What I’ll Wear Camp Edition: Basking in the Matriarchy

Welcome to What I Wore, a series where I explore fashion as shelter in traditionally heteronormative and patriarchal spaces.

This week at camp I’ll finally be free from the chains of both. Here’s what I’ll wear to celebrate.

Opening Ceremonies


My house is situated on a very busy road. If I go outside to walk my dog or just walk to the market I will get honked at regardless of what I’m wearing, but especially if I’m wearing short shorts. So, I avoid wearing them even though it’s a thousand degrees here and it feels nice to have wind rush across my legs. That means this week I’m going to wear every short short I have.

Plus, this is summer camp and I need to look the part. So, be prepared, be enthusiastic, and leave your bullshit attitudes and baggage at the door because we don’t need it! Hey, you guys!

‘Round the Campfire


Here I feel like an Earth Mother. Like my name is Nia and I’ve never had road rage before. I’ll go to sit somewhere and immediately be full of dirt and sticks but it won’t matter. I consider it an honor to have been marked. I’ll be even more at one with nature in these boots that have a faux hide base/coat. I walk with you but not on you.

Nature Walk


Recently I’ve underestimated mother nature. And she has let me know: no, you will not. It happened on a beach trip where I walked barefoot on a path of barnacle-ridden rocks out into the ocean and of course what ended up happening is I slipped and tore the bottom of my foot open. A tourniquet and passing out was involved. That same trip I went for a swim in the ocean even though the waves looked pretty rough and got tossed around underwater before luckily being shot out for air.

So, no more. I know your strength, bb. That’s why I’m going to wear you like a jersey. My shorts will prevent me from going off path so as to not upset the ecosystem. My sandals will make me walk slower, giving me more time to really take in my surroundings. That said, I expect to 100% be confronted with a bear. My sandals will inhibit me from running, as I shouldn’t. What’s the jewelry for you ask? If I’m going to be eaten by a bear I’m doing it with a little flair!

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  1. +1 Bear (Bare) feelings solidarity.

    Bonus: What my Mum just texted me-
    Have fun I will miss you. Proud of you. Watch out for the bears. Find out if they shit in the woods. Xxxx

  2. Aw hey I love your column, but i wanna give some feedback on using the word “namaste” as a joke like that. Namaste Is a real Hindi word, used by millions of people, it has history and culture and life. Using it to try to create humour and implying that it’s a word that “earth mothers” use kind of exotesizes it in a way that isn’t respectful of Hindi or of the people who speak it.

        • i feel like that would be an acceptable look because your boobs are still out there for the boob-touching purposes? plus I wouldn’t consider a harness or an open bra as a standalone top! rock those chest accessories!!! (because they’re almost like jewellery for your boobs)

          • Chestories and almost boobewellery.
            I agree with these classifications, but would much love a roundtable discussion to decide the specifications of what makes an item boobewellery versus a chestory.

  3. Started thinking about what I would wear to the above activities but in reality I would probably just pack a pair of black shorts and 5 plain grey t-shirts.

    And one hoodie.

    • honestly minimalist camp outfits like that are still cute! rock the monochromatic look!!!!

  4. Erin I love this as always but I am a little scared you are going to accidentally catch on fire in your ’round the campfire’ outfit.

    • suggestion to minimize fire risk: instead of a flowy billowy skirt/dress (imagine if it’s windy!! ?) what about one of those cute midi or maxi skirts or dresses that fits like a long pencil skirt?? those are always super cute and I think wouldn’t take away from Erin’s mother earth vibe (especially in a cream or forest green colour)

  5. as a classic Gay Summer Camp Counsellor I am so here for all these outfits!! i will be drawing inspiration from you when I go thrifting for my camp clothes :))) (bonus: my summer camp director + our organization is explicitly feminist and lgbt inclusive, and we recently changed our dining hall bathrooms from being needlessly gendered to having “All-Gender Washroom” signs! luv my job)

  6. Katie S said…..
    Started thinking about what I would wear to the above activities but in reality I would probably just pack a pair of black shorts and 5 plain grey t-shirts.I just say lovemyfashions Thanks for supporting us

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