A+ Roundtable: What Makes You Good In Bed?

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According to every cover of every straight woman's magazine on the face of the earth, the main thing women want to know if they're good at having sex. But we are not straight women. We are queer people. And we know what the answer to that question. Well, kind of. Mostly. We have a general idea. For this week's Monday Roundtable we asked ourselves and each other: Hey pal, what makes you good in bed? Some of us sought answers from our activity partners. Some of us just knew the answers in our hearts. All of us, it turns out, are very on brand ... in bed.

Heather, Senior Editor

You know those guys in movies and comic books (and real life, I guess) who throw themselves on top of bombs to save their friends? That's my thing in real life, but metaphorically, and the bomb is awkwardness. Anyone who does anything that could make them or anyone else around them around feel awkward, I throw myself on top of it and absorb the awkwardness into myself and no one ha...

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