends thought i was crazy but i just had so many things to put peanut butter on!

    i had to wear my uniform home beacause the jeans i arrived in no longer fit… it was a lot of peanut butter you guys… a lot

  18. I just sliced apples, put cornflakes on top, then tea spoon sized peanut butter drops spread over the cornflakes, one every inch or so and then put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Yum. Served with whipped cream, chocolate or vanilla sauce.

  19. FYI-Bonanza Bagels also had sunflower seeds on them, but I think you picked them off.
    w/ Apples – core out the center and stuff the peanut butter in, and slice width-wise. This was one of Riese’s brother’s favorite snacks.

    • I totally remember that episode. I think that they offered to get naked though if they could have some peanut butter and chocolate. And Jeff Probst was like, “Someone get some chocolate and peanut butter here NOW!”

  20. I think I had peanut butter for most of my lunches as a kid. Always pb & banana, pb & marshmallow, pb&j, pb & honey, or pb sandwiches.
    Peanut butter & Kix or pb & cheerios (especially honeynut) is a good snack.
    And I remember having a spoonful of peanut butter almost every time I watched Reading Rainbow when I was younger, so everyday basically.
    Spoonfuls of peanut butter or caramel were always my secret snacks because I could get a spoonful then disappear to my room and not be caught because of crunching. This was even better when I got both.

  21. BANNANAS ARE THE DEVIL!!!! keep those disgusting things away from my precious, precious peanut butter. My close friends and I have had a running joke about peanut butter and lesbians for years (think about the peanut butter dog joke)

    And don’t believe the Masterchef lies, Australians. It’s *meant* to be chunky and thick.

    My fave toast topping: peanut butter + honey + butter. OM NOM NOM NOM.

    I seem to remember having tried a peanut butter icecream around here that was pretty good, but I can’t remember the place now.

  23. Oh oh oh, this is probably the second most common way I consume peanut butter but I forgot about it!

    Take sheet of nori. Spread some peanut butter down part of it, like in a strip. Stick some thinly cut veggies (bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, whatever) and some strips of apple on there, along with some baked or fried tofu. Wrap up like a burrito. Eat.

  24. ohhh…i was expecting something more creative

    ice cream
    marshmallow fluff on a sandwich
    rice krispie treats
    broccoli, carrots, most vegetables (not kidding)
    and the list goes on (and on)

  25. I was just eating a peanutbutter and cheese-sandwich, so this article is perfect. I’m glad the knife-in-sink issue was cleared up, because I always do that and I have no idea it was so wrong. Luckily, I don’t have roommates so nobody noticed.

    I also feel kind of weirdly guilty that this post has a million reactions and for example the Uganda-article only has seven. But here I am contributing to the trend anyway.

  26. to optimise efficiency in my peanut butter and jam sandwich i have taken up putting peanut butter on raisin toast (it’s self-jamming, use only one knife, win/win/win)

    additionally, pb and creamed corn.. i have been told that this is supposed to be good but it hasn’t been mentioned in 185 comments so now i doubt the veracity of this claim.

  27. With a motherfucking spoon. Fork. Knife. Often, a chopstick will do, if not my finger.

    When I was 15 I sliced a roasted sweet potato in half and spread peanut butter in between. Best breakfast before soccer practice.

  28. OMG so eating peanut butter right now with a butter knife. Peanut butter is good on carrots, celery, apples, raisin bagel, raisin toast, and even cucumbers believe it or not. I so totally need to go to the store and buy a banana because now I am craving a peanut butter banana sandwich.

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