VIDEO: Relive Your Favorite Scenes with “Orange is the New Black” Cast

Y’all, I know you can’t wait till June 6th to watch Season Two (or for Season Three) of Orange is the New Black, I know. Maybe it’s been several months since you last saw the first season and have already forgotten why this dramedy is so good (even though that’s highly unlikely.) Maybe you rewatched it two weekends ago and fell in love with Susan, Tasty, Alex, Big Boo and Poussey all over again. Whatever the case may be, relive your favorite scenes from Season One with the cast of Orange is the New Black with Netflix’s Behind the Bars series. Check out your favorite cast members talk about the complexity of their characters, the fun they had on set, and the relationships they fostered with the other actors.

Sometimes when you’re fully immersed in a show, you can forget that actors are completely different people from their roles, so it was interesting to hear the actor’s take on their work. I especially enjoyed hearing from the actors who don’t get a lot of press like Dascha Polanco, Taryn Manning, Yael Stone and Kate Mulgrew.

Here’s Uzo Aduba talking about her role as Susan and her famous “chocolate and vanilla swirl” line. You can find more cast member videos at


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