VIDEO: Hitler Reacts to “Lost Girl” Finale

Everybody kept bugging me to watch Lost Girl and so about a month ago I dove right in, eating the show as fast I could, episode by episode via Netflix. With only 25 minutes to spare before last night’s finale episode aired on SyFy, I finally became officially all the way caught up and was therefore prepared to watch Lost Girl on the television instead of on Netflix or On-Demand and although it was thrilling to witness Lost Girl at the same time other people were witnessing Lost Girl, I’m not feeling too good about what I witnessed. I haven’t processed my feelings about this three-season feast quite yet (but I will discuss them in an edition of my upcoming column I Just Now Saw), but a friend of my (Canadian) girlfriend’s who writes for the show passed on this lovely video which made me laugh and I just had to share it with you.

I can’t embed it properly because the YouTube page embed is of the video without captions, and obviously the whole point is the captions, so you can either watch it below if the embed works or you can watch it at CaptionGenerator. You really should. Seriously it’s really funny you need to watch it. SPOILERS ABOUND.

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  1. I watched the first season. Between the writing and the “acting,”, I was bored to tears and annoyed and decided enough was enough. And I have a pretty damn high tolerance for bad sci-fi/fantasy. The *slightly* refreshing change of having an openly, unapologetic bi girl is just not enough to carry the show.

    The Youtube video, though, is kind of amazing.

  2. I don’t have enough friends who watch Lost Girl, but it’s totally cuckoopants and I really kind of love it. No shame.

    So funny story: because I watch all of this nonsense online, I somehow did not realize this last episode was the finale. I had a very small mental panic attack when I was trying to find the most recent episode, and realized I actually have to wait months. That is a long time to find out if my screaming at my computer “OH MY GOD HER FATHER IS ODIN YOU STUPID SHOW, JUST TELL ME THAT I’M RIGHT” was, in fact, correct. Well, or whatever rando Lost Girl Odin-type interpretation they pull on us.

    Alsoalso, I would very much like to kiss Tamsin’s face, crazy Valkyrie-skull-thing notwithstanding.

  3. This was brilliant. I was so mad about the season finale. Not like Hitler mad? But mad enough to be like “A FUCKING TAROT CARD ARE YOU SERIOUS?” at the end.

  4. That video is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing!

    I am still left very confused and upset after the finale. And we have to wait until 2014! Yikes!

  5. Can’t wait to see what Riese is gonna write about Lost Girl, tho…
    I’ve personally watched all 3 seasons, and just really wants steal all their leather jackets. (This is the most consistent thought on my mind throughout the show, for reals!!)

  6. omg. The season finale was so all over the place and disappointing and confusing. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Or any of it. I would settle for any of it at this point.

  7. I think at some point the writers were like “fuck it, we give up, let’s just turn this season into prelude for next season and try harder next time”.

  8. This is hilarious, though somehow I doubt Hitler would have been a Doccubus fan. Or this clear headed about plot.

    • Ha ha I agree about the plot. Even murderous psychopaths might see the beauty in Doccubus. I enjoyed the beginning of the season but then Bo started to act like Lauren did not matter and though I like Tamsin, the back half became the Tamsin show. First it was Dyson’s Dawning and the Finale Bo just ran around while Tamsin took everyone out. For a superpowered Fae Bo did not do much. Especially since the other Fae Tamsin is dying. Did not make sense.

  9. Ha, every spoof I’ve seen of this Hitler video is hilarious, and this one is no different.

    I’m a tad obsessed with Lost Girl, but agree that was a very WTF season finale. And they wrote/filmed that before they knew if they were renewed for season 4! Could you imagine if the show didn’t get renewed and this was what we were left with?

    I also marathoned the first 2 seasons in a pretty short amount of time, and kind of tuned out a lot of it just waiting for Doccubus to happen. I’ve been watching live since the beginning of this season though, and overall really enjoy it. I love Tamsin, she pushes all of my favorite character trope buttons.

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts, Riese. I’ve been saying since I started watching that I wish AS covered Lost Girl!

  10. I loved Lost Girl although it took a bit. The first season was pretty rough but the second was all kinds of amazing.

    Then Season 3 Happened.
    I wont go into the whole “Evil Trans*” crap in the opening episode, I can set that aside (BARELY) for now but..
    Why did the lighting of the show suddenly turn into really bad CSI: Miami style. Why was Trick moved from super cool dude to Comic Relief and.. honestly.. Why did ALL the writing turn into utter garbage. The show had some wonderfully open and non-judgmental views on a spread of sexuality and really interesting Fae world building.
    But Season 3 just felt like they fired all the writers and went for glossy mainstream junk over the Bo we all knew. I had to just sadly drop it after 3 episodes into the 3rd season to retain wonderful memories.

    **Doccubus = Win**

  11. LOST GIRL!

    This show is so great. I got all caught up on this show in like a week lol. I love that this show is so sex positive! We need more television like this.

    But really what the hell is up with the finale?! We don’t even really know her mom and now we get to meet her dad in weird tarot card and spooky spirit form??? I am so confused but looking forward to season 4!

    Also I am torn between Doccubus and Valkubus. It’s hard. I just want Bo to be happy.

    • I’m also torn between Doccubus and Valkubus, but just because I want Lauren to be happy, and I don’t know if she’s better off with or without Bo.

      • I feel you. Finding out that the actress who plays IRL is gay was the best news ever.

        I really wonder what they’re going to do with the show next season. So many questions. Why can’t everyone be happy?

  12. Can we pause for a minute and mention that Effah (sp?) totally went all succubitch on that nice lady who was going to watch over her?! For TWO SEASONS I have been wondering wtf happened to her at the end of season 1 and then BAM! She’s there, she’s nutso, and apparently knows all about the Wanderer and how he’s going to bring people “back from the dead to kill them again.” Now she’s going to be alive and kickin’, probably even more bat shit crazy, and Bo is no where to be found to kick some serious booty. Even though I found this season to be more than a little confusing, I will still watch season 4, even though I will probably wither away to nothing by 2014. Christmas is closer than the next season of Lost Girl. SMH

  13. Yeah I felt Copdoc makes more sense than Bo/Tamsin. Bo and Tamsin are both redemptive Bad Girls so I just don’t feel it.

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