Wendy Davis, Kick-Ass Filibusterer, is Officially Running For Texas Governor

Say goodbye Rick Perry and say HELLO Wendy Davis! (Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Sen. Wendy Davis, who rose to national fame for her filibuster against anti-women’s health legislation during the summer, announced Thursday afternoon that she will be running for Texas Governor!


Photo by Shelby Cole

Photo by Shelby Cole

She made it official when Davis said, “All of you deserve to have your voices heard because our future is brightest when it’s lit by everyone’s star. That’s why today I am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this great state.” Although Davis’s incredible filibuster earlier this year inspired millions and has built a strong following for her, she’ll still face an uphill battle in many ways; the fact that the state of Texas succeeded in ultimately passing the legislation that Davis so strenuously filibustered against speaks volumes to the challenges that lie ahead. But Davis is a strong figure to rally around; if anyone can bring a different voice to the Texas legislature right now, it may be her.

Here’s hoping to a brighter future for Texas. #teamwendy

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    Greg Abbott has been well-known in Texas for so long now, serving on the Tx Supreme Court and as Atty General. Wendy Davis is largely a flash in the pan to most Texans, especially because she is really only known here for being pro-choice, which most Texans don’t agree with. I disagree with her views, but respect her for making her voice heard. But truly, I don’t think she stands a chance here in Texas.

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