VIDEO: L.A. Premiere of “Love Is All You Need?”

There’s this new movie and it feels important.

Especially if you’ve ever been picked on, or bullied, or alienated, for whatever reason — like, hmmm, I don’t know… being gay?

Or a redhead or a treehugger or tall or short or the list of possibilities is endless.

Wingspan Pictures has produced Love Is All You Need?, the predecessor to a feature-length film that I have really high hopes for. I was lucky enough to attend the screening, which means you get to watch parts of it, too! Here’s what’s going on:

“Love is All You Need?” tells the story of Ashley, a young teen who is raised by the ‘picture perfect all-American family’ in the suburbs of California – with two moms, two grandpas, two uncles, and a little brother. But Ashley has a problem – she has a crush on a boy at school, which is against everything this world has ever taught her.

Ashley lives In a world where the terms “gay” and “straight” are switched, this young girl must face the fact that she is straight in a gay world. This undeniable attraction to the opposite sex causes her to be the constant target of verbal and physical abuse until she is driven to a tragic end.

And here’s your sneak peek at the red carpet interviews after the first LA premiere!

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Sarah Croce

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  1. I am the proud Mother of Rachel Diana. I have been to the New York Premire of “Love is all you need” and the response was the same. Excellent,a must see,should be in ALL schools and should be made into a feature film.Best short film that was at the Film Festival. Don’t take my word for it-See it and spread the word,Our Children need to know that bad parenting is NOT an excuse for bad behavior.That All people matter and it is up to each Person to be responsible for their Own behavior to another- when in doubt: Do unto others as you would have others do unto YOU! Live your best life! Peace and Love,Ellen Diana xo

  2. Is there anyway we can get Croce to interview more small children?? ‘Cause that was all manner of adorbs. Ooh maybe a children’s program?! Croce’s magical rainbow unicorn fun time extravaganza?

  3. Having Sara interview that adorable 5 year old made my ovaries explode, SARA WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD LOOKING GAH!??!!!*

    *Don’t you have those moments when you find someone really attractive you get like pissed? Like, “how dare you be so good looking, ugh, *drools*”

    The audacity of Sara’s good-lookingnessessssesess *scoffs* and nice interview skills!

  4. I can’t wait to see this… I watched the trailer for it and I teared up because, bullying and hate is awful in all forms. The acting looks amazing. Very interesting.

  5. I’m a little confused… Do we (as the gay community) want to think we would EVER not accept a child’s love, ever act or even feel the same way the heteros have to/about us? Is this movie about acceptance of all? If there even was such a thing as NORMAL, would we (gays), as a society not accept abnormal… to assume we would not is OFFENSIVE.

    It is also reprehensible to think that “straight” people could presume to understand the decades and centuries that the gay community has felt under this type of prejudice. Is it really right for a movie to make light of this? Am i supposed to feel badly for this straight, white girl?

    Additionally, the comments Rachel made about ” everyone is a cocktail away [from being gay]” and “straight? spaghetti is straight before you heat it up” is just ignorant, offensive and just wrong. Way to go guys – this is embarrassing.

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