When Hollywood & Late-Night TV Tackle Health Care, “Funny, or Die?” Becomes an Actual Question

FUNNY OR DIE, srsly: People are spreading lies about health insurance. Olivia Wilde is spreading her hotness. It’s all in this video from “Funny or Die.” That’s right, the title “Funny or Die” finally makes sense.  If the Right-Wing Extremists ever click out of FoxNews.com, maybe they’ll see this video, remember how much they liked Anchorman and Old School, and stop it with the nonsense.

OBAMA: Of course it would be even better if they checked out David Letterman’s show, where Obama last night also attempted to parlay the Power of the Media into a victory for healthcare. President Obama made an appearance on Letterman last night and was really cute, and super funny, making jokes about his race and being on Letterman. If you caught the full interview on TV last night, you also saw that he told everyone about the Health Care plan again and how it makes a lot of sense.

Anyone who’s attempted to win an argument with a crazy person (e.g., an ex-girlfriend) by repeating the same logical information over and over again knows how this man must feel, and probably also knows that logic really isn’t the problem in this debate — Crazy is. In the game of rock-paper-scissors, crazy has an advantage. (@cbs)

TWO LITTLE GIRLS GROWING OUT OF THEIR TRAINING BRAS: Will Ani DiFranco be the one to bridge the gay generation gap? Perhaps. With 17 albums and counting, Ani’s drawing a younger audience to her shows in addition to her original fans. (@suburban chicago news)

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: The quirky low-budget comedy film Little Miss Sunshine” and the 1989 Laura Esquivel novel “Like Water for Chocolate” are this year’s choices to be adapted as stage musicals at the annual Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at White Oak in Yulee, Fla.” (@la times)

Also, obviously … Carlytron’s Tuesday Televisionary is live with Glee, Top Chef, Gossip Girl’s hair disaster, secret gay plotlines on The Office and Parks & Recreation … and the Emmys!

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  1. I saw Ani play about a week ago and although the crowd was mostly middle-aged, I was pleasantly surprised at the 30-and-under population. If anyone can conquer anything,(especially when it comes to fan devotion) Ani IS that bridge.

  2. In the game of rock-paper-scissors, crazy has an advantage.

    Cause Crazy is always scissors ready to stab you in the eye.

    • I realized I forgot to finish that sentence, then I realized that you just did finish that sentence for me, and it was glorious

  3. ani will never die, because her catalogue is so diverse that there is always a new generation discovering her old acoustic stuff as her older audience ho-hums her latest experimental release but listens anyway (or at least groans and throws it on the pile) because they used to BE those younger ones discovering her for the first time. her older audience will say they’re “over” her and don’t go to her concerts anymore where the youngs yell “rockabye!” but they’re still out there, and still loyal to what she represented for them, even if they’re in new places now. she’s like the moebius strip of folk music. she’s like adrienne rich’s lesbian continuum, but with a guitar and fun hair.

    • yes where is it?! can i have just mislaid it amongst all the new bits or has it gone? I miss autostraddler of the day; sad times.

    • Naw you guys didnt miss it! We plan on putting in the sidebar of the Daily Fix page, so its not there yet but you can expect that up this week.

  4. OMG, Two Little Girls! That’s the best Ani song. It killed me when I first heard it in high school.

    I know when I was in HS in the early 2000s all my friends (who are now mostly lesbians but none of us were out at the time, go figure) were CRAZY for the Ani, along with Tegan & Sara. Gravel… Napoleon… we loved her. I actually grew out of my interest in her music but I fondly remember having it on the mix CDs we burned and my first-generation iPod. Oh early 2000s.

    • sometimes I have phases … I actually dig a lot of the stuff that came out just after the Ani Movement died down — which for me was in the mid-to-late-90s, like the revelling/reckoning set, some really incredible songs on that one, as well as on knuckle down.

  5. I feel like I’m the only lesbian only the planet who doesn’t like Ani Difranco or the Indigo Girls or any of that folky stuff. Tegan and Sara I deal with some of the time but that’s as far as I’m going.

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