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Q: A month ago I broke up with my (now ex) girlfriend of a year and a half. And it sucks. She was the first and only person I’ve ever been in a relationship with, ever had sex with, and the first girl I even kissed. And I absolutely still love her, but I broke up with her because I wasn’t sure if I was still IN love with her.

We’re currently in fairly different places in our own lives right now, and the passion seemed to fade from our relationship a few months ago. I was scared to be in a relationship where it didn’t feel right, where I was getting naggy, and where she was getting annoyed. I was scared to stay in this relationship just because it was comfortable, and because it was my first relationship, I was scared that I was missing out on something better. I’m beginning to think that I needed a break, not a break-up, and I’m terrified I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. But I can’t tell if I miss her, or I miss the idea of her, and I don’t know how to separate the two.


Hello tiny daffodil! Breakups are rough, and they’re a specific type of rough when you are the one who instigated the breaking up. You feel shitty, but also question whether you’re allowed to feel shitty, and whether other people’s also feeling shitty is all your fault. And in your case, you’re questioning whether you should have even made this decision that made everyone feel shitty in the first place.

Breakups are also not an exact science — actually they are very far from being a science at all, they have virtually nothing in common with a science — and so all I can tell you is from my own personal experience! Maybe it will resonate with you, maybe it won’t. The only way we can find out is to forge boldly on!

What you’re trying to figure out is pretty tricky: you’re feeling bad, but are you feeling the normal kind of bad that you’re supposed to feel after a necessary breakup, or a different kind of bad that means you made a mistake? Only you can know for sure, but based on my unscientific, totally personal and subjective anecdotal evidence-gathering, here’s a survey of the possibilities. Feel free to see if any of them resonate with you.

Am I a bad person/did I hurt this other person?

The latter might be true, but that doesn’t mean the former is. If you broke up with someone, you probably did hurt them. But we hurt other people all the time — sometimes thoughtlessly, but often necessarily. And hurting someone by breaking up with them is a much more loving decision than hurting them by staying in a relationship in which you resent them more and more each day — which is what it seems like you’re gesturing to with “I was getting naggy, she was getting annoyed.” This feeling doesn’t necessarily go away but you do understand why it was necessary, with time, and forgive yourself for it.

I miss them a lot.

Yes absolutely you do! You care/d about this person a lot! They are probably still a really great person who makes hilarious jokes and has a really cute belly button. Ask yourself, though: you miss the person, but do you miss the way you felt around the person? Someone can be really wonderful, but your relationship can still be at a point where you feel shitty when you’re around them. If you felt like cake pops and fairy lights when you were with them, you probably wouldn’t have broken up at all. Think honestly about how you were doing around them: if you know that it wasn’t great, then you can miss them but still not need to be with them.

I miss being in a relationship a lot/being single is so hard.

Sure, being in a relationship has lots of nice perks. Someone texts when you’re on your way home from work to ask how your day went! If you cook, someone else does the dishes! You have someone next to you on the couch when you marathon Kitchen Nightmares! But again, how did you actually feel when you were in that relationship? When your person cleaned up after dinner, did you think to yourself “how glorious! what a blessing I have here in this person, and how truly our love for each other is embodied in the act of cleaning up the kitchen!” If you did feel that way, on a day to day basis, then maybe you should still be in that relationship. But if you did not feel that way, then probably what you miss is the fact of having a support network, someone to check in with; probably what you’re feeling is loneliness, not for this specific person but for having a person. That’s totally normal, but doesn’t mean you should try to get back together with your girlfriend. Instead, be honest with your friends, and ask them to be there for you right now, and step up the girlfriend-ish behaviors to keep you from feeling alone right now.

Did I overreact/make up reasons to break up?

I don’t know! Truly, no one but you can ever possibly know. But I do know that as human beings — especially as emotionally and psychologically complex, empathetic human beings — we have an amazing capacity to rewrite how things happened. This is especially true when the events in question are internal, about our feelings and reactions. We all do it constantly. When you have broken up with someone and maybe hurt them, the incentive to do so is large. If you as a person feel you have a history of being impulsive or making decisions that you later don’t understand, then ok, fine (but maybe talk to someone and look into that?). But in my (again, totally subjective) experience, people’s sense of inertia is very strong — they’re much more likely to come up with flimsy reasons to stay in a situation than to leave it. If you’re really worried about this, think on it, talk to friends, talk to a counselor if you want — but also consider trusting your instincts! Many big decisions we make in our lives have the same trajectory — we feel like we can’t possibly do the thing, right up until we know we HAVE to do the thing, and then immediately regret doing the thing because how could we possibly have done the thing, and then with time realizing that the thing was absolutely what we needed. Give yourself the time to know whether that’s the case.

Am I missing out on a really good thing/would this relationship have had a happy future?

Literally no one knows the answer to this and stewing about it is a great way to make yourself miserable. It is possible, I guess, that this person you broke up with was going to be your soulmate. But it’s also possible that you’re engaging in some very black and white thinking — this person was going to be The One and your life with them would have been Happy, but now you’ve ruined it and so your life cannot be Happy. That isn’t how it works! That’s never how it works. We make a thousand choices every day, and no one choice determines your entire future. Furthermore, we make each choice with the very best information we have. The information you had at the time told you this was the best thing to do, and that’s all any of us can say for ourselves. It’s possible, probable even, that this relationship might not have been a total trainwreck. If you had stayed in it, or if you get back together, maybe you would end up being together very long-term, or married. That still doesn’t necessarily mean it was the right thing to do, though, or that it would have been the best thing to have ever happened to you. It’s dangerous to assume that the longest relationship is also that happiest or healthiest one. There are lots of ways to be happy; this breakup doesn’t mean that every other avenue isn’t still open for you.

[Thing] used to be a real problem, but one/both of us have since worked on [thing] in a substantive way.

This might be the case if your breakup had a specific cause that was internal to the relationship — one of you was going through something personal, you were having specific communication issues, one of you was turned into a demon gargoyle made out of stone on top of a New York skyscraper haunted by a Babylonian apocalypse deity, etc. If this really is the case, and one or both of you have truly turned the car around on the issue, that’s great! It’s probably the best reason to reconsider a breakup. If your relationship was solid besides this one issue, and it’s been resolved, then go at it, you crazy kids. A word of warning: sometimes, even if the problem itself is over, the aftermath it caused in your relationship is too much to get over, and that’s just how it is and it’s no one’s fault. Also, sometimes our desire to believe that problems we’ve had in our relationships are solved is so great that we’re willing to be overly optimistic. It’s worthwhile to hold this to a high standard of scrutiny: a text from one person to the other saying “babe, I’ll never do it again, I promise” is not quite enough.

Probably there’s much more you could be feeling, like days and days more. Our post-breakup hearts are large, they contain multitudes. But the overall point, I guess, is this: you will notice that my commentary on these situations trends towards the cautionary. That isn’t because I don’t believe that anyone should ever get back with an ex ever, but because I know that breakups are hard and painful, and most of the time if we go through them it’s because on some level we know it’s for the best. And because more specifically for you, when I look at what you’ve written here, you’ve given multiple (solid!) reasons why you wanted to break up. You didn’t write anything about what was still good in the relationship, or what you wanted to gain back by re-entering it. Instead, you talked about being scared that you lost out on something. Being scared after a breakup, especially after such a long relationship, is 100% normal — but it’s not a great reason to jump back in. If you do decide to reconnect with your ex, it should be because you actively desire the relationship again and think it would be best for both of you to be back in it, not because you’re scared not to be in it.

It’s up to you! Everything’s up to you, here. (Except for what’s up to your ex.) You need to take time and energy to figure out what you want — talk to friends, journal, whatever you need — and decide what you think is going on. If you do decide to talk to your ex, make sure you’re 100% sure of what you want, because few things are more unfair or cruel than having an ex reach out just to say they’re not sure if they want to try again or not. Godspeed, questioner, and I have faith that you’ll know the right thing to do.

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  1. Rachel, you are my queen.

    This is also very applicable for people who have been broken up with and are wondering if they should beg for forgiveness/somehow try to worm their way back into the other person’s life and/or are pining after them.

    Not that I would know anything about that…

  2. There is no such thing as The One. There are a series of Possible Ones who will come in and out of your life, and some will stick around, and some won’t.

    Every relationship ends until one doesn’t.

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  3. I am a huge fan of the “know what you want no seriously know what you want” note this ends on, though I might be biased since I just always wanna answer you need helps by saying that 100 times.

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  4. Rachel you are so good at compassion and writing and things it’s amazing.

    I totally agree that it’s wayyy more likely that someone will stay in a relationship that is unhealthy for them then break up with someone when they shouldn’t, esp. with first loves. Also when it comes to this all or nothing thinking, if it turns out y’all were soul mates you will probably stay friends and keep talking for years until you are both ready to settle down together. My current partner and I spent years almost absurdly missing opportunities to date each other, to the point where every time it happened I’d end up assuring myself we would inevitably date eventually so I might as well take my time, and it was well worth the wait. If you can manage to be friends without a relationshipy dependence, this will give you time to discover which things you miss were her and which were the relationship in the abstract. In this way I’ve retrospectively realized that I really had very little in common with many people I dated other than the relationship.

    Also this might sound a little weird to mention but ever since I got a nice vibrator I’ve had an easier time feeling independent and clear-headed about whether or not I really should be dating someone.

  5. If this is your first long term relationship your first break up will be really really hard but probably for the best. I spent like 4 of the 5 years of my first LTR wondering if we could last when we got together so young and hadn’t had all the experiences we wanted to have and, surprise! we couldn’t. I still love her very much and sometimes, even years later, wondered if it was the right thing. But it so was. We’ve both been single again and I love her so much I’ve even contemplated trying again. And if it is meant to be you can! But, ultimately, despite this big big love, we weren’t right for each other.

    Also, being single is awesome! I say that as a newly sort of not but so used to being single sort of person…

  6. rachel, you’re amazing. this is such good advice, especially since my answer would legitimately have been “hmm, i don’t know. maybe eat ramen for lunch and dinner for three weeks and see how you feel? also, here’s a copy of drake’s discography.”

  7. I gotta say, it sounds like maybe you guys would be better friends (once some time passes). Then you wouldn’t have to be naggy and she’s less likely to get annoyed. I am best friends with my First Great Love and that was the best decision. That breakup was the hardest thing I’ve done in my whole life, but now she’s still in my life, just in a more positive way.

    • My ex is named Erin and she broke up with me and broke my heart but now we are best friends just like you say here and it is awesome and we are both better for it! You’re also named Erin but not my ex so that’s cool/weird.

  8. If it was your first relationship and you have felt drawn to trying other experiences, breaking up was the right thing to do, because otherwise you will always wonder. But I think it’s also important to realize that ALL relationships will eventually move past the honeymoon stage, problems will present themselves, and spontaneous passion will become more of an effort. For me, it becomes a question of whether I’m happy enough that the difficult parts are worth trying to work on – and, of course, finding a partner who feels the same way.

  9. I always remind myself when I regret a big hard thing I do that I don’t have to figure out if it was the right thing immediately. A month or two after something happens I still have a billion fears and no perspective. The only thing that seems to help with that is remembering that if I did do the wrong thing, I’ll be better equipped to fix it later on, when the hurt is less fresh. Fortunately, when I wait to try to fix it, I usually realize that there was nothing I needed to fix.

    I got back with an ex once in a situation like this. We made it another month, I wasn’t actually happy, and I felt doubly bad the second time I had to end things. So keep in mind that re-breaking up is harder to do.

  10. First relationships are rarely the last. Also, dating around, a bunch of different people can be a) fun and b) educational.

    Does breaking up hurt both people? Of course it does. That pain is part of the process.

    It has been my experience, though, that if you get to the point where you’re wanting to break up, and the idea will not leave you alone, you’re likely doing the right thing, no matter how painful it is.

    Also, to be happy coupled, you have to be able to be happy single. And hell, being single can be FUN! I can have sex with who I want, my time, my money, and my space are my own….no one nagging, no answering to anyone…

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being in love, but being single doesn’t have to be miserable, either. Good luck, OP.

  11. If you broke up with your girlfriend instead of talking about where the passion went or what turned you into a nag, maybe that’s why you’re feeling that the situation is unresolved? If that’s the case, the good news is that the nagging stuff plus the fear about missing out on a ‘better’ person is all about you, not her, so you can figure it out on your own. A relationship where you can talk about everything completely openly is something that nobody should be missing out on.

  12. I want a miniature version of Rachel to follow me around à la Jiminy Cricket, complete with coat and tails, please.

  13. I feel as if this advice question/response was written for my current situation. It’s almost exactly the same except that our relationship was one of my ex’s firsts with a female-bodied person, not her very first. Who knows, maybe she did submit this.

    Although I’m the one in the relationship who finally ‘ended it’ she was trying to end it for a while but didn’t want to lose me as a friend. To the person who submitted this question–congratulations, you’ve done the hardest part of breaking up! Voicing your opinion and making a decision, which is incredibly difficult to do. Sometimes you have to lose the friendship part for a while in order for it to happen in the long run, and it sounds like that’s the second-guessing that’s going on for this person.

    Thank you so much for writing this piece–I’ve woken up every day for the last month feeling awful and to read this article this morning felt pretty good–it definitely helped to make me understand I’ve solidly done the right thing by asking for time and space to heal, as much as it hurts.

    The only thing that has made the necessary time pass for me that will help healing is to fill my time with other activities. It sounds like this person liked the feeling of being in a relationship, but not being in the relationship they were in. So, do all of those activities with other people, not just with one person who it sounds like the dynamic was starting to go in a negative direction. Cook dinner with friends, text/call your friends a lot because they probably miss you, do lots of yoga, etc. A good rule of thumb is that it takes at least as half as long to get over the relationship as you were in it, and I’ve found that to be true from previous breakups. It might seem like a long time, but honor the process.

  14. I get excited every time I see a new YNH column! Autostraddle has a bunch of wise people working for it.

  15. The facts: things were getting worse for a few months and you stuck around (probably hoping for improvement), and improvement didn’t happen. Things weren’t just getting worse in one way (i.e. a lack of passion), they were getting worse in a lot of ways: the passion was gone, AND you were both annoying the hell out of each other. Also, you were regularly thinking “is there something better out there”, and that’s never a good sign. It’s not that people in good relationships never think that kind of thing, especially in the rough patches, but they don’t think that kind of thing all the time.

    So, whether or not this girl is someone who’d generally be a good partner for you, whether or not she’s someone who’d be a good partner for you in the future, the truth is, this wasn’t a good relationship for you to be in right now. Of course you’re appreciating the relationship more now that it’s gone – that’s just human nature – but when you think about the way things would be if you were still together, it’s not newly appreciative you who’d still be with your girlfriend if you hadn’t broken up with her. You’d still be together with her, sure, but you’d also still kinda want to break up with her, because that’s where things were before the breakup, and that’s where things probably would have stayed – it doesn’t seem like either of you were making a serious effort to fix the problems, and when that happens, it’s usually because neither party is in the space to. (Also, remember that if you’re naggy and she’s annoying and neither of you feels like having sex, this is probably a problem that both parties are going to be aware of! It might feel like “but I could have done so much more to fix it!”, but that burden didn’t solely fall on you.)

    If you and your ex become the right people for each other, you’ll know when it happens. If you want to be friends with your ex, then try to be friends when the two of you are ready. Make time for your other friends, too, and meet some new people. If you like casual sex, go fuck around a bit. (Don’t force yourself if that’s not your thing, though!) For now, try to be happy, look to your friends for companionship and closeness, and when you’re ready, examine your own behavior in the relationship to see if there’s anything you can do better next time. Don’t make yourself miserable, and don’t go down the “if I put up with stuff I hated, I wouldn’t have to be single right now!” road (because again, it sounds like both of you contributed to the breakdown of your relationship!), but maybe think about what caused the nagging, and if there’s a way to express your needs without being a nag? Not for her, specifically, but in case that problem comes up again. And then, later on, if you still find yourself choosing her over all your other options, even when you don’t feel like you need her, THAT’S the time to think about getting back together.

    And lastly: you don’t have to like being single. You don’t need to feel free, if that’s not how you feel. You don’t even need to feel whole, if that’s not how you feel. As long as you’re okay enough to still enjoy your life, and you’re not so desperate to stop being single that you’d jump into a relationship with anyone who seems okay, you are not doing singleness wrong and you do not have to feel bad for it. Just think about how now you’re freed up for a better relationship, no matter who that relationship ends up being with.

  16. I don’t necessarily think you can be 100% sure about this. Your doubts might be fear of being alone, but it might also be that you find it hard to give up someone you love.

    I have been in the situation of breaking up with someone and regretting it instantly. I was incredibly confused and upset about why, and I think in hindsight I probably rationalised some things which were simply me being a bit tired of the relationship. But regardless we actually worked past it because we decided we wanted to, and because we identified things we could do differently. Now, had I not returned to that relationship I would probably have been super happy today anyway – but I also would not have had that person in my life.

    It might be less about if it’s really “meant to be” and more about what you (and she!) chooses to make of it – what you want to prioritise, what you want to do, to see and feel. If you decide to try and get her back, that’s also deciding to invest in this relationship. Your scare of “missing out” will probably not go away – but you can decide that it’s worth it regardless, or to work with that feeling and how to deal with it.

  17. Hi everyone,
    I am not sure if this board is still active but 2 months ago I also broke up with my 3 year girlfriend/fiance due to meeting a random cute girl one night after work and thought a little bit of thrill wouldn’t do any harm..boy was I wrong. Things with the random girl caught fire and after couple of weeks I was over my head and thought I was missing that passion and broke up with my now ex girlfriend. I thought we could be friends but I have not heard from her since new years day. Right now it really sucks as I wish I could have my old relationship back but when we were together I had that constant need feeling of chasing other girls. Does anyone on here have had something similar? It really sucks losing your support system and best friend.

  18. I have a relationship problem and hope you could provide me with some helpful feedback and advice. I’ve been dating a man for one year and eight months. Before even thinking or contemplating breaking up with my boyfriend we would have several “conversations” about our relationship issues and how lately I’ve been so miserable and unhappy in the relationship due to his work schedule. My boyfriend has an entrepreneur and has his own business. Recently within the last 5 months his business has been rapidly growing and flourishing. I’m really happy about his success in his own company and acknowledge his ambition. However, because of the nature of his business, he’s having to work 6 to 7 days a week. This has but a strain on the relationship. Sundays was the only designated day we were able to spend quality time with each other. Please bear in mind we don’t co-habit together and we live in separate households. I’ve been a very supportive and flexible girlfriend understanding his work schedule and that this is his career but recently within the last 3 months he’s been also working Sundays which was suppose be the only day we have to talk so we met up so I met him at his house and I told him how unhappy I was and how he wasn’t meeting my relationship expectations. Spending quality time is a deal-breaker for me and it’s not something I can compromise on. I told him I wanted to break up because this wasn’t working out and that perhaps it was best that we take some time off to give each other space to reflect and work on ourselves. He was very opposed to a break up and wanted to call it “reflections period” and he told me that if that’s how I felt that he would respect my wishes and give me the space I needed. I know that the no contact strategy is so fundamental during a break up and we went 20 days without seeing or speaking to each other until he called me on Mother’s Day to wish my mother and I a Happy Mother’s Day. I thanked him. He also said he’s thought a lot about me and has missed me during our time apart. He mentioned that he wanted to get together for some coffee and just talk about how things ended. I told him I missed him as well but that I wasn’t ready to talk and that I still needed more time to focus on myself. A week passed and I made contact with him via telephone and I asked him if we could meet up for coffee and he said yes. We met up and it was so nice seeing him again. My heart was racing when I saw him and I realized that very moment how much his absence made an impact. I first apologized to him about things I said when I broke up with him. I said some mean and hurtful things to him in the heat of the moment. Then I told him that the break up has allowed for personal development to work on myself to be a better version of me. I also told him I’ve been going to Yoga classes to cope and manage stress and that I had a lot to do with why things failed and didn’t work out. I also told him that this time has allowed me to reflect and put everything into perspective. I told him that I still love him and I want to be able to salvage and reconcile our relationship because I know acknowledge I made a huge mistake in breaking with him. When I told all of this I put myself in a vulnerable situation telling him this too prematurely and actually I got rejected by
    him. He said he needs more time even though I’m the one that broke up with him. He said he needs more time because of work situation in order to finalize a project. He said he doesn’t want to commit and then now be able to follow or deliver through on his promises of seeing me and then we end up fighting over the same issue of not being able to spend enough time with each other. I still have hope and faith in our relationship even though we’re going through a rough patch. Do you think he’s drifted away and scared of getting back with me because I broke up with him? first? Do you think he’s moved on? Should I wait until he contacts me since I’ve already reached out and he made it clear to me he needs more time because of work? Is there even a possibility for us to reconcile? Thank you for your time and advice in this relationship matter.

  19. Tiny Daffodil here! Why yes, I made an account (with this username) just to reply to this post. I am the person who submitted this question, looking for advice almost three years ago, writing with an update!
    I remember being completely elated when Rachel responded to me. I read the response, and re-read, and read it with my friends, read the comments, and read it some more. It all sounded good. It was great advice. And I sat with that advice for a couple months, before reaching out to my then-ex, determining that in this case, yeah, I did make a mistake. And yes, as good Autostraddle-reading lesbians, she did say “Did you write to Autostraddle???”– I was caught.
    After a couple months of taking it slow and figuring out what we wanted, and figuring out what we would need to do differently, we decided to give it another shot. A year later we moved in together (the happiest 1.5 years of my life!) and recently made the decision to be strong, independent women in a long distance relationship as we do grad school in different cities (hint: it sucks, I wouldn’t recommend it). I wouldn’t say we “lived happily ever after” just yet… but I maintain that she is the most amazing, wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and makes me so incredibly happy.
    Thank you all for your comments and advice! I really did take them all to heart!


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