Put A Flower On It (And In It!): DIY Floral Flower Vase

Happy spring, everyone! It’s been a long and disgusting winter and will probably be raining snow again by tomorrow but you know what? I don’t even care. I can feel the warm light at the end of this freezing tunnel and it smells like flowers and baby animals. To celebrate this very important solstice, today we’re going to get a little bit meta with our crafts and make a floral flower vase. You read that right. This was technically Vanessa’s idea, so everyone give her a lot of credit because she’s a flower princess.

DIY Floral Flower Vase

You will need:

Pressed flowers
A glass container
Matte finish Modge Podge
Two paint brushes

1. Press the flowers! I did this several days ago with the tiny flowers that popped up around where I live. Some of these are fancy planted flowers and others are tiny wildflowers that grew in the grass. For instructions on how to press flowers, check out Carmen’s tutorial (she’s a flower princess too). These are the flower friends I picked before they were pressed:
2. When your flowers are pressed and dried, lay them out on a piece of paper with a lot of space between them. Pick an area on the vase for the first flower, and using the paint brush apply the Modge Podge where you want the flower to be. Then, press the vase onto the flower. If it doesn’t go on smoothly, use the other paintbrush to smooth it out. Then apply another layer of Modge Podge on top of it.
flower gluing 1
3. Repeat as necessary for the rest of your flowers. For smaller flowers, you can gently use the tweezers to pick them up and lay them in the spot you want.
flowers step 2
4. Let it dry!
photo 1


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      can we have a theme song? and costumes? and matching floral print backpacks? can this be an activity at camp? “make a floral print cape.” “make a floral print eye mask.” “use your superpowers to press flowers.” “make your fellow floral print princesses floral crowns.” etc etc etc.

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